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Seniors are getting a special payout from Ottawa, but not this month

Canadian seniors, many of whom may be facing significant health, economic and social challenges due to COVID-19, will indeed be getting their one-time government payment as promised, but it won’t be coming for another month. 551 palabras más

Personal Finance

GIS and Urban Data Science - Special Issue

King’s Geocomputation members Yijing Li and Chen Zhong – along with colleague Qunshan Zhao – are guest editing a special issue of the journal, Annals of GIS… 232 palabras más

Big Data

Mapping conservation in wisconsin

My decision to come to Wisconsin for the Environmental Observation and Informatics Master’s program was a last minute decision that followed several years of pondering how to make the leap from being a GIS technician in the engineering world to using my skills and interests in the environmental sector. 578 palabras más

How to combine Geoscience and Geographic Information Systems and become twice as hire-able now.

Hey Everyone!

Geoscience was my first love. I spent my academic career in the geoscience roles doing fun research and traveling the world.

But I found a new love, Geographic Information Systems. 878 palabras más


Predict Discharge With Unit Hydrographs Automated

The ESRI course Predict Floods with Unit Hydrographs teaches a simple way to predict discharge at a point using GIS. For my capstone project at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, we used this course to predict discharge at culverts for The County of Grande Prairie. 1.351 palabras más


Automation or Scripting

When I think back to my first exposure to GIS, it is through ARC/INFO. Just me and a command line. Everything was written in AML which made everything I created a script or even an app if you take the parlance that seems popular these days. 309 palabras más


Map of the Kozhikode district - Local authorities.

A couple of days before, I just drawn a map of the local authorities in Kozhikode district.

The datasets used in this map was received from… 46 palabras más