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What's new? Summer 2019

Just a quick post on what has changed during the last few months

I no longer work for COCESNA, after 11 years working there I decided to try to make it on my own and I am working as an independent aviation consultant. 615 palabras más


Remote Sensing Professional Interview

Tell us about yourself

Arun Prasad Kumar (27) currently pursuing a PhD in Earth Remote Sensing and Geo-Information, Technology from the department of earth and space sciences of the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology is the only Indian among the 27 winners from more than 90 countries to bag a ‘Green Talents Award’ at the 7th Green Talents 2015. 1.126 palabras más


Important changes coming in 2019r2 when using the Esri® World Geocoding Service

Starting with version 2019r2, ArcGIS Online service credits will be required to perform certain tasks when Esri’s ArcGIS World Geocoding Service has been set as the system default geocoding service within Lucity. 108 palabras más

Release News

GIS in the Browser: Analyzing Uber Movement Data with Mapshaper

Mapshaper is a free and open-source software for spatial data processing. It is written in javascript and runs in your browser without any extra plugins and can perform a range of analysis. 1.695 palabras más


GIS helps fight noxious weeds in King County

The responsibilities of county government are many, including elections, criminal justice, property value assessment and taxation, and dozens of others. One obscure but economically important responsibility of King County is to reduce and, if possible, prevent the negative impacts of… 201 palabras más

General News

QGIS GPG issue

Trying to get QGIS 3.8 to install on Ubuntu 19.04 caused some issues. I’m not sure if the following fix is a good way to go, but it allowed the install to proceed. 136 palabras más


Research Study Update: 3

Hi everyone! In my last research study update we were still half way through digitizing the FASTT time use diaries and I am now happy to say that process was finished about two weeks ago and we are moving on to the next steps in the data entry process. 362 palabras más

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