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We live in the digital era. Data is safety stored, shared, collected and manipulated via web platforms and Apps on mobile devices. Land Management and Spatial Analysis has been revolutionized through these resources. 75 palabras más


Global Geographic Information System (GIS) Market Growth, Trends and Estimates High Demand by 2024

Industry Overview

The global geographic information system (GIS) market is predicted to grow at 10.7% CAGR during the forecast period (2018–2024) with the market size reaching USD 12.7 billion by 2024. 523 palabras más

Spatial Analysis of Bicycle Parking in Toronto

Hi all! Today is a shorter blog post than usual using two different methods to analyze bicycle parking in downtown Toronto. The first map uses graduated symbols and color to indicate the number of available spots at each bike rack. 234 palabras más

Alex Tabascio

Notebook: Generating buffers

Method for generating buffers (circles) around nest to simulate breeding area (~ 3 ha) and breeding home range ( ~ 3700 ha) in QGIS1.

Vector > Geoprocessing Tools > Buffer… 67 palabras más

Science Notebook

Can you hear me now? Shapefiles to the rescue?

How do you choose a cell phone service provider? This is a consumer decision that is driven by geography. Are you someone who just doesn’t travel a lot and looks forward to an annual stay-cation? 521 palabras más

General News

merging shapes and plotting the physiographic boundary of the Colorado Plateau

Today I found myself needing to plot the physiographic boundary of the Colorado Plateau in Python. It’s been a while since I’ve touched on shapefiles (or anything on the blog) so I figured I’d write a quick blurb on reading and plotting this particular shapefile. 975 palabras más

Fun With Data

Toronto's Zoning By-Law Diversity

An integral part of the success of our urban systems in cities is predicated on the placement and arrangement of our zoning and land use. In particular land-use diversity can help to promote sustainable development by allowing citizens close proximity to where they can work, shop and live as well as giving them the infrastructure to connect to the wider city. 969 palabras más

Alex Tabascio