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An Unbiased View of card processing

The majority of us like being rewarded for our efforts. Leading merchant level salespeople are no exception, and in credit card processing and the payment processing industry, these awards frequently take the form of residuals. 431 palabras más

The Three Battles of International Payments

How to conquer payment complexity

Battling with international payments processes?

You’re not alone.

The processes behind sending payments to different geographies are challenging, time-consuming and relentlessly frustrating. 591 palabras más

Will your risky business practices make you a victim of fraud?

Think about your employees — where would you be without them?

They’re the most important asset your business has. As a whole they work hard, take their jobs seriously and are the driving force behind your company’s success. 692 palabras más

Contactless Payment Market: Asia-Pacific to be the rapid growing region through 2021

Cash transactions, in some form or the other, have long been a part of human trade for centuries. The advent of smartphones is finally weaning us away from physical payments to various modes of contactless payment. 385 palabras más


Accelerate International Growth with Global Payments

So, you’ve built a great product or platform, attracted customers from other countries, and convinced them to sign up. Now, can you actually accept their money? 1.923 palabras más


Shabbir Evershine's Guide to Interviewing

I have been fortunate to work for truly exceptional leaders at major organizations — exceptional because these men and women have been passionate, driven, and relentless in their line of work. 626 palabras más


A Preview of Global Payments in 2017

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The demand for an efficient, friction-free and global outbound solution for payments is substantially on the rise, especially as the global economy around us is becoming more intertwined and interconnected than ever before. 650 palabras más