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How to create a circle in GIMP

Ellipse Select: make a circle

Select > Border: enter the width

Edit > Fill with FG Color


Buka Puasa Bersama KLAS

Selasa, 19 Juni 2017 di De’Oak Resto, Cafe, Bakery. Melalui undangan acara via sosmed 3 hari sebelumnya dari Darian (pengurus KLAS). Notifikasi undangan muncul mengatasnamakan KLAS (Kelompok Linux Arek Suroboyo). 725 palabras más

Perjalanan Hidup

Backup files to Amazon S3

After a few years of silence today it came to my mind that I should once again start to write on my blog. During the last 12 odd months I have been involved in developing and revamping several of the websites own by the company I currently work. 1.225 palabras más


Brightness Control in i3 with Intel Backlight

For few months, I use the i3 tiling window manager. This choice is due to my interest in configurable, light, powerful and simple tools. 158 palabras más


Backups with rsync

Reading the excellent book surveillance:// of Tristan Nitot, I have just learn the existence of a powerful Linux tool to perform backups, namely: rsync… 74 palabras más


Kdenlive, Video Editor Terbaik GNU/Linux

Kalau di window* kita mengenal Vegas atau bahkan rajanya editor video seperti Adobe After Effect maupun Premire yang memiliki banyak fitur. Di sistem operasi GNU/Linux seperti Ubuntu juga memiliki video editor terbaik yang salah satunya adalah Kdenlive meskipun… 210 palabras más


Today I came across Ubunsys, an advanced system utility for Ubuntu 17.04, and I think power users among you may find it useful.

Ubunsys, which is under active development and not yet considered stable, exposes various advanced security, package management and system settings in a straightforward wizard-style UI. 12 palabras más