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Desktop Environment - Install KDE Plasma Desktop in Arch Linux

I am a big fan of Light Weight Desktop environments and a long time user of XFCE Desktop. As it’s a lightweight Desktop Environment and basically, I just don’t like to waste my resources on some stupid animations. 156 palabras más

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bash, exiftool: use CreateDate as new filename


Install the package “exiftools”.

#DIRIN="./DSC05636.JPG" # test 1 jpg
if [ -d $DIROUT ] ; then
  echo $DIROUT" exists. fine."
  mkdir -p $DIROUT
  echo $DIROUT" created. 66 palabras más

Cara memotong video dengan ffmpeg di GNU/Linux Ubuntu

Ketika kita mempunyai video berdurasi panjang, tetapi kita ingin memotong bagian tengah video tersebut dan tanpa melakukan encoding ulang, maka Anda berada pada jalan yang benar. 112 palabras más


Teach Free Software and programming

We have been putting a lot of effort into teaching kids to program, over the last few years. This is a good thing, bit is it having the effect that we want? 317 palabras más


Arch Linux - Remotely Install Arch Linux in Virtual Machine Using SSH

Arch Linux is one of my favourite Operating Systems (after Gentoo) because it follows rolling release approach. And because I just HATE distro upgrades! 732 palabras más

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¿Qué es una dirección IP?

Para empezar IP significa, Internet Protocol, vamos, es un protocolo de comunicaciones a través de la red (Internet). Por otro lado, y es en lo que nos vamos a centrar en este post, tenemos… 1.218 palabras más


Puppet, OpenStack, where to start? Ceph

Ten months into this job, and I still feel like an OpenStack novice, but it feels better than a couple of months ago at least. In fact last week we had what I felt was a big automation win, where we deployed a Ceph OSD node from bare metal to joining the cluster without any ‘manual’ intervention. 475 palabras más