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Ferrol – Estadio Manuel Rivera

Over the years, however, the north-western city of Ferrol has had a lot going for it. It has a long history as a naval port and it is still home to Spain’s North Atlantic Fleet. 895 palabras más

Gone But Not Forgotten

Barakaldo – Lasesarre (1922-2000)

Where there is muck there is brass. Throw in rapid industrial expansion and there’s a good chance that a decent football team will emerge. The Basque town of Barakaldo had all of these ingredients at the turn of the twentieth century. 1.185 palabras más

Gone But Not Forgotten

León – La Puentecilla (Estadio Municipal Antonio Amilivia)

Is there a Spanish equivalent of Rovers or Wanderers? El Vagabundo? El Viajero? Maybe not, but Cultural Leonesa is on its seventh permanent ground in just over 90 years, not to mention three other temporary solutions they have used. 816 palabras más

Gone But Not Forgotten

Thomas O'Malley Bobcat Wilson

Once upon a time we were NOT cat people! But one fall day four and a half years ago,  Nathan and I decided to start shopping around for a kitten. 797 palabras más

Mom Life

Zaragoza – Campo de Torrero

The citizens of Zaragoza and for that matter, other parts of Aragon, took their time to fully come to terms with football. Organised competitions did not truly get underway until 1915, a good decade or so later than neighbouring Catalunya. 993 palabras más

Gone But Not Forgotten

Logroño - Campo de Fútbol de Las Gaunas

One look around the old Campo de Fútbol de Las Gaunas and you could practically chart the progress of the then resident club, CD Logroñés. Such was the haphazard development of the ground, that a total of 6 covers and two open terraces made up the stadium, each added at different phases in the club’s rise through the leagues. 1.454 palabras más

Gone But Not Forgotten