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BONDAGE, Poetry by Christiane Prévost

Genre: Horror, Gore, Society

by Christiane Prévost

Sleepless nights with the scarlet tops

The mices wander in the streets Drunk with blood, The tears have been shed And streams the fountain Of the deaf yoke of bondage… 67 palabras más


Pencil Neck and Self-Introduction

Well Hello there! Don’t mind me, just starting a makeup blog here…! I have been doing SFX makeup for about two years now… I’m going to upload these old makeups first, in chronological order–because I’m OCD like that I suppose! 212 palabras más


Kiss of the Undead, POEM by Lin Jenkinson

Genre: Horror, Zombie, Gore

Kiss of the Undead
by Lin Jenkinson

At the base of the rock cliff
They sit and wait
Ungodly leftovers of mankind… 154 palabras más

Poetry Reading


Screaming, full with adrenalin. This is what this game caused me. Oh, those afternoons full of blood and gore and derby and screams and cars and speed and adrenalin. 247 palabras más


Day 6: Please



Sam liked the way the soles of his feet rested on the sharp edge of the table. It was a little painful, but pressure sent these strings of pleasure up to his ankles and his calves. 416 palabras más


Quake 2

The first time I played this game, it was only a demo from a CD of one of the papers we managed to put our hands on :) I played the demo many times before I managed to get the full version. 151 palabras más


Splinter - 2008

Um posto de gasolina é o alvo de um parasita assassino.

O final de mais um ano se aproxima e o Muito Molho gostaria de participar das comemorações. 710 palabras más