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Murals and Street Art of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a paradise for street art enthusiasts and artists alike. One of the reasons is that unlike most large world cities it has an open and relatively unrestricted approach to urban art. 100 palabras más


Tags on Metal: Encounters with UFO

Walking to the bus stop on my way to work last week, I spotted the tag, written on a metal surface in Calle del Conde de Romanones, right off Tirso, in the center of Madrid. 423 palabras más

Street Art

Art or Graffiti?

Usually, when I wake up on Thursday mornings, I can count on seeing a post in my Reader from Sue Vincent at It’s her Thursday Photo Prompt challenge and Sue always provides one of her beautiful, interesting photos to serve as inspiration for us. 259 palabras más

Flash Fiction

1550. Jamaica Street (14)

You may notice that I have once again been rummaging around in my archives, and have found this rather nice installation piece by Will Coles dating back to September last year. 83 palabras más


1549. Nelson Street (5)

There is still so much I don’t know about street art in Bristol. This is a photograph I took quite a long time ago, but I never really tracked down who painted it. 83 palabras más


Thursday doors

Door 36

I missed my first Thursday doors last week since I began 37 weeks ago. Just a little too much on my plate.

This week I was sifting through my archives when I found this door, which I have been looking for for a long time. 144 palabras más


1K Stare

Credits :

.Shi : Ethereal
.Shi : Scepter Add-on
.Shi : Her . Black
.Shi : Her . Black
.Shi… 14 palabras más