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unacceptable behavior in malvern borough

This was sent to me by one of my readers to me this morning at 8:05 AM. This is the Flying Pig in Malvern Borough. On the corner of King and Bridge. 300 palabras más

Chester County

1789. Upfest 2018 (65)

What a wonderful clean and colourful piece by Bristol-based Zase. There is rather a nice little story going on in this piece, and I love the sketch on the floor of the 3D writing of the artist’s name that appears on the right hand side of the piece. 103 palabras más


Mural of cigarette-smoking bunnies is upsetting neighborhood

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A new painting on the outside of a restaurant has gotten mixed responses from neighbors. The mural of two rabbits suggesting they’re having sex and smoking was finished this week on the side of Beholder, … 558 palabras más


1788. Upfest 2018 (64)

A rather saucy work from Dirtystreetart raised a few eyebrows, including mine, at Upfest this year. It complemented the pieces to the left (Guts) and to the right (Decay) by adopting the name badge as its central theme. 80 palabras más


Sevilla’s Museo del Graffiti

The riverbanks of Sevilla are home to some of the city’s most spectacular pieces of graffiti. Along the riverbank is a wall on which street artists to paint without the risk of fines.  41 palabras más


World Trade Street Art

New York has amazing street art district in Brooklyn and around Manhattan you are able to find them around the city…

At the World Trade Center now it could be considered a sort of art district, since the amount of graffiti in this area has increased… 39 palabras más

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