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1315. Leonard Lane (15)

Who doesn’t love Salvador Dali and especially a greyscale multi-layer stencil tucked away in a dark alleyway by John D’oh? OK, so a kind of rhetorical question designed to answer itself. 96 palabras más


Finchley Central to High Barnet, Northern Line completed, TfL run Project

The timing for Sunday’s TfL Run was different from Saturday’s in that both days I had things to do before noon but there were no early-opening pubs on the route Saturday.  287 palabras más


1314. M32 roundabout J3 (67)

I am not entirely certain, but I think this piece is by Hemper. For sure the writing spells HEMP, but it is possiblt this is a drug reference and nothing at all to do with Hemper. 87 palabras más


Train yard, Aranjuez, Lomo LCA+

After a long day of marveling over fountains and monuments built for both royalty and gods, our final destination was this graveyard for trains, just by the station that would take us back to Madrid. 52 palabras más

Thursday doors

Door 19

This door is at the end of a derelict factory building or warehouse in Lydstep Terrace. I can’t find out much about what the building used to be, but it has no roof and is in a pretty shoddy state. 129 palabras más


Bronik Solo Show "Women"

Peruvian artist Bronik recently had the opening night for her newest solo exhibition entitled ‘Women’ at the Anden Store in Barcelona.

The exhibition which runs until the 5th March is chock full of Bronik’s wonderful work with a mixture of canvas & framed pieces on show alongside some incredible skate decks. 64 palabras más

Street Art

Door into the Weekend

The walls of Brooklyn are always so inspiring. May this be your motivation and door to the productive work week.

“I hope that my story, I hope that my life is… an encouragement for people, especially in Brooklyn.

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