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Old Wood Cool

He was old wood cool
Rugged, lined and beautiful
Someone people clung to
Like paint

He didn’t choose his friends
Everyone was welcome
And he played no favourites… 149 palabras más


Tour de Prague like a vizard

There are some things I can’t help doing and this is what I call the dataviz lifestyle. Even when I’m on vacation, my mind is all around numbers, maps, arts… anything that has the potential to visualize. 251 palabras más

3 of the best - Weekly round up

It’s Monday so it can only mean one thing, no no not just the Monday work blues (although I certainly have them) but weekly round up time on this here blog! 323 palabras más

Street Art

1365. Upfest 2017 (144)

What a treat. Longstanding readers will know that I am fond of wheatpastes and this little bricked up window at the end of North Street was an absolute treasure trove. 152 palabras más


Ciao a tutti, da Napoli

I landed with my usual thud, yesterday, and am now established in a most comfortable apartment in Napoli. Unbeknownst to the landlord, I have changed the lock on the door, and the deed of title now belongs to me.  190 palabras más