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Do1Cancer Paint Jam in the Stockwell Hall of Fame

A couple of Sundays back saw the latest installment of the now annual Do1Cancer event  which in the past has seen a host of Graffiti Writers and Street Artists hit the legal walls in Leake Street and at the Stockwell Hall of Fame to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research. 116 palabras más

Street Art

1600. Moon Street (50)

So here he is again, same spot different rabbit. Not long ago I posted a lovely orange bunny by Nevergiveup in this exact gateway. He is such a busy artist that when he runs out of walls, he simply goes over one he has done before, buffing over his own work. 46 palabras más


"You're Welcome, Universe" Review

I’m back with another book review, and this time it’s “You’re Welcome, Universe” by Whitney Gardner that I’m reviewing this time! Here’s a summary so we know what it’s about: 790 palabras más

Book Reviews

Graffiti Critique: Staining Europe's Beautiful Landscape

There is “good” graffiti and “bad” graffiti. But most of it is bad, and the problem is rampant in Europe these days! I thought the U.S. 743 palabras más


Comuna 13, Medellin

Change doesn’t always happen quickly but the events that inspire change often happen in the space of minutes hours or days. For the most dangerous suburb in Medellin this event occurred on the 13th of October 2002 when 1000 police carried out Operation Orión.  279 palabras más


1599. Raleigh Road, Tobacco Factory (13)

Well now, here is another fabulous stencil by Stephen Quick, and due to its location in a car park is almost impossible to photograph, so I will rebrand these images as ‘arty’ on account of the finr reflections on the shiny black bonnet of the annoying car parked in front ot the piece. 161 palabras más