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ŁÓDŹ (pronounced “WOODGE”), POLAND 🇵🇱: “I AM ANOTHER”

Freedom fighter Tadeusz Kościuszko. Pl. Wolności (Freedom Square.)


“I am another.”

“We are under protection, i.e. defenseless.”

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral ~ An Orthodox Church built at the end of the 19th century. 62 palabras más


Even more colorful street art in City Heights!

Here’s even more colorful street art in City Heights!

I took these photographs before, during and after my recent walking tour of San Diego’s rapidly growing outdoor art gallery. 76 palabras más

1725. Dean Lane skate park (166)

I’m getting to see quite a lot of work by Kool Hand dotted about the place, and what I see I like. His work is distinctive, using only a few strong colours to fill strong clean lines around his characters. 84 palabras más


1724. Dean Lane skate park (165)

Yeah, the bunny is back, not the NEVERGIVEUP bunny, but the Hire bunny. This rather dark bunny carries all the hallmarks of a Hire piece. The massive buck teeth and the angular Gothic shapes that make up the fur – much of his writing also uses this sharp-edged style. 52 palabras más


Week in Review: Week 132

Another week down. They’re ticking off faster and faster. At this point in my life I just hope I get to enjoy a little bit of retirement before I die. 281 palabras más

Week In Review