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A Graphic Conversation: Flashpoint (S1E1)

Mark Weber and Ricky Widmer read, discuss, and review Flashpoint.



The "Comic" has vanished from the comic superhero

So we associate superheroes with the comic book genre. this mainly because the majority of  superheroes have their origins from the comic page and most of  the stories within comic books are superheroes. 422 palabras más

Green Lantern

My personal definitive way of drawing iconic characters

Green lantern is based, not so much on an artist rendition (though it’d be Dave Gibbons if anyone) but rather on the Super Powers figure – the first action figure I ever had. 14 palabras más

Green Lantern

Power Rangers, Green Lantern, and DC Comics OH MY!

Alright well I gather I should start at the beginning, after a few days of things that really didn’t strike up my fancy here we have a few interesting bits of new news. 570 palabras más


DC Movie Rumor Mill: The Flash, Green Lantern, and Doctor Fate

There are have been a slew of rumors floating around this weekend and we thought we would break down each one. Casting rumors are tricky to report because one day it seems like someone is all set to play a character and the next day, poof, you never hear about them again. 1.115 palabras más


Avatar the Next Airbender

This week on the podcast, we bring on a guest cast to discuss the future of the Avatar universe, made famous by the Last Airbender  205 palabras más