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LEGO Superhero Wishlist 2016 - Part 7: DC Wildcard

There’s no shortage of superheroes to choose from to make into LEGO. I want them all. But there are some characters that are less likely than others. 155 palabras más


I Love You Always, All Ways

The day I met my husband was the day I had determined to ask his roommate out on a date. I was dressed as a zombie; he was Marvel’s Green Lantern. 484 palabras más

There Are 3 Jokers

Batman once asked the Mobius chair what the Joker’s real name was. We didn’t get to hear the answer but Batman’s reaction was simply “No.. That’s not possible.”

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Dc Comics

Green Lantern (2011)

A dying member of an intergalactic peace-keeping force crash lands on Earth and bestows his power upon an irresponsible fighter jock.

The Green Lantern is a long running DC comics character whom I have always considered – even since childhood – to be rather lame. 154 palabras más


Film Review: Green Lantern

Plot: Responsible is certainly not a word used to describe Hal Jordan. But for a reason unknown to him, the ring on a dying alien’s finger decides he is the next Green Lantern – one of the peacekeepers of the galaxy. 484 palabras más


#0946: Green Lantern



Batman: Brave & the Bold is a show that really doesn’t get enough credit. It’s one of DC’s better outputs in recent years, giving us four seasons of episodes built around showcasing some of the more sidelined members of the DCU. 608 palabras más