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Review: Justice League

I’ll give you a heads up now.  There will be some spoilers in this review, but I will try to keep it to a minimum.  If you’d like my rating of the movie without all the intricacies you can scroll down to the final paragraph. 1.054 palabras más


Average Film Blog's version DC Movie Universe

I’ve outlined in my Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice review how I think the movie should have gone. After seeing Justice League I’ve noticed that there have been a fair few missed opportunities to tie stories together and create a cohesive shared universe. 1.186 palabras más


Yalan Gur (Green Lantern)

Justice League has been released, and it’s unexpectedly funny. The movie introduces several characters, and we’re going to see them together as soon as I get the pics. 768 palabras más


Justice League Review: The Apology.

Joe and Josh sit down to talk about DC’s massive new movie. Josh rants on the casting of the films. Joe admires the movie giving the DCU movies a Lord of the Rings prequel. 27 palabras más

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