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We come back to the Green Lantern movie, but this time for a different kind of character: instead of a corpsman, Lucy W.‘s list brings us… 906 palabras más


The new art

This past weekend, as I’ve mentioned, I headed down to Milwaukee with my son. The reason I went down there though was to get some new tattoos. 326 palabras más


Rot Lop Fan (Green Lantern)

We’ll finish with the characters from Green Lantern eventually, but this is not the day. Another Green Lantern awaits for us, and this one is possibly the most comic-accurate in the film, at least from an aesthetic point of view. 793 palabras más


The unsung story of Batman’s real creator

Do you know who gave the title ‘The dark knight’ to Batman? It was Bill Finger the un-credited co-creator who breathed life into Batman comics through his engaging storylines and engrossing artwork. 426 palabras más

R'amey Holl (Green Lantern)

Green Lanterns! Green Lanterns everywhere! As we proceed with Lucy W.‘s request, we meet another one of the many aliens having a cameo in the… 831 palabras más



Plot: After discovering a crashed spaceship, cocky Ferris Airlines pilot Hal Jordan finds a dying alien, who gives him a Green Lantern Power Ring, taking Hal to the planet of Oa and giving him the responsibility to stop an evil alien from finding the Book of Parallax and unleashing him on Earth. 318 palabras más