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Omega Wednesday: DC Comics News

Good day dukes and duchess! It is Omega Wednesday once again. Sorry for the delay. I just went to war against someone in the comments section of Facebook page with an issue. 381 palabras más


DC Rebirth Roundup for April 19, 2017

So, DC is just crushing me this week. I’m not sure if they’re released more titles than normal this week, but it sure feels that way. 1.603 palabras más

Comics And Comic News

Sinestro's Fail Safe For The Sinestro Corps

Makes sense that Sinestro would have a fail safe for his corps. I’m just surprised that of all things he could have used, it’s his Green Lantern battery. 30 palabras más


Terrific Tuesday feat. Hero Profiles: The Green Lantern Corps

Terrific Tuesday is back and today we are going to feature not one, not two, but a group of superhero team. They are considered as the police force in space and use one of the most powerful weapons known in the universe, the Green Lantern Power Ring. 418 palabras más


Is This the End?

In an earlier post, I was half-joking that the silver age of comics ended with Green Lantern issue #83. I had just read about this issue saying that in the story that Carol Ferris learns the true identity of Green Lantern. 961 palabras más



Graceless and Shameful

Given that  since its inception the comic book industry, and the industry executives, has always placed more  focus and effort on gaining… 1.408 palabras más

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