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Rumour: Is Armie Hammer Joining The DC Extended Universe? 

It looks like the DC Extended Universe might have found another famous face for one of its characters.

If Twitter activity can be used as a source, then it’s looking pretty likely that Armie Hammer (The Man From UNCLE) has landed a DC Comics role. 96 palabras más

DC Comics

‘In brightest day; In blackest night…’

If you have ever watched any Green Lantern (G.L) movie, animation or mini-series then you are probably familiar with the title phrase. For those who haven’t, and have no idea what a G.L is, let me explain; A G.L is a superhero in the D.C Comics universe whose power  comes from a green ring charged by a Green Lantern both from Oa. 578 palabras más


Ryan Reynolds Says He Was 'Pretty Much Unhirable' After Green Lantern Movie

Ryan Reynolds has been riding a pretty big wave after the huge success of Deadpool, which came out earlier this year. The film was critically acclaimed, as was Reynold’s performance as the title character. 267 palabras más

The Phantom Lantern Transforms Into An Orange Lantern

Would Larfleeze detect this new power though.

From – Green Lanterns Vol. 1 #11


The Phantom Lantern's First Super Hero Act

I wouldn’t be surprised if we later find out that the Phantom Lantern started that tornado himself.

From – Green Lanterns Vol. 1 #11


The Phantom Lantern As A Green Lantern

One of the unique powers of the Phantom Lantern is being able to transform into a Lantern of a different Corps. Before this, the closest skill set like this was from the Indigo tribe channeling the powers of the other Corps while maintaining their Indigo powers. 32 palabras más


Justice League Heroes Stats and Records

Stats time! The game doesn’t let you load the completed file so I couldn’t look at the stats in more depth. This is the jist of it though…..yeah. 11 palabras más

Game Records