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Justice League the Animated Series

The opening title of the Justice League animated series perfectly captures the essence of DC Comic’s iconic heroes. The show brought Justice League stories to life in such an incredible way, but one of its most memorable parts is the intro; It’s awe inspiring. 149 palabras más


On Green Lantern: First Flight

After seeing Green Lantern it was good to watch the animated features, starting with Green Lantern: First Flight. The title sequence for the film is actually very well done, but Hal Jordan does lack in characterization, causing me to lose interest in his character. 1.470 palabras más


#1068: Green Lantern



It hasn’t really come up a whole lot lately, but I am (or at least I was for a good long while) a pretty big Green Lantern fan.  672 palabras más


DC ANIMATED MOVIES: Ranked (Worst to Best)

By Thor Magnusson

It can’t be denied that Marvel is kicking rival DC’s feature film universe all over the board at present but in terms of animated movies – DC has been reigning champion for close to a decade. 6.755 palabras más


DC Rebirth Roundup Review for Sept 21, 2016

As DC’s “Rebirth” books move into their second arcs (and the Bat-family moves into its first post-Rebirth crossover), we give you the speed-dating version of what’s working and what’s not. 1.134 palabras más

Comics And Comic News

Say, Have you Read Green Lantern/Green Arrow?

The Comic: Green Lantern/Green Arrow by Dennis O’Neil, with art by Neal Adams.

What it’s about: Hal Jordan is Green Lantern, defender of Earth! With his power ring, Hal can make anything he imagines manifest in a form of solid green light. 243 palabras más


Green Lantern: Jets Signing Forte Is Turning Out To Be Brilliant Move

By Jeff Capellini

They felt he wasn’t the same player.

They have been dead wrong.

Some NFL pundits looked at the Jets’ signing of veteran running back Matt Forte during the early stages of free agency as a bit of a reach. 1.160 palabras más