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mike, nappier, drunk and travis are joined this week by davian dent of the strange times podcast. they discuss the following topics………..

far cry 4 is easy………. 61 palabras más


The Portal of the Hearts Gives Birth to the Multidimensional Self(s) into Consciousness!!

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, this month, March, is going to be like none other in our collective history.  I might even dare to say, to even have us recentering throughout our days (meaning, constantly finding our new center, not the old ones.) 2.012 palabras más

The Shift

All-Star Comics #2 - Fall 1940

Hawkman – Sacrifice for Yum-Chac

The story opens with Hawkman flying around the city when he spots police at a home. He waits until they’ve left to investigate and finds a body that appears to have drowned, though the room is completely dry. 1.193 palabras más

Michelle Rodriguez: "Stop Stealing White People's Superheroes."

Michelle Rodriguez has apologised after being quoted as saying, “stop stealing the white people’s superheroes. Make up your own.” She made the comments after being asked about a rumour that she was in the running to play Green Lantern. 225 palabras más

Movie News

[Opinion] Johnny Storm, Green Lantern and Inclusion in Super Hero Hollywood films

A “rumor” came out of nowhere (is it a rumor if nobody knows about it? I heard about it being shot down before I heard about it!) that apparently Michelle Rodriguez from Fast and Furious was being considered for a Green Lantern movie, playing Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. 1.102 palabras más


Why It's Not Really About Superheroes

After being asked by TMZ whether or not she’d be playing the part of Green Lantern, Michelle Rodriguez thought that was “the dumbest thing ever heard. 436 palabras más