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Action 824 - Preus and Gog

Reis and Campos are joined by J.D. Finn, scripting the concluding two chapters to the Preus/Gog/Doomsday storyline, beginning with Action 824 (April 2005).

Jimmy Olsen had been investigating the white supremacists, who joined forces with Preus, and is now a captive, alongside the Martian Manhunter. 109 palabras más

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#5. Guy Gardner

Choosing one Green Lantern was hard, so I’ll pick the most complex of them, Guy Gardner.

Origin: Guy was born in Baltimore with an abusive, drunk dad who only respected Guy’s cop brother, Mace. 304 palabras más

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Busby's NCBD for April 22nd, 2015

I use Twitter to stay atop news, events, and circumstances connected to the world of comic books. People get excited about different happenings. I get interested when writers and artists leave, or join a team, or go on rants about fans who go into full canon-rage when a character goes through some change, whether subtle or significant. 1.302 palabras más

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Action 784 - Superman and Batman vs a Jokerized Green Lantern

Kelly, Rouleau and Alquiza are joined by Larry Stucker on Action 784 (Dec.01), a tie-in to the Joker: Last Laugh crossover story.

The Joker has sent a Jokerized rain to come down on Metropolis.  137 palabras más

Action Comics

Action 762 - Etrigan plays Santa Claus

Kelly, Garcia and Rubenstein are joined by Jose Angel Cano Lopez on a really fun Christmas story in Action 762 (Feb. 00).

Clark winds up having to do some last minute shopping, and heads to the mania of the mall.  177 palabras más

Action Comics

Action 757 - Hawkman's brother - Superman

I missed this interesting story arc when it first came out, so turned off of the Superman books after King of the World, and the couple of issues before this are not anything to write about.  172 palabras más

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