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Top 5 DC Animated Movies

We hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let us know what your top 5 Dc animated movies are!


Even More Movie Morsels and Tasty Rumors (Possibly Chimichanga Flavored)

So what has two thumbs and is excited that Deadpool will have a “hard R” rating?

This guy right here.

No, not Deadpool, what I mean is that I am beyond excited by the confirmation (and image above revealing how on point the costume is). 666 palabras más

Patton Oswalt-like rant on the Green Lantern-Hornet movies: Part 2: No bias whatsoever

(Anything Geoff Johns does,) they’re all main events.

Hence why everybody hates the movie.

No bias whatsoever?

Like ok. Shitty special effects.

I’ll say this:

434 palabras más

Patton Oswalt-like rant on the Green Lantern-Hornet movies: Part 1: Rocksteady's Arkham Lantern

After reading up about a Jurassic Park’s fans reviews glorifying a franchise’s latest cash cow installment that I didn’t care for, I’ll say this:

People are like that xD… 194 palabras más


Comic Book Spotlight: The Flash

We return to our roots. Josh stops by to discuss the Scarlet Speedster on his 75th Anniversary. Spoilers for upcoming Flash TV shows and Batman vs. 8 palabras más

Comic Boooks

Why can't DC get it together?

The first promotional shots of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ have hit the net and I have to say that I’m less than enthused. 516 palabras más


Complete Green Lantern Variant Covers from DC, Coming in September (Image Gallery)

The last couple years have really been a celebration for DC Comics as they look back at the 75th Anniversary of some of their favorite characters.   259 palabras más

Variant Cover