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Leveraging on sustainability to create brand love

By  Muthoni Kanyana

I like to start every conversation about branding with a quote by the author of the famous book, ‘How to make friends and influence people’ Dale Carnegie. 871 palabras más

Green Marketing - An Eco-Marketing Strategy

Green marketing is the process of marketing products or satisfying human needs having less impact on the environment. It’s not only bounded to the marketing of product only but also includes a range of activities to be followed thoroughly like product modification, production process, modifying advertising as well as changes in the whole process development. 253 palabras más


Green Digital Marketing: Make your Business More Respectful

Every time we talk over Green Marketing, Organic Marketing or Ecological marketing, where we can find many definitions of it, but the Green Marketing should be an example to be applied for 100% of companies… 371 palabras más

Go Green : The New Success Mantra in Marketing

Green is the new buzzword in the marketing. The world is going Green and so are the companies and the governments. Now going green has become the new success mantra in marketing to differentiate the products and services from their competition. 1.527 palabras más

Economics + Psychology = Marketing

This is an article my friend and I wrote for our school club, Convergence. It’s about marketing which is the convergence of economics and psychology. We actually put together all the other articles, including this one, and made it into a book. 1.006 palabras más

Everything You Need To Know

An Earth Day as Big as Texas

By Linda Chipperfield, Green Seal VP of Marketing & Communications

I just got back from exhibiting and speaking at Earth Day Texas, April 24th through 26th in Dallas. 487 palabras más

Sustainability In Practice

Keurig Announces Recyclable Pods

Last month we wrote about the mounting problem of non-recyclable coffee pods from companies such as Keurig. Estimates are that one in three U.S. households now has a coffee maker that uses pods, and that enough pod trash has been generated to circle the globe more than 10 times. 172 palabras más

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