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Improve your business and "Go Green"!

“Going Green” seems to be the growing fad in the business world today, but the question everyone has is “Can ‘Going Green’ really help my business?” With the way technology and internet marketing is growing the answer is yes and in more ways than you would think. 280 palabras más

Digital Marketing

St. Patrick’s Day spirit: green efforts in direct marketing

We haven’t heard a lot lately on “going green” in direct marketing. This was big news a few years back when it first got attention, but has faded from the front page. 390 palabras más


How to avoid Email marketing being marked as Spam

I recently listen an interview to Facebook Chief Operation Officer Sherly Sandberg, where was said that 11% of teenagers use Email daily, that it is compelling for them, nevertheless the use of sms and social networking is increasingly fast, leaving anyone to clearly concluding that emails are dying. 426 palabras más

Digital Marketing

Logo & Brochure Design: Down to Earth Cleaning

Down to Earth specializes in environmentally friendly cleaning and lawn maintenance. When they approached me, they needed a logo that clearly communicated the eco-friendly nature of his business and could also represent the two divisions equally. 110 palabras más


Solar & Renewable Energy Creative Marketing Materials

Generate public awareness for renewable energy with innovative marketing materials. Create brochures, flyers, advertisements, and datasheets with pre-designed marketing templates to promote clean energy and solar power. 57 palabras más

Graphic Design

A Monumental Time at Greenbuild 2015

By Linda Chipperfield, Green Seal’s VP of Marketing & Communications

The Greenbuild conference was loaded with opportunities for us this year. Not only was it conveniently held in our fair city (DC) many of our staff could attend, but we also got to visit with several current clients exhibiting at the expo. 915 palabras más

Sustainability In Practice

Leveraging on sustainability to create brand love

By  Muthoni Kanyana

I like to start every conversation about branding with a quote by the author of the famous book, ‘How to make friends and influence people’ Dale Carnegie. 871 palabras más