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Bleach Chapter 624 Shocker!!! 😱

Yes I do know what day it is and that I don’t really post on Sunday’s but I just had to post today!

I was finally able to catch up on my manga reading and the latest Bleach chapter had me screaming! 111 palabras más


Bleach 624 Manga Impressions - Yes, he is not dead

Last time, Aizen got interrupted in opening a pathway to the Soul King's palace, while the quincy, Bazz-B announced his and some of the other quincies' alliance with the shinigami to bring Ywach down. 403 palabras más


Recent chapter of Bleach…


You know how I was when Aizen came back & all the feelz for that?  It’s like that times infinity, I can’t breathe right now & I’m going to have to take a break from the internet so I can cope w/  26 palabras más


Anime Boston 2015 Cosplays

I’ve been talking so much about panels that I haven’t been talking about cosplays as much ~,~

I’ll be cosplaying:

All of ’em are pretty much done, I just need to style wigs (& alter a hakama & cut a belt for Grimmjow).   188 palabras más


AB Cosplay Ideas

So, for AB I decided to have a Bleach cosplay theme (since I have a Bleach panel) & in addition to Grimmjow, I’ll be doing Final Getsuga Tenshou Ichigo & Aizen’s 2nd form (since they’re both super easy to do). 63 palabras más

Dj Date Masamune

Hollow and Shinigami - Grimmjow and Sui Feng

Grimmjow is a hollow, I’m unsure to if he’s alive or passed away during his battle against Ichigo, even if some evidence points to his come back. 86 palabras más

Daily Anime Art