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Not too bad

I went home with Mum this afternoon to feed Maggie her lunch.

When we got home, she was behind the TV in the window, which has become reasonably normal for her. 264 palabras más

Post-Dental Surgery

Motherhood isn't a good look for me

I FaceTime with my sister most mornings. She can usually expect a call (“from the baby”) around 8:30, about 45 minutes after my husband has left for work and 45 minutes before I can put my son down for a nap and cram muffins in my mouth while lying in the fetal position. 910 palabras más


Shaver of your dreams: Bolin Webb

It is one of life’s biggest mysteries.

Most guys use shavers everyday. But so many of the handles are badly designed – plasticky, too light, slippery, weirdly angled – and the menfolk end up with a nick or two almost every morning. 85 palabras más


STYLE;Perfect Jeans (BODY SHAPE)

on our featured section we talked about body shape and shirts,polo’s, and etc.

other than the fact that upper clothes differ on our body shape— so does jeans. 39 palabras más



Have you ever seen an image with great clothing?

you wanna try it.

you bought it, look in the mirror

and say…

“this looks nothing like the photo” 2.014 palabras más


10 Top Tips to Stay Fresh & Clean (Glasto style)

Remember the Outkast song ‘Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m just so fresh so clean’?

Well, whilst chatting with some of the ladies I am going to Glastonbury with, we got onto talking about ways to stay fresh and clean whilst there.  522 palabras más


Calling All Guys Your Shaving Cream Just Got Better!

The gals have everything and the guys just don’t. Men do not have the choices women do. If you go to Target for example, women have aisle after aisle of toiletries to pick from. 149 palabras más