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Want a discount on beauty and grooming products?

I like to order free samples from FeelUnique, well nearly free – still have to pay £3.95 postage.

But that’s a small amount to pay for some amazing samples from La Roche Posay, Dior, Nars, etc. 254 palabras más



There’s nothing quite like a cute illustration to pull at my heart strings. And Kiehl’s have done just that with their limited edition Jeremyville Holiday 2016 collection. 178 palabras más


How the Elements Affect Your Beard

There is a lot of guys who tend to only grow their beard during the winter months. While being a “halfer” isn’t the worst thing you could do, it isn’t the best either. 537 palabras más


Thoughts: Personal Grooming and Domestic Bliss

Ok ok. You all know that guys are gross, right? They move in and your clinically clean and tidy world is utterly disrupted. But you put up with it, because for some reason, you quite like having their stupid faces around. 142 palabras más


The Barber's Best this Christmas

Bring the barbershop to the bathroom this Christmas with Remington’s new Barber’s Best Personal Groomer. This multi-groomer will keep the dapper gentleman in your life looking his best from head to toe and features multiple attachments allowing the well-groomed gent to trim, detail and shave away any unwanted hair. 277 palabras más


What is a 'male lifestyle blog'?

Warning: Skyrim spoilers! 

Recently I found myself with some time on my hands (I was off work and waiting for the PS4 controller to charge so I could play Skyrim) and whilst randomly flicking through Instagram, I developed a slight obsession with ‘lifestyle blogging’. 712 palabras más


David Yi puts men's grooming and beauty in a Very Good Light

Fashion writer David Yi has launched a website that puts men’s grooming and beauty in a very good light. The name of the website is – Very Good Light. 373 palabras más

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