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I have one very long, very gray, very errant eyebrow hair.

I’m convinced that somewhere, someone has posted a video of me picking my nose in my car. 57 palabras más

Absalom's Journal

Hair, hair everywhere

It seems like I just groomed the Poodles, but for some reason they don’t look like it. 😳

So it’s grooming time again!

I just got done with Eli. 45 palabras más


11 grooming hacks every guy should know


There are certain things every guy should know about how to take care of his appearance.

From how often you should get your hair cut to how to get the… 602 palabras más


What is Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)?

For my second post, I thought I would write a little bit about what CSE is and what it can involve. This is not entirely based on my experience of CSE. 794 palabras más

Five things a modern gentleman should have in his bathroom cabinet

Fashion writers will often tell you there are essential items every man should have their wardrobe. Style writers will talk about vital cosmetics a man must use. 157 palabras más


Ear Care Tips - Pet Grooming - Dog Grooming Tips - How to Clean Your Dog's Ears Read

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Always clean.

Ladies. If your man ain’t up in these cleaners..he is a regular ass dude impersonating a man and he definetly is not about business. Thought you should know. 18 palabras más