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I Want To Be Instantly Ageless - Do You?

People often tell me I don’t look my age and that pleases me a lot. However, I’ve recently noticed that old age is creeping up on me… 310 palabras más


Easy Way To Look Younger In The Face

The first thing is the most obvious and that is to wash your face twice a day. While washing your face, massage in a downward direction starting from the forehead and moving down the face. 269 palabras más

Male Beauty

What have we here? 3 Beard Products.

While I’ve never actually been able to grow a full beard, Allie and I have found that I am now unable to not have facial hair. 628 palabras más


Hi guys I just decided to do a small blog and trust me it’s called for!

Today my mum is taking my MALE dog to a beauty parlour. 172 palabras más

Foxtails: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Pets

In much of the United States there is a hidden and unheard of danger lying in overgrown backyards, fields, parks, and trails — Foxtails.  Foxtails can be a potentially life threatening danger to your pet’s well being.   666 palabras más


Harriett having a groom

Did you know that we groom all our dogs regularly at Banksia Park Puppies?

At Banksia Park Puppies we know that this is an important part of ensuring that all our dogs are cared for properly. 65 palabras más


Don't Fear the Beard

Over recent years, the beard has somehow found its way back on guy’s faces. Once looked at as being grown by a lazy single guy who just can’t find the money to buy a razor, beards have transformed themselves as a stylish necessity. 382 palabras más