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Product Review- HeadBlade Sport!

In 1966, Anton Szandor LaVey shaved his head “as part of a formalized founding ritual, in the tradition of medieval executioners, carnival strongmen, and black magicians before him, to gain personal power and enhance the forces surrounding his newly-established Satanic order… 1.025 palabras más


Dapper Deodorant

Are you tired of smelling like a cheap drug store deodorant scent like ‘fresh blast’ or ‘sport fresh’? We really don’t want to smell like a locker room.   110 palabras más

Dapper Pointers


Hi y’all people it is a great Saturday again after all the weeks working and working and working we are partially free(at least for Saturday and Sunday)and hope you had a great week and hope this weekend will be great for you too. 399 palabras más


Summer Cool

Anyone who knows me well would have seen the numerous posts on social media of my fur babies. I proudly own four dogs, two, of whom are with my mom. 322 palabras más


Blogtober #15 Internet Safety

For today’s training at work, I learned all about Internet safety and all about bullying and it really opened my eyes. For example, take into consideration the location portion of Facebook. 307 palabras más


Pricing a Goldendoodle

What would a fair price be for a dog that the price is high because but is also is matted.


November BIRCHBOX Sample Choice/Curated box


Good Morning! 🌞

It’s that time where the next month’s Birchbox Sample choices are now available to see. We can choose between the 27th and 31st or Spend $25+ in the Shop (or on Add-Ons!) by October 24 to access Sample Choice a day early. 245 palabras más