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Today I have put together some new post-workout products that I am currently using and liking a lot. I’ve wanted a foam roller for ages because my legs become really stiff when I go jogging and no amount of stretching seems to be enough. 229 palabras más


No I'm not a Poodle

We Bichon People are a little Poodle Prejudiced

There is a website called which I discovered about 9 years ago. I believe it belongs to someone connected to the Tidewater Bichon Rescue in Virginia,  Which is a wonderful Bichon Rescue Group. 243 palabras más

Small Breed Dogs

Dog Grooming

My best mate Digby is going back to his human Mum at Shoalwater tomorrow. I will miss his playful company (but the neighbours will be grateful for more quiet! 48 palabras más


Moving towards a year with Rey

On the 25th of this month we will have had Raiden for an entire year.

In preparation for this momentous occasion we first bought toys and treats in (because duh!) and then turned our attention to making Rey look presentable. 432 palabras más


Everything you need to know about grooming in your 30s


Growing up ain’t easy. It can be hard as hell to come to terms with the fact that the once-perfect specimen of a body that took you through your 20’s may be starting to show signs of wear. 924 palabras más


How do I Prepare For a Networking Event?

I am a firm believer in preparing for anything. Even a conversation with a friend. In fact in professional situations, I advice that you always be over-prepared! 709 palabras más


Dear child, I fear for you.

In this era of exposure and free will. Too many options that you are not sure which is best. Religion groomed me with a militant mom, I didn’t have television babysitting me because I was playing with other children or by myself. 194 palabras más

Puzzled Lines