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8 Reasons your Beard may not be Mansome

Alright my man, so you decided you were just going to grow your beard and let it fly.  Maybe you have a natural gift and your beard has come in full and proud.  1.298 palabras más


Doodles Make You Smile Every Day

Ivy the Goldendoodle puppy is looking at seven months more like a dog than a puppy. I am starting to leave her loose in the house for longer times. 211 palabras más

Fun Stuff

Mostly good

We’ve had a mostly good week with Maggie this week. There was a day where she seemed a bit down, but Dad gave her her anti-nausea pill that evening and she seemed to perk up a bit. 227 palabras más

Post-Dental Surgery

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is more than likely going to be required with a Clumber, here is a veterinary orientated training video, however, …

DON’T place your towels, cotton swabs or q-tips on the floor … who knows what bugs these will pick up off such a surface and you could transfer to your dog’s ear. 31 palabras más


Why are men still not looking after their skin?

Skin care is something I used to take for granted in my early teen years due to my ignorance but the benefits for men is not really highlighted as of much compared to the female market. 530 palabras más

The Best Made Plans...

This was supposed to be a lesson update post, but on the day of my lesson before I left for a weekend vacation, I got a text from my trainer. 222 palabras más