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Nghe gã "đầu gấu" của Schorem kể về nghiệp thợ cạo

Bài viết trước về những gạ thợ cạo bặm trợn của Schorem có vẻ được rất nhiều bạn quan tâm. Quả thực lúc viết bài đó, tôi cũng “rạo rực” và cứ phải xuýt xoa vì cái tiệm cắt tóc nho nhỏ mà cực chất ấy. 2.177 palabras más


Sarah's Story - Violated by Sarah Wilson

A survivor of Rotherham’s paedophile gangs claims that child exploitation is still common in the South Yorkshire town.

Sarah Wilson, 23, who was groomed from the age of 11… 77 palabras más

Salon etiquette you should know

Beauticians around the world say that normally what lacks in people when they visit a salon is patience. Krishna Gupta, a wellness and grooming professional says, “You will often find a customer entering the salon in a jiffy and then hurrying up the beautician to do his/her treatment. 27 palabras más

The Lede: King's Crown Ultra-Rich Shaving Cream

When I first experienced King’s Crown during its launch at the 2014 Gentleman’s Expo, I had a good feeling that the bespoke men’s grooming brand was going to strike it big. 146 palabras más

The Lede

Happy 4th of July!

Have a very Happy 4th of July!
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COCK TAILS AND HEN-TAILS: Man up and grow a Beard…or maybe not!

Hey people,
Its been a long while and I know we have this love hate relationship going on. Maintaining a blog especially when you are not making any huge money from it yet is such a demanding thing but we are surviving. 1.241 palabras más