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ChickAdvisor sent out a box that included Batiste Dry Shampoo for Dark and Deep hair and a box of new Nair wax ready strips, you either got legs + body or face + bikini strips. 468 palabras más


5 products I swear by

It’s May, yay!

And it’s time to step up our beauty regime to make us presentable for the world – especially because it’s now getting sunnier and we are beginning to venture outside more. 691 palabras más


Best perfumes for men

When you get dressed in the morning or when you are going out on a date, the kind of fragrance you use could be an important part of how well your day or date goes. 278 palabras más


Grooming bag review 

I wanted an inexpensive grooming kit just to have around. While I don’t have my own horse I like to give Patrick a good groom either before or after I ride depending on his lesson schedule and you can never seem to find a brush when you need it. 418 palabras más


Smooth Operations

Be Smooth

  • Male & Female Triple X Waxing
  • Body Hair Clipping & Grooming

Spray On Smoothness

  • Full Body Exfoliation
  • Full Body Hydration
  • Organic Spray Tanning…
  • 48 palabras más

Volunteering Day 1

The day arrived. I finally got to experience the magic I had been researching for the previous three months.

I showed up bright, early, and eager. 602 palabras más