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When choosing the breed of dog you would like to have, try to consider the type of coat & grooming needs your new pet will require. 6 palabras más


Things Your Dog Groomer Wishes You Knew: Biting

If your dog bites, this does not mean it cannot be groomed

“He might SMILE at you, but he doesn’t bite.”

You should always tell your groomer if there is the slightest chance that your dog will bite, no matter the probability. 386 palabras más


9/2/2015 - TEAR STAINING

Tear staining is the topic of 50% of my emails. No one likes the look of that dark staining on their precious baby white face. Tear staining is not a subject that has a quick fix. 1.322 palabras más

Useful Things


Now I’m sure we all remember those days where you got a tad bit carried away with plucking and were left with half a weirdly shaped brow. 370 palabras más


Inside Mens Nose Ear Face Neck Hair Mustache Beard

Not everyone is a fan of a smooth shaven face, which is exactly why many men opt to use a beard trimmer. This device makes sure that the user is well groomed while managing to keep… 337 palabras más

Amino Acid Shampoo & Conditioner by Kiehl’s

Having your hair washed at the barbers before a trim is a truly wonderful thing. Every time you have your hair washed at the Barber Shop, your head & hair feel terrific. 222 palabras más


Grooming, Griming and Priming -- China Style

Here’s one originally written for the ultra-abfab menswear/style/lifestyle/anystyle site MNSWR.COM; check it out (the website, I mean)! Viking Chinese, yep — they exist, makeup artist Kristoffer Liu shares his views on the modern China Man’s grooming tactics. 859 palabras más

The Fashion Dragon: Beijing