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How to Groom a Dog

Regular grooming keeps your dog clean, healthy, and comfortable. Many people prefer professional groomers, as they can make dogs look great while using their professional expertise to keep them safe. 3.521 palabras más


Fluffy Dog Problem #1: Fuzzy Feet

Fluffy little dogs are adorable and many of us love them. There are numerous breeds and even more crosses that give us the fuzzy little snuggle pups that we love inviting into our families. 481 palabras más

Me, My hair and I - Elizabeth Benedict

                  I feel that February is that month of the year when all the sexes take personal grooming seriously. It feels very fortunate that during this time of the year, I come across this book. 618 palabras más

Take On Books

The Magical $60 Brush

As previously discussed, Rain has some amazingly thick undercoat. Chunks of fur are a frequent sight on top of the protective layer of my bed in the morning, and my evenings are frequently spent picking up dog hair tumbleweeds rolling around the house.  594 palabras más


هل تعلم؟ ما هي الالتزامات المطلوبه عند تبني كلب - ٢

من اهم الالتزامات عند التبني ان تدرك ان هذا المخلوق الجميل الذي تبنيته له متطلبات جسمانية ومعنويه لايمكن لأحد توفيرها غيرك.
الرعاية الصحيه هي من اهم هذه المتطلبات.


It all starts with the right hairstyle. In my opinion it is the most important thing people will notice about your cleanliness. Imagine the following scenario: Man with custom made perfect Suit and Italian leather shoes walks into a fancy restaurant. 110 palabras más

"Meggie" the Maltese has ears partially amputated after routine trip to the groomer

MARYVILLE, Tennessee — A Tennessee dog owner didn’t know what was wrong with her little Maltese until she looked at the dog’s ears. A little more than a week after going to the groomer, the dog’s ears were black. 497 palabras más