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Privates Decisions Impact Pub(l)ic Expectations

As a society, we should be concerned about men who are sexually aroused by prepubescent children. We should do all that we can to eliminate the sexual fetishization of children. 469 palabras más

The Beard Life Chronicles: Going Gray

Letting my beard grow out has had some interesting side effects. The most pronounced one is the presence of all of these gray hairs. Who knew that growing out my facial hair would allow father time to catch up to me lol. 162 palabras más


Its a Good Day

It was a nice day out, although I didn’t let anyone outside.  I did relent enough to let them all play in the garage a time or two.   141 palabras más


Men's Lookbook: Fashion Do's and Don'ts

As we head into a new year and it truly gets underway, it’s vital that men who are conscious about how they dress can find a fair and fitting selection of ideas on how to look. 416 palabras más


Get Rid of Blackheads, Safely and Effectively

When it comes to looking your best, one of the most simplistic yet common barriers to this comes in the form of blackheads. They are horrible little spots that appear over pores on your body and can be very unsightly. 446 palabras más


When a Man Smells Best: Cologne Top Picks

In 2017, if you still find the idea of wearing cologne to be ‘unmanly’ then you might need to take the time re-evaluate the way that you look at the world around you, sorry. 476 palabras más