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Before and after aura photos

The aura photograph on the left was taken of my dog Dominic and me before doing an InTune Groom (ITG) session.  The photo on the right was taken after a session.   195 palabras más


How to Appreciate the Little Things in Life

It’s easy to get caught up in daily worries about little things in life. If we look closer it becomes clear that we can’t even influence the outcome of a look of things we worry so much about.

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Life Lately

Men's Fashion: HypeBeast?


Personal Fashion Philosophy, Tips Sharing Session

Today I am going to discuss about my personal thoughts on how a men should dress up for different occasions and staying true to their own style. 874 palabras más



Westwood Pets offers full-service grooming by appointment for your dog or cat in a relaxed caring environment. Our groomers are professionally trained and have years of experience with all types of breeds. 210 palabras más


How to Have Slick, Soft Hair | 3 Tips

Why is having soft hair important? It is a sign that you have well nourished hair that is moisturized (as opposed to dry and unhealthy). More importantly it helps when it comes to maneuverability and managing your hair during the styling process. 557 palabras más


5 Confidence Enhancing Grooming Tips That Will Make You Feel Sexier

Today, I’m going go over 5 confidence enhancing grooming tactics that will make you feel much sexier.

1. Commit yourself to regular haircuts

I know every reader right now, knows the feeling of getting a fresh haircut. 741 palabras más


Review: The Stuff

Today let’s talk about… The Stuff. Yes, The Stuff. It is a hypoallergenic, non-toxic leave-in conditioner. The claims, reading from the bottle I have, is that it is a coat conditioner, it helps shorten grooming time, it is a tangle remover and preventer, helps removes winter undercoat, repels dirt, dust, and urine, is pH controlled, and is suitable for all breeds. 880 palabras más

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