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Professional Dog Grooming

Regular grooming of your pet is very important for their appearance as well as health. The survey shows that a groomed dog is a happy and healthier dog which in turns makes him to behave well. 435 palabras más


Introduction to Dog Grooming

Mоѕt pet owners knоw thаt thе wау a dog iѕ treated саn hаvе a ѕеriоuѕ impact оn thе animal’s behavior, аnd dog grooming iѕ nо exception. 620 palabras más

What I look for in a companionship.

I’m a man with great intellect, I find that deep, mutual friendship is hard to come by. This is surprising considering that many people count me as a close friend. 653 palabras más


Manscaping: Shaved Gorillas and the Optical Inch

While shopping at the mall one afternoon, I came across an eyebrow tweezing shop in the center aisle. Each brow follicle was wrapped by a piece of thread and quickly extracted. 774 palabras más


The miracle serum leaving your skin smooth and flawless

The miracle serum leaving your skin flawless with visible results in two days.

I’m regularly complimented on my smooth complexion and asked how I achieve these results. 210 palabras más



It’s time for the monthly flea treatment, so guess what we’re doing today . . . .

5 Reasons your dog may need a bath: 252 palabras más