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Self-Tanning Mistakes We Are Guilty Of Making

You want to be a member of a bronze club, but not sure where to start? Lighter skin would choose to burn itself much easily than to get tanned. 461 palabras más


today i learned - sat 21st oct 2017

ever since my holiday at the beginning of last month, i’ve been proudly ‘sculpting’ a thing on my face that i have affectionally named #fakebeard 🧔🏻 375 palabras más

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Pet Supplies

Our pets require grooming.  Dog grooming can get expensive so why not purchase your own grooming equipment.   Save cash on the pets grooming equipment today. 

What a Successful Weight Loss Plan Comprises Of?

Have you ever counted how many times you have pulled out that exquisite outfit from your closet and thrust it back because you could not fit into it? 462 palabras más


Funniest Pets of the Week Compilation October 2017 | Funny Pet Videos

Our pets have a special way to make us laugh.  What this video and have a good laugh.

And all the work the require it worth the Love they give!  25 palabras más

What is the best pool partywear for Men?

Ready to jump into water? But bro, are you ready to wear the best of your outfit. Choosing a right style of swimwear for a pool party is a must. 157 palabras más

Canine curiosities your groomer knows

by Betsy Lane, MA

Professional dog groomers get to know more dogs well than almost anyone, other than a veterinarian. This week, we spoke with… 388 palabras más