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Uguisu poo product review part 3; update

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all doing well on this Thursday morning :)

So I’ve been using the Uguisu poo products for almost 2 weeks now and I’d just like to add a few observations. 274 palabras más


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

If this photo doesn’t melt your heart, then what will? This is a regular “star” here at Doggie Do’s. Her name is Lucy and she belongs to Mr. 514 palabras más

MoD Goes to the Gynecologist

It’s like the dentist, but without pants!

Well ladies, it’s that time of year again and I thought I’d make the most of it by asking my gyno all the questions we… 571 palabras más


De-shedding the Yak: Spring Grooming

Although the weather outside is still lightly snow-covered and cold, Spring is right around the corner; there’s no easier way to tell that Spring is coming than going to groom a horse. 1.118 palabras más


How to Deal with People that Disappoint You

Hello, world!
How’ve y’all been?
I know its been long since I last posted an article and I’ve missed you so much.
I’ve a few stressful situations going on and i was beginning to feel helpless.

1.134 palabras más

The Wednesday Review

Lush; Soap and Float Shampoo Bar.

Before using this medicated shampoo I was a walking advertisement for every anti-dandruff shampoo that lined the hair-care shelves in Boots. 219 palabras más


Eyebrow Grooming

My eyebrows haven’t been groomed for I don’t know how long..
Everyday, the thought crosses my mind that I really need to groom these brows today. 212 palabras más