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Torn Apart Recommendations

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After looking at the Torn Apart website, our group has come up with some recommendations for improvement. First, we think that the data and information could be condensed. 607 palabras más


Getting started with mobile application development using Python and Kivy

We will be making an application that can run on android / iOS and can also be used on desktop. Using the kivy library to build the app we will be getting it for desktop and mobile version both. 1.655 palabras más

MO71 version 9.2.1 is released

Hot on the heels of MO71 V9.2.0, MQGem Software is pleased to announce that a new mini release of MO71, our GUI Administrative tool for IBM MQ, is… 652 palabras más

IBM WebSphere MQ

Adding Colors to IRC Outgoing Messages

The other day, I participated in a discussion on GimpNet IRC (irc:// I saw there a message in which some words were colored. Since my client is… 381 palabras más

#Python - Creating GUIs with #PySimpleGUI. 2 webcams view with 50 lines of code

Hi !

Working with Computer Vision is super fun. And there are some scenarios where display the step by step of the processing of an image is the best way to present this. 603 palabras más


GoUI... a VERY simple UI framework

Recently I’ve been wanting to develop some desktop (primarily Windows, but could also be considering MacOS or Linux) applications. Although Go isn’t the first language that springs to mind when it comes to developing an UI application the simplicity and robustness of the language still makes it my number 1 go to language. 1.356 palabras más

Analysing Android Apps

So recently I started looking at android application reversing because I wanted to reverse engineer the method which a suspicious looking proprietary application uses to update notification etc. 1.603 palabras más