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Design and Implementation of a GUI program for solving Einstein's riddle


Einstein’s riddle is a logic puzzle that is used to demonstrate the advantage of logic programming as it is hard to solve by hand (Gregor, Zábovská, and Smataník, 2015). 2.050 palabras más


New Release of FTN95 Version 8.70

Cyber Monday couldn’t be better after receiving an email advising that Silverfrost Limited released their latest version of FTN95 and I’m excited about the updates in this version. 223 palabras más


OpenGL Made Simple with Qt5

Drawing and painting a 3D image with GL – the Graphic Library – is not as trivial as doing the same on a 2D canvas: no 3D versions of the 2D canvas drawing methods are defined in GL classes. 1.021 palabras más

Winteracter 14.0

FORTRAN is the first language I learned as a student in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology and it continues to be one of my “go to” languages of choice for math intensive applications. 139 palabras más


Feren OS - LAMP stack target market

You can call an adopted AI, not allowing intruders like Russia Dumas – Kremlin to perpetrate the former Tsar North West country and former Soviet Union socialistic (and later on – communistic) republics, though it’s not an easily deniable case. 439 palabras más


TinTin Telecaster with special guest Dan McCoy

In this episode we are Joined by special guest Dan McCoy of the Flop House podcast and a writer on the Daily Show!  We talk about a TinTin Telecaster and Dans guitar life. 134 palabras más