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Adding a GUI to Oracle Enterprise Linux from the local install media

I’ve made this mistake a few times now.

In my excitement to get a new copy of OEL installed, I manage to forget to select the version with the GUI.  552 palabras más


How to enable GUI boot in Raspberry Pi by default ?

This is very simple. Open the command line and perform the following steps

First let us install the prerequisites.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install lightdm

sudo apt-get install lxsession… 102 palabras más
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Configuring Azure Tags

Hi there

In this post I’ll demonstrate how to check if your Azure Resources have Tags implemented and how to add tags to them.

Tags can be used to identify different Azure Resource Groups, Azure Resources and Subscriptions as well for costing analysis based on different LOB (Line of Business). 119 palabras más


Amiga OS3.2 screenshot teaser

Spotted this on a facebook amiga development page. I thought it looked good!

With the following text:

Work in progress on AmigaOS 3.2🤫
Actually this feature is done…

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Orange Micro Terror

This is for all of y’all out there still using solid state amplifiers. The Orange Micro Terror is a great introduction to tube amps. This amp is really easy to carry around to gigs and practice. 251 palabras más


Tableau-like Drag and Drop GUI Visualization in R


One of the the few things that Self-service Data Visualization tools like Tableau and Qlik offer that sophisticated Data Science Languages like R and Python do not offer is — … 638 palabras más


RISC-V Tomasulo Architecture - PyQt5 GUI Emulator


RISC-V (“risk-five”) is an open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) based on the well known RISC principles. If you’re interested in its history and design innovations please refer to the dedicated… 457 palabras más