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'Bill and Ted Face the Music' rounds out cast with Holland Taylor, Kristen Schaal

When you imagine the most powerful person in the universe, you think of Holland Taylor, right? If you worship at the feet of Legally Blonde… 290 palabras más


Build Apps with Curri and Cupric Bridge, Now Online!

Good news! CupricBridge and Curri are now online! CupricBridge is a wrapper for the Irrlicht engine GUI system, but it also provides a serialization interface implementation that will work with scene objects. 438 palabras más

Interpreted Programming Language

[Tutorial] Creating Extensive PowerShell GUI Applications - PART 1

Applies to Visual Studio, Tool-Making
Requirements: Visual Studio, ConvertForm (Module)


Scripting, module creation, and tool-making are invaluable skills for any IT administrator- in IT Operations or elsewhere.

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General PowerShell

PowerShell - GUI Ribbon

Ever wanted to build a modern GUI including a Ribbon in just a few clicks …

Office 2007 Style

Office 2010 Style

Office 2013 Style… 438 palabras más


MO71 User Columns enhanced in V9.1.2

The status output from IBM MQ contains a number of fields which steadily increase as things happen. The table below contains a few examples of these. 812 palabras más

IBM WebSphere MQ

Field Units in MO71

As an MQ administrator you are no doubt painfully aware that not every time based field in MQ is in seconds, and that not every size based field in MQ is in bytes. 892 palabras más

IBM WebSphere MQ

Working with MQ Dates and Times in MO71

The administrative commands in IBM MQ contain a number of date and time fields, for example when a channel was started, or when an object was altered. 917 palabras más

IBM WebSphere MQ