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Dando una vuelta por La Habana

Cuba es un pais lleno de lugares hermosos para uno poder disfrutar de unas agradables vacaciones…

La Habana, bonita 😁😃🏢🚘


Havana Old City: A Photo Walk

As I looked up different city ratings I found out Havana is a number 4 on the New-7-Wonders Cities list. Easy to guess – not least because of the unique Old City with its conserved buildings from the colonial times. 561 palabras más


Un paseo por la Habana, Cuba

No hay mejor sensación que la de desconectarse del mundo y de la vida por un par de días, ponerle pausa al ajetreo diario y poder dedicarse a descansar. 599 palabras más

Casa Particular

Costs in Cuba

Cuba is not a backpacker mecca like Mexico and where I had been used to hostels at every corner, cheap tacos and easy bus links, Cuba was the exact opposite. 1.193 palabras más


A story about strangers

Travel is all about the people you meet along the way, this is a short story of some of those people…

Years ago under a merciless sun in a distant country I stood in the shade of hotel building, desperately trying to connect to the lobby password. 1.564 palabras más


Havana, Cuba

Classic cars! Mojitos! Ernest Hemmingway! Daiquiris! Havana Nights! Salsa! Live Music! 

Havana is everything I imagined it to be. As soon as I stepped out of the airport, it felt something like a Miami Vice movie. 516 palabras más


Wanderlust: Cuba

I’m so excited to be going to Cuba for a few days! I can’t wait to see the history and the culture and see how it is changing with American tourism. 75 palabras más

Coffee Break