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City Feels | La Habana

I had a glimpse of La Habana for the first time in Spring 2018. Fell in love with Art Deco Buildings and pastel colors shaping the Island Capital. 86 palabras más


Cuando Adolfo Luque estuvo cesante en Cuba (de eltubeyero22, 2013)

Por Andrés Pascual

Aventura es riesgo, a veces lo confunden y lo hacen moda, entonces habrá quienes paguen un precio por “el paso dado o MAL DADO”. 837 palabras más

Traveling to Cuba: Pros and Cons.

Cuba is a very controversial country. There are tourists that say their experience was amazing, while some others will tell you that they hated it. However, we can all agree on something and that is that Cuba is a very special and interesting country to visit. 1.065 palabras más

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Cuba Libre

I’ll start simply: you can at this point still legally travel to Cuba as an American. Trump’s posturing has made it somewhat more difficult than it was a few years ago but it is possible to fly directly from the U.S. 2.986 palabras más

Little Habana Cafe

It’s me again… JUST KIDDING! Today we are featuring a ~guest~ blogger, my very own sister and our Director of Merchandising (sounds fancy, right?) Rachel! Sit back, relax, and text your friends to make lunch plans, because after reading this piece that’s exactly what you’ll be wanting to do. 786 palabras más


Cuba the reality of life in a country that is still very behind in the times...or better yet that is still very communist

I don’t care what hate I may get from those that agree with the way of life in Cuba, I went recently Jan 2019 and stayed with my father. 1.177 palabras más