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Wine and Conversation

Esther May Still There

Doña Maria entered the whitewashed room adorned with scarlet tapestries where her guest paced. “Thank you for waiting, senorita.”

Esther May swallowed a sharp reply about having no choice since the armed guard escorted her here and told her to sit. 621 palabras más

4th of July Party ~ Farmhouse Hacienda Style

One of our favorite holidays is the 4th of July! This year we infused our BBQ with our local hacienda flavor and it was everything! You can’t go wrong when you add tacos to the menu! 601 palabras más

Farmhouse Hacienda


Showing the Way Isn’t Leading

C.J. rode his mare beside the buggy’s rear wheel. He wasn’t exactly following Ramón in this position. C.J. wanted to see the talked-about hacienda, that’s all. 900 palabras más



C.J. awoke, his feverish brow finally cool—free of fever. His side was sore and the bedding he lay on smelled of sweat and body odor, but he was alert, refreshed, and hungry. 667 palabras más


How do you get Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner of New Order back together?  In a book, of course:

Some choice lines:

Bernard Sumner, founding member of Joy Division, now New Order/Electronic/Bad Lieutenant: 530 palabras más


‘The Thomas Crown Affair’: Russo Brothers to Oversee Remakes of MGM Classics!!!!

If you’re going to direct the highest-grossing movies on the planet, you should get something for your trouble. Joe and Anthony Russo are looking at a post- 333 palabras más


The Show: Party Like It's 1989

The Herb Whisperer is taking one or two shows off to recover from the bizarre Champions League Round of 16 match that took place earlier this week between PSG & Manchester United . 37 palabras más