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Yucatan, Mexico 2020

Next stop in the journey (after Mexico City) was Yucatan Peninsula. Our base was Merida, a very beautiful city with old, colonial houses. Some of them were remade into hotels, some were abandoned, but you could see the their former glory. 197 palabras más


Cafetal Angerona - Cuba histórica

En este encierro colectivo llamado Coronavirus me puse a recoger y rebuscar. Encontré mi diario del viaje a Cuba en julio 2018 y me encantó revivir esas emociones maravillosas que sentí en la hermana Antilla. 645 palabras más

Lizette Martinez

Legendary Haçienda DJ Dave Haslan comes to The Crescent

On Monday 16 March, writer and legendary Haçienda DJ Dave Haslan will be coming to The Crescent to talk to John Moores about his latest book… 364 palabras más


Sunset View of Volcan de Agua

My sisters, brother-in-law and I are visiting in Antigua, Guatemala for a couple weeks at an amazing hacienda. This image is a view from our balcony and was edited with Snapseed, Prisma and Tangled FX.


What Will She Do?

Esther May held her breath and gripped her rifle to keep her hands from trembling. She couldn’t believe the old Apache woman was an enemy. 760 palabras más

Hacienda Tres Ángeles

One of the first stops Discover Puerto Rico took us on our first day was one of the many Coffee Haciendas : Hacienda Tres Ángeles. Many people are not aware that Puerto Rico was once the fourth largest coffee producer in the world. 681 palabras más


808 State - Transmission Suite review

The 21st century’s commodification of everything means that cultural waypoints such as the birth of Acid House in 1988 – at the time described as the Second Summer of Love – have been gradually rendered down into off-the-peg marketing episodes. 221 palabras más