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The Morning Dump - Feb 17th

Happy President’s Day to all!! The Morning Dump – BI

Morning Dump

ATM Hacking Has Gotten So Easy, the Malware's a Game

From the Wired Magazine website

As long as there are ATMs, hackers will be there to drain them of money. Although ATM-targeted “jackpotting” malware—which forces machines to spit out cash—has been on the rise for several years, a recent variation of the scheme takes that concept literally, turning the machine’s interface into something like a slot machine. 8 palabras más

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Hackers could shut down satellites — or turn them into weapons | Live Science

Last month, SpaceX became the operator of the world’s largest active satellite constellation. As of the end of January, the company had 242 satellites orbiting the planet with plans to launch 42,000 over the next decade. 49 palabras más

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Beware DVTVers!

Check out what GhostBikerX said about the
inbox and private groups on ☞DeafVideo.TV.
Deaf People

Brainstorming a new Hackers project - an AI robot to play Connect-4

The Goal

In this session, we started planning how we will build an intelligent robot that can play the game of Connect-4. Our aim is that it will be like playing against a human, with a physical Connect-4 set, not just a computer game. 600 palabras más


US adds hacktivists, social media manipulators to top intelligence threats 

USA’s new strategy report adds Cuba, Hezbollah, Islamic State and Al-Qaeda as groups able to undertake intelligence operations against the country.

The US counter-spy agency has said that cyber and surveillance technology advances have multiplied the intelligence threat to the country, putting hacktivists and online manipulators on a par with venerable foe Russia. 271 palabras más


Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram handles hacked

A hacker group called ‘OurMine hacker collective’ had temporarily hacked and vandalized Facebook’s Twitter main page and Messenger. Earlier last month, the organization had also hacked several sports-related Twitter accounts. 201 palabras más