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JLK & the Assassins "Tempestuous" (teaser)

Well, I didn’t see this one coming.  JLK’s various solo tapes on Hobo Cult were always highlights for the label, but they sounded nothing like this.  73 palabras más



“The Unwritten,” proud nickname for Greek mountains where in 400 years of occupation the Ottoman authorities never succeeded in registering the inhabitants for tax purposes. The Turkish occupation coincided with the… 54 palabras más

Eyes on the Floor: A Shoegaze Compilation (Part One)

Shoegaze is the genre that never really went away. The original scene got stuck in a recursive loop while the rest of alternative rock turned into something completely unrecognizable, populated by fitted ballcap-wearing aggressors with a tendency to abusive the dynamic shifts when not abusing rhyming dictionaries. 1.557 palabras más