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Untitled 56

Actors stretch off-mark

Their lines abandon the play

Audiences onstage

no answers

Written for:  Carpe Diem #1304 – The Seventh Gate (Khayyam)

“Let me give you the verse for today … it’s again a nice one, but the choice of words sounds magical and mysterious in my opinion.” 181 palabras más

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Life in the Wild

Life in the wild
Threat is a constant concern
Care is essential.
~ Rich ~

Day 774


Daily Haiku: Ill

Bones feeling achy

Face shines with perspiration

I need orange juice


An announcement concerning the #HaikaiChallenge

I plan to roll out the next #HaikaiChallenge tomorrow. Be ready!

Autumn night

Paying a busy day’s

Exhausting toll

Haiku Community

Love Notes and Dirty Dishes #31863

Poetry is love

You shall design the letters

I will write the words



in granny’s kitchen
smug jack-o-lanterns
become pumpkin pies