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The beginning of the 21st century would go down in human his/her/zer story as MORONIC TIME PERIOD.
It will be explained to school children as follows: 2.069 palabras más

Pays locked, un phénomène multipliant le taux de dépression en Haïti - AZ-INFOS TGV

Depuis tantôt sept ans et quelques mois, la mauvaise gouvernance du PHTK au pouvoir a causé une séquence de mouvements violents en cascade perpétrée sur certaines entreprises publiques et privées dans les régions métropolitaines. 291 palabras más


Haiti - News :

UEH students for the departure of Moïse
Sunday, in a joint note of representatives of students from 8 faculties, members of the Council of the State University of Haiti (UEH), in the perspective of ending the crisis, took a stand in a joint statement, calling for the unconditional departure of President Jovenel Moïse and the dismissal of Parliament, while proposing the establishment of a three-year transition. 83 palabras más


UN Ends 15-Year Peacekeeping Operations In Haiti

The UN Security Council ended 15 years of peacekeeping operations in Haiti on Tuesday, voicing regret that the country is still saddled with huge economic, political and social woes. 413 palabras más


The Climate Crisis Is Global, but These 6 Places Face the Most Severe Consequences

Source: Time


Climate change is expected to affect every country in the world, but its impact will not be felt equally across all regions and some will be worse hit than others because of a range of different threats. 280 palabras más


Alain Georges

🌻 How did you become an artist?

The decision to do art for the rest of my life was made in 10th grade. I remember taking a wood shop class where we had a project that involved carving wood and later painting it. 426 palabras más

Haitian Art

Haiti - News :

Réginald Boulos pays people in the demonstrations…
The businessman Reginald Boulos, recently passed in the camp of the opponents of President Jovenel Moïse and leader of the movement “Third Way”, says he finances a brigade, a personal initiative, whose mission would be to prevent slippages and cases of looting during the demonstrations “Yes, people are paid, to take part in the demonstrations and to ensure that everything goes well […]” 175 palabras más