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Alex Kurtagic on Haiti

From the article “Haiti Must Not Be Rebuilt,” published January 25, 2010.

Since , there have been 32 coups d’etats, the forests have been destroyed, the population has exploded, and Haiti has come to rank near the bottom out of 179 countries in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index.

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Comparing Latin America and East Asia: The difference between both is the difference between Columbus and Marco Polo

The only emperor of China to really become part of “universal” or “world” (read: Europeist) history is Kublai Khan, if we don’t consider his grandfather Genghis an emperor of China, and I do consider him so. 3.642 palabras más


Haiti: orders a freeze on bank accounts, including Dominicans

Port-au-Prince prosecutor, Clamé Ocnam Dameus on Mon. ordered the freezing of the bank accounts of 36 companies linked to the alleged network of corruption detected in Venezuela’s Petrocaribe program. 97 palabras más


Dominican Republic: Incident at Dominican Republic-Haiti border draws wide rebuke

Wide rebuke is the result after dozens of Haitians with machetes, knives and clubs on Sat. abducted prominent cardiologist Pedro Ureña and seven of his friends for several hours while two Dominican Army soldiers with M-16 rifles stood by and did nothing. 75 palabras más


Haiti: Cuba Will Support Maternal Services With New Specialists In Haiti

Cuba will increase its medical presence in Haiti, in response to a request from the health authorities of this nation, confirmed to Prensa Latina Ambassador Luis Castillo. 106 palabras más


UN police missions

UN police commissioners recently gave an extensive briefing focused especially on missions in Haiti, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Video of the full 2-hour briefing with responses and comments from various country representatives… 18 palabras más


Vetiver - What lies beneath.

Sometimes I wonder what is to become of us…

Vetiver grass is hard-working and enduring, much like the people who grow it. It is tough and strong, grows fast and tall and can be used for thatching buildings and preventing soil erosion around river banks and water courses but we don’t need it for that.   1.297 palabras más

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