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Onore alla Repubblica di Haiti

Per aver, UNICA AL MONDO, sollevato il problema dei peculiari svantaggi di cui soffrono bambini (maschi) e uomini – tutti gli altri parlano solo di bambine e donne! 786 palabras más

Hurricane Odile - Images

Preparations the morning of the storm – 

The day after:

A normal play day…

A not so normal drive through town…


Commemorating The US Occupation of Haiti

By Yves Engler | Canadian Author and Activist

rebel leader Charlemagne Peralte

While remembering their past has not prevented history from repeating itself, it is not possible for the descendants of the world’s first successful large-scale slave revolt to forget the trauma inflicted by their northern neighbours. 670 palabras más


Guest Author: Mark Bierman ~ Vanished

Today I wish to take some time to promote my novel, Vanished. Now, I must be honest with you, I never thought I’d write a story about human trafficking… 1.056 palabras más


Denise Adele Gums - Presente!


Our beloved sister and great friend of Haiti Denise Gums passed away on July 22, 2020. With profound sadness we express our deepest condolences to her family. 257 palabras más