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“For just one cup of coffee a day…” “Just a dollar a day…” “For less than a round of golf, you could change a child’s life…” 1.218 palabras más

Forthcoming: “Ghetto Biennale/Geto Byenal 2009-2015”

The forthcoming Ghetto Biennale/Geto Byenal 2009-2015 is an illustrated catalogue that documents the work produced during four Ghetto Biennal art festivals. Edited by Leah Gordon, it offers a compendium of the local host artists and their work, with new and reprinted texts by wide-ranging writers such as Emilie Boone, Claudel Casseus, Rossi Jacques Casimir, John Cussans, Jean D’Amerique, Peter Haffner, Charlotte Hammond, John Kieffer, Jean-Daniel Lafontant, Elzabeth McAlister, Polly Savage, and Katherine Smith. 389 palabras más


Will TPS For Haiti Be Renewed: Three Things To Know

Seven days. 

The Department of Homeland Security will decide by November 23 whether 59,000 Haitians who benefit from Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, will be allowed to stay in the United States, or will be forced to return to a country that is incapable of taking them back. 1.110 palabras más

Kathleen Bergin

2011 Competition _ Haiti Debris

When Haiti had earthquake, we thought about how to make the contemporary houses using the debris.

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Christopher Columbus - Part 4

In part 4 of our series on Christopher Columbus, we follow the intrepid Genoese mariner as he sets out to find the Asian mainland. He will explore Cuba and Jamaica, before returning to Hispaniola. 48 palabras más

4 Days

4 days until we will rise well before dawn with our 35+ suitcases and trek to Des Moines International Airport.

4 days until we unite our team for the 1st time in Atlanta, flying from Des Moines, Kansas City, and Indianapolis. 342 palabras más

Interview with Haitian-Dominican Actor Jean Jean

The full title of this article is “Haitian-Dominican Actor Jean Jean Is the Face of the DR’s Oscar Campaign, But at Home He’s Undocumented.” In this article, Amanda Alcántara ( 815 palabras más