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And That's Why You Shouldn't Mess with a Babylonian Pig

This year my oldest son began middle school. It’s going well, for the most part. He’s thriving in the world of increased social opportunities, having found a group of buddies that all seem to get one another pretty well. 626 palabras más


Can't we all just be friends?

I’ve spent the past month thinking.  Thinking about my life, my family, and the world around us.  I’ve watched the news as they “report” on the presidential candidates. 1.810 palabras más


Feast of Alfred the Great (October 26)

Above:  Map of England in 878

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King of the West Saxons

An old saying tells that power wears down those who do not have it.   858 palabras más


The Stele of Hammurabi

The Stele of Hammurabi (c. 1792-1750 BCE) is both a piece of art and a code of law commissioned by the 6th King of Babylon, Hammurabi. 506 palabras más

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Ο αρχαιότερος νομικός κώδικας στην ιστορία

«Είμαι ο Χαμουραμπί ο βασιλιάς ο τέλειος. Για τους μαυροκέφαλους (τους Βαβυλώνιους) που μου έδωσαν ο Ενλίλ και ο Μαρδούκ. Με κάλεσαν οι μεγάλοι (αυτοί) θεοί.


Why Hammurabi?

At that time Anu and Bel called me, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, the worshipper of the gods, to cause justice to prevail in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil, to prevent the strong from oppressing the weak, to enlighten the land and to further the welfare of the people.

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