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Why I can’t really be myself nowadays?

Hammurabi Leguízamo //

With the upcoming Mexican elections, I can’t believe that I can truly be myself when I am talking with others regarding the candidates or the political parties. 552 palabras más

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The worst 24 hours of my life…

Hammurabi Leguízamo //

I never thought it was so accurate the fact of the millennials’ dependence on technology until I had to spend the whole of a day without being able to connect to the Internet, or even using a device that allowed me to know what was going on with the world or, at least, with the ones I care about. 577 palabras más

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Oko za oko. Denar za wielbłąda

W naszej wędrówce śladem historii ubezpieczeń przenosimy się w czasie i przestrzeni do starożytnego Babilonu. Trafiamy tutaj akurat w momencie wzrostu jego potęgi. Król Hammurabi zebrał liczną armię i podszedł pod granicę najsłabszego z sąsiadów. 129 palabras más

Where I Agree With White Supremacists

In about 1754 BC, a Babylonian king by the name of Hammurabi had his opinion on the proper human order chiseled onto a large stone. The… 1.288 palabras más


Hammurabi's Code

We have spent the better part of a month reading parts of Hammurabi’s Code to determine whether it was just or unjust. Here is what a few of us have decided: 1.432 palabras más


Hammurabi and DGI

This week I ran across a post on Farnam Street titled, The Code of Hammurabi: The Best Rule To Manage Risk.  While an interesting piece, there were a couple of areas that I had an issue with, notably bonus payments.  329 palabras más

Random Musings

Justice or nonsense?

Why should justice be the foundation of a society, and why not something else, say, honour or valour or wealth? What do we mean when we say justice? 926 palabras más