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#19. The Code of Hammurabi

FYI, I have not seen the Code of Hammurabi in person (it’s in the Louvre), but there was was a facsimile on display at the… 575 palabras más

Art & Humanities

Civilization 101: Moral Principles

There are a number of lists and compilations of moral principles and teachings from the world’s great religions, philosophers, and spiritual teachers. For example, see… 681 palabras más


Past Impacting The Present

Past Impacting the Present

Prostitutes wandering the streets to make their own money and provide for their pimps what a world we have. A prostitute is an individual who engages in sexual activity in exchange for money. 1.857 palabras más


Recycling letters

Whenever I sit and write I often need to substitute one word for another, for example, I may wish to exchange the word surface for the word… 125 palabras más


Law practice + @goclio data = better law profession conclusions

Big Data may mean Big Insights.

At least, that’s one major takeaway I got from the Legal Trends Report released by Clio late last year. 768 palabras más

Change Of Venue

And That's Why You Shouldn't Mess with a Babylonian Pig

This year my oldest son began middle school. It’s going well, for the most part. He’s thriving in the world of increased social opportunities, having found a group of buddies that all seem to get one another pretty well. 626 palabras más