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Natalie Portman: the best actress in the world

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Natalie Portman is, for many, a synonym to Queen Padmé Amidala. The majority of the fans of the galactic saga discovered it there. 384 palabras más

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Retro Sixth Boro 2

A few days ago I stumbled into a rabbit hole and enjoyed it down there.  I won’t stay in 2008 for too long, but evolution I found in the ship department intrigued me, change change change. 245 palabras más


How can we create a true gender-equality in media?

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The «Time’s Up» campaign, along with its hashtag #MeToo, has made it clear: there is no gender-equality in mainstream media. And it forced the whole world (and not only Hollywood) to turn its eyes towards a very alarming news: the fact that we need more accurate female representation in films, television shows, music videos, magazines, and any kind of programs. 737 palabras más

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Hammurabi y el sentido de la vida

El sentido de la propia vida para el hombre es algo sumamente valioso, no he conocido civilización alguna o persona que se vea dispuesta a despojarse de su propia vida a partir de una causa no fundamentada ni por sacrificio. 266 palabras más


Old people... Phew!!!

As luck would have it,

I have something

to outrage about,

my grandfather,

bless his gentle soul,

despises me sometimes,

we all know them,

the Hammurabi generation… 55 palabras más


Does the “ultimate Mexican truth” actually exist?

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Nowadays, there seems to be a rather bizarre obsession from the Mexican media with the Venezuelan crisis, with the war at Syria or with the (surprising?) news that certain politicians are corrupt people since they have a lust for money. 329 palabras más

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Why I can’t really be myself nowadays?

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With the upcoming Mexican elections, I can’t believe that I can truly be myself when I am talking with others regarding the candidates or the political parties. 552 palabras más

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