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Justice or nonsense?

Why should justice be the foundation of a society, and why not something else, say, honour or valour or wealth? What do we mean when we say justice? 926 palabras más


Hammurabi - The first hand of law and order.

Hammurabi was a Mesopotamian king that live in the year of 1,700 BC and ruled for over forty years. He is admitted to being the first ruler to make a code of laws to guide his people and he was so competent at his job that he managed to bring his small, minor kingdom to prominence. 548 palabras más

Developing Ideas of Governance and Faith: Codes of Conduct

Developing Ideas of Governance and Faith: Codes of Conduct

Directions: Please read the two excerpts of ancient SW Asian codes presented below (Mesopotamian and Persian). Then, with the collaboration of your groupmates, attempt to identify the distinct quality of each code by referring to the “List of Traits”. 1.102 palabras más


Play with Clay, Part 1 (Resources)

This week’s session is dedicated to precursors of paper, specifically cuneiform script found on clay tablets and the earliest hieroglyphics found carved into stone (like the Rosetta Stone). 209 palabras más

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019 - The Code of Hammurabi

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019 Code of Hammurabi organizer


019 Code of Hammurabi organizer

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10 Incredible Facts About The Code Of Hammurabi

This is how historian Stephen Bertman partly summarizes the character of Hammurabi, the sixth king of the Amorite dynasty, who ascended the Babylonian throne in 1792 BC – 2.448 palabras más

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Hammurabi of Babylon

Many people have heard of Hammurabi and his famous “law code,” but not many people know much about this ancient ruler. If you do not know much about him, don’t worry. 557 palabras más