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Week 10: Mesopotamia Wrap Up

Alright, we are in the throws of Halloween/birthday preparations, and I have not typed up our week. Here is an unorganized list instead.

Ancient Near East

Hammurabi: The first duty of government is...

The first duty of government is to protect the powerless from the powerful.
― Code of Hammurabi 1772 B.C.


Hammurabi the Humanitarian

Hammurabi was quite the humanitarian!

During his reign the areas of farming, science, art and law made plenty of progress. However, it was most notably in the area of law and government that progressions were made. 222 palabras más


Hammurabi: Conqueror, Administrator, Protector, and Lawmaker

Note: Sorry I couldn’t get this up on Friday; my computer’s on its last legs and on Friday it got a glitch or something.

Hammurabi: Conqueror, Administrator, Protector, and Lawmaker… 954 palabras más

9th Grade


I think 21st century can be turned into a ‘Year of Rape’. All the papers give out a visual glow of the events and its aftermaths. 671 palabras más

Om samfunnsforhold og forskjellige grupper i det babylonske samfunnet.

Majoriteten av befolkningen i Mesopotamia brukte mesteparten av energien sin på å lage og frembringe mat. Men de var samtidig avhengige av instutisjonene i byene;  templene og palassene. 857 palabras más