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Album of the Week 19-2016: Ace Frehley - Ace Frehley

When all original Kiss members released their solo debuts on the same day – September 18th 1978, to be exact – critics viewed it as a cash grab. 529 palabras más


Sixx: A.M. - Prayers for the damned album lyrics

1. “Rise”
2. “You have come to the right place”
3. “I’m sick”
4. “Prayers for the damned”
5. “Better man”
6. “Can’t stop”
7. “When we were gods” 39 palabras más


Göteborg Rockfest

Göteborg Rockfest 2016 is now history, and it went down pretty well too. 743 palabras más


Heaven's on fire

This is a old classic, from the 1980’s. This is Kiss with Heaven’s on fire.


#robertplant #nikkisixx #steveperry #DavidBowie #motleycrue #hardrock #classicrock #ledzeppelin #jounrey

#robertplant #nikkisixx #steveperry #DavidBowie #motleycrue #hardrock #classicrock #ledzeppelin #jounrey

215. Madagascar (2008)

Artist: Guns n Roses Kompositörer: Axl Rose & Chris Pitman

Utgivningsår: 2008 Album: Chinese Democracy


Det råder inget tvivel om att plattan… 768 palabras más


RWB Artist Spotlight:Avenge the Heartache

As you know, I like to spotlight a band that I find worthy of sharing with others. I came across this wonderful metalcore band maybe a month or so ago and have grown to really like the sound that they create. 404 palabras más