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191. Stop (1990)

Artist: Jane’s Addiction Kompositörer: Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery & Stephen Perkins

Utgivningsår: 1990 Album: Ritual De Lo Habitual

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UTMB ainda não

Falta muito pouco para o UTMB onde vão participar alguns Esquilos e muitos atletas portugueses. Desejo-lhes boa sorte. É uma prova duríssima e épica e a nível competitivo é o expoente máximo. 228 palabras más

A BNC Connector and "Jinxed" (W6-SS-276) Reversed Peak August 7, 2015

Consulting numerous map sources including Google, Garmin Topo 24K and De Lorme a somewhat confusing picture emerges as to the existence or not of a trail to the top of this peak just north of June Lake. 518 palabras más


Oh Gilbert (W6-ND-026) where are thou?

Flush from my morning success on Bald Mnt (W6-ND-012) and recently re-vitaled, I was ready for my afternoon adventure in search of Gilbert Peak.

The previous night I had done my homework loading waypoints into my newly acquired Garmin eTrex20x (which I am very happy with) and a few cached maps into Google Maps on my iPhone. 588 palabras más


W6-ND-012 (Bald Mountain) August 6, 2015

When I think of deserts and California my mind immediately goes to thoughts of the southern deserts such as Mojave so the ND designator (for Northern Desert) was an education in of itself. 403 palabras más


Ghost Can't Write A Bad Song

Meliora, the third full length album by Ghost is out this month and it is fucking amazing. This band can do no wrong. Meliora continues with the King Diamond meets Blue Oyster Cult rock sound that we love from Ghost. 289 palabras más


Jimmy Page's double-neck Gibson EDS-1275


From 1958 to 1961 these were produced as hollow bodied custom-order twin-necked hollow-body instruments with two 6-string necks, one being a short-scale neck tuned to a higher octave; from 1962 to 1967 it had a solid body. 192 palabras más