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An Evening With Black Stone Cherry:The Kentucky Experience

For the third time in a week I boarded the 5:25 to Glasgow on Friday evening. This time I had a new chaperone – Little Miss Green Tea. 737 palabras más

Sixx: A.M. - Prayers for the blessed

1. “Barbarians (prayer for the blessed)”
2. “We will not go quietly”
3. “Wolf at your door”
4. “Maybe it’s time”
5. “The devil’s coming” 21 palabras más


227. Halo on Fire (2016)

Artist: Metallica Kompositörer: James Hetfield och Lars Ulrich

Utgivningsår: 2016 Album: Hardwired … to Self-Destruct ___________________________________________

Det bör sägas tydligt: det är lite tidigt att dra några egentliga slutsatser om… 316 palabras más


A Birthday Party - Black Stone Cherry Style

Last Friday night, chaperoned by Boy Child, I boarded the 525 to Glasgow, heading towards something just a little bit special.

When I first heard about this particular show, I thought I didn’t stand a snowball’s hope in Hell of getting tickets. 1.010 palabras más

Album of the Week 46-2016: X - Vanishing Vision

For a band that would be all over the place stylistically, X Japan – still just X at the time – debuted with a surprisingly metal oriented effort. 501 palabras más


Bon Jovi - This house is not for sale

1. “This house is note for sale”
2. “Living with the ghost”
3. “Knockout”
4. “Labor of love”
5. “Born again tomorrow”
6. “Roller coaster” 54 palabras más


Dunsmuir - Dunsmuir album lyrics

1. “Hung on the rocks”
2. “Our only master”
3. “The bats (are hungry tonight)”
4. “What manner of bliss?”
5. “Deceiver”
6. “… and madness” 15 palabras más