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Before and After are Now

I can go badger watching by leaving the lights off and sitting in my study. S/he comes, snout poking out of the hedge, and pads along the slate path to dig around in the compost, for as long as ten or fifteen minutes, before heading back by not quite the way s/he came. 1.284 palabras más


Monday Movies ~ 15th June 2020

Our first offering this week was Phil’s choice. Due to his work shifts we couldn’t do the Thursday movie so I gave over my Saturday slot, and he chose a movie he’s seen advertised on Netflix starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. 747 palabras más


How to plant a Raspberry bush

Join Joey as he shows you how to plant a raspberry plant for the best success of the plant for years to come Garden questions email


Plot (and Character) - Pt. 2

Episode 17 of Good Sentences is now available anywhere you go to when you want to hang out with podcasters. Literally everywhere. I think you can ask a… 500 palabras más



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That’s right! Guilty Pleasures is back with another new release that has gone straight onto the guilty-as-hell pile. Lou is joined by regulars Sam and Christian to talk about just how many grown man soiling himself scenes are too many in a crime boss biopic. 70 palabras más

Guilty Pleasures

Messages Much Missed

Messages Much Missed

After T. Hardy

Oh, how I miss you, texting me, texting me,

my phone now lies silent and dead.

You were my everything, all to me, all to me, 115 palabras más

Be careful of prejudging

That means making a choice or decision without knowing the person or the facts.

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