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Hardy Geraniums

If you know the variety, please let me know. I keep finding similar ones but nothing exactly to this one. Thanks!


This Quantum Paradox Says, Particle And Its Antiparticle Can Interact With Each Other Without Annihilating (Quantum Mechanics)

Hardy’s paradox is a thought experiment in which a particle and its antiparticle may interact without annihilating each other. It is based on the double Mach-Zehnder interferometer shown below. 348 palabras más

Quantum Mechanics

The Dust Off

Time to flash the Nerd.

Yep, the dust is coming off this old scholar’s shoulders as my statement of purpose gets shifted into gear.

Dickens, Elliot, Hardy, the Trio Brontë are all scurrying for position on my “Pick me! 34 palabras más


Quick Draw Album Reviews + A Note: Those Disappearing Blue Eyes (For Country Universe)

I neglected to share these last week, but I recently reviewed four albums for Country Universe, which you’ll find below by clicking on the links. 223 palabras más

Album Reviews

Card posted from Leeds to Mr H J Hardy, Walsall House, Lingfield, Surrey 1906

30 July 1906

Dear Sir

I arrived quite safely about 6 o’clock this morning. Been round the town, very fine place. Going to some sports? this afternoon. 39 palabras más

Family History