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The Cult of Everything

We deride cults and castigate those who would join or promote them as inferior to the average intellect. It’s obvious their beliefs are based on nothing more than thin air and whim. 1.701 palabras más


Accepting Destiny

“Tulsi says that one who is content with the happiness and material profit they receive in life, who has love for Rama’s lotus feet, and whose mind is like a restrained horse, living in the forest or a house is the same for them.” (Dohavali, 62) 897 palabras más

Hare Krishna

Understanding The Four Orders

“Tulsi says that those who find worldly pleasures tasteless and love for Rama full of taste are very dear to Rama, whether they live in the forest or in a house.” (Dohavali, 61) 1.200 palabras más

Hare Krishna

Analyzing The Best Reward

“Tulsi says that having pure love for Sita and Rama, without thinking of self-interest or supreme interest, is a reward superior to the four rewards of life. 904 palabras más

Hare Krishna

you are hare krishna!

I e-mailed him an article on celibacy some half a year ago. After dinner, he pulled it out of his backpack. He had printed it out, read it 17 times, and underlined and highlighted about half the article. 223 palabras más


Expert at Rape

“Although rape is not legally allowed, it is a fact that a woman likes a man who is very expert at rape.” – A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami; …

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