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Three People Who Are Unhappy Because Of Unfulfilled Desires

“The fruitive workers, the salvationists, and also the yogis who are after mystic powers, are all unhappy because of unfulfilled desires. But the person in Krishna consciousness is happy in the service of the Lord, and he has no desires to be fulfilled. 931 palabras más

Hare Krishna

Can God Be Cursed

“O Dhananjaya, all this work cannot bind Me. I am ever detached, seated as though neutral.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 9.9)

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Four Sacred Places Touched By Krishna’s Lotus Feet

“I think that we should all go to the forest known as Vrindavana, where just now there are newly grown plants and herbs. It is very suitable for pasturing ground for our cows, and we and our families, the gopis with their children, can very peacefully live there. 992 palabras más

Hare Krishna

Five Reasons To Appreciate The Dhruva Story

“Although Dhruva Maharaja was a small boy, he wanted to offer prayers to the Supreme Personality of Godhead in suitable language. But because he was inexperienced, he could not adjust himself immediately. 804 palabras más

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Can You Explain How Something So Elusive Can Be Achieved So Quickly

“The many past births you spoiled can be rectified right now, today, if you start chanting Shri Rama’s holy name and renounce bad association, says Tulsi.” (Dohavali, 22) 780 palabras más

Hare Krishna

Five Common Goals That Don’t Provide Lasting Peace When Achieved

“Disturbance is due to want of an ultimate goal, and when one is certain that Krishna is the enjoyer, proprietor and friend of everyone and everything, then one can, with a steady mind, bring about peace. 932 palabras más

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