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Suicide Squad 2016

A misfit group of incarcerated criminals are forced together by a US intelligent officer to take out a sibling pair of mysterious and powerful entities in the city. 322 palabras más

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Suicide Squad – Review

Suicide Squad wants to be edgy, witty, and cool really badly. Sadly it is none of these things. The whole premise of the movie makes no sense in the first place (Harley Quinn & Co are going to stop the “next Superman” whaaaaa?) but every single problem in it could have been avoided by simply not assembling the squad. 39 palabras más

Harley Quinn

The Top Baby Names Of 2016 Are Inspired By Our Favorite Pop Culture Hits

Naming your kid is pretty serious business. They’re stuck with it for the rest of their lives, so give them something crappy, and they’re stuck explaining why their parents chose… 228 palabras más


How Harley Quinn Tricked Shazam (Injustice Gods Among Us)

Interesting tidbit from Shazzam here… He’s already feels like he’s trapped with Superman’s regime.

From – Injustice – Ground Zero #9


Harley Quinn Ambushes Shazzam (Injustice Gods Among Us)

My only pet peeve in this whole thing is how weak they made Shazzam. Where’s that wisdom of Solomon he has, or does it only kick in at certain times? 41 palabras más


Harley Quinn (coming back from a memory): You ever been in love?

Headshot (after thinking): Nah. Never.

Quinn (not convinced… 35 palabras más