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DC Comics Gotham Girls Makeup at Walgreens

Earlier in the year DC Comics launched a Wonder Women Makeup Collection exclusive to Walgreens.  Now comes the Gotham Girls Collection featuring Batgirl, Catwoman and Harley Quinn.  79 palabras más


Batman: Assault on Arkham and Arkham's Finest

Much like Marvel did with Guardians of the Galaxy, DC has been placing Suicide Squad in shows and video games before making their big screen debut. 1.022 palabras más

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Does Harley Quinn Really Need Her Own Film?

With the excitement that formed around Suicide Squad’s inevitable hype and then disappointing lack of success, many fans of the illustrious comic were still intrigued when rumors of character standalone films were in the works. 577 palabras más


Suicide Squad Review

Since early 2016, the hype for this film just kept on going and going. The DC fans faced their heads towards this film as their saving grace for the DC Extended Universe since the fallout of the theatrical cut of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. 457 palabras más

We finally speak out (loud)

So The Critic (me) and The Aficionado (Mark) finally break out the recorder and we go live-ish. We always imagined adding a podcast to our repertoire and now we have. 24 palabras más

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