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I am writing for the Odyssey now! My content for that site will primarily be comic book-based as well, so check it out!

My first article on that site is about Harley Quinn and the problems and implications with her character. 31 palabras más

DC Comics

There's a Harley Quinn in all of us.

If you’ve not caught it already, here’s a trailor for Harley Quinn from the new Suicide Squad movie, out now – Harley Quinn on YouTube… 550 palabras más

Case File #005 Designation: Worst Heroes Ever...and I love them for it

<<Begin encryption algorithm>>

Greetings agents – “Let’s do something fun.” 

A couple of weeks ago I purchased my ticket, procured some popcorn, and settled in to my favorite movie house to partake in a highly classy and intelligent cinematic experience.   827 palabras más


A Really Really Late Hate Post on Suicide Squad (Spoiler-free)

Okay, before you say anything, I know I’m being ridiculous. I watched this hideous mess of a movie three weeks ago. So why am I posting about it now? 1.642 palabras más


Was it #SquadGoals? Suicide Squad's Summer Blockbuster

Suicide Squad (2016) was the biggest August opening to date, with over four thousand theater releases nationwide and $284M+ domestically thus far. Advance tickets sales were very successful as it was the largest pre-sale Fandango has ever seen. 1.154 palabras más

#SquadGoals on Social Media: Suicide Squad's Promotion

On March 9th, the first teaser poster for the August blockbuster Suicide Squad (2016) hit Twitter. The promotion only went up from there. From Harley Quinn’s Tattoo Parlor featured at #SXSW and #SDCC to the #JokerWasHere takeover, to Snapchat lenses, to so many character posters, this squad took over the internet for a few months. 509 palabras más

Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn [08.2016]

Before she was the psychotic sidekick of the Joker, she was a promising psychiatrist, who was assigned to Arkham Asylum, where she treated the Joker. 116 palabras más

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