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The Escape. (Written 8/2011)

I’m a loon

straight out of an asylum’s womb

telling you my understanding of life

without seeing the walls beyond you

Studied every cell and atom that makes your blood rush… 211 palabras más


5 Reasons Why We Love Villains

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Reason #1 We can relate to them… Heroes are supposed to reflect the good in humanity. So it makes sense that villains are supposed to represent the evil. 580 palabras más


Arkham Knight: Harley Quinn & The Jokers

This is the showdown with the individuals, who like Batman, got the Joker’s blood concoction introduced into their bloodstream, during or shortly after the events of Arkham City. 114 palabras más

Jaxxsin Games

SH Figuarts Injustice Harley Quinn

I have been waiting for this figure ever since the promo pictures…I LOVED Injustice, and in fact still play it from time to time. Harley was may ace in hole character just to trip people up, so yes I HAD to have her! 446 palabras más


Harley Quinn The New 52

Aside from my usual set of paperbacks, I also have a love for graphic novels. Especially if they are all about Harley Quinn.

So when I saw the first volume of Harley’s New 52 at Fullybooked BGC last year I just knew I had to get it right there and then. 196 palabras más

Graphic Novel

Drawing Boobs is Hard!

While wandering around town yesterday, I bought a sketchbook for myself. I haven’t drawn a thing in about ten years – which is a shame, seeing that I sat through two years of art lessons a long time ago, drawing people day-in, day-out. 183 palabras más


Weekly Comic Book Round-Up

Hi guys, I thought I would try something a little new today. As you probably don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of comic books; no matter which publisher they’re from. 621 palabras más