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Harley Quinn #22: The one where Harley was triggered..

What I like about Connor and Palmiotti’s writing style is that they end a story but they have that one little detail at the end that promises something more. 614 palabras más

Harley Quinn

Batman: Harley and Ivy

Batman: Harley and Ivy (2004) is a 3-issue comic book mini-series by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm (script/plot/art), with Shane Glines (inks). Published by DC Comics. 32 palabras más

DC Comics

Gotham Girls [Comic]

Gotham Girls (2003) was a 5-issue comic mini-series published by DC Comics. Based on the Flash animation series (2000-02) of the same name and, as such, was set in the… 56 palabras más


Gotham Girls [Web Series]

Gotham Girls (2000-02) was a Flash animation series created and produced jointly by Warner Brothers and Noodle Soup Productions from 2000 thru 2002. The series, set in the… 164 palabras más


Harley Quinn - Cosplay

My Halloween costume for this year, which I also used in a photoshoot that you can see here with Will Strawn a.k.a. chromacandi on instagram and flikr.   9 palabras más

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