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Review - Harley’s Little Black Book #6 (DC Comics)

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer(s): Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artwork: Simon Bisley, Paul Mounts (colours)
Release Date: 29th March, 2017 541 palabras más


Ellie vs Harley Quinn

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Suggested by IKnowledge Harley Quinn is a pretty good hand to hand fighter and she has used many different weapons over the years. 61 palabras más


Review Brew: DC's Skip Week Books

Ahhh, the “skip week.” That weird, once-a-quarter event where the biweekly schedule of comics publishers is skewed and they have to fill it with a bunch of books that aren’t part of the regular rotation. 554 palabras más

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Comic Cover Of The Week: Harley's Little Black Book #6

“Feetal’s Gizz” why didn’t anyone think of this pernicious pairing before now (OK, I admit, it didn’t even cross my mind until I saw the previews for this latest issue) but the Main Man and the Mistress of Mayhem teaming up is a match made in heaven (actually, in their particular case, Hell) That’s right my DC Comics’ loving compatriots, Harley Quinn and Lobo are together at last, and it’s as unpredictable, chaotic and crazy as you could imagine… which is great! 376 palabras más


JAKKS BIG-FIGS presents the DC Originals Tribute Series

These were announced a while back but three of the four are in stock and Batman is due to ship April 1st.  You can go ahead and get your pre-order in for him when you are grabbing the others.   141 palabras más