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'Suicide Squad' Set Photo Reveals Harley Quinn's Origin Story

Margot Robbie’s stunt double in Suicide Squad, Ingrid Kleinig, added a revealing photo to her Instagram, then deleted her entire Instagram later on, presumably when she realized she had posted an actual spoiler. 263 palabras más


Geekfest 2015

I almost wish that this had been the first con I took my kids to. It’s a great primer on con life, while being inexpensive – free admission and parking, very few vendors, while still having some real local talents like Thom Zhaler there for people to meet. 366 palabras más

Intrigued By Suicide Squad? Wondering: "Who The Hell Are Suicide Squad?"

Did you see the Suicide Squad footage from Comic-Con and think, “that looks pretty cool.  I recognize…um…is that the Joker?  And maybe that girl is…that crazy harlequin girl he hangs around with.   61 palabras más

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Sketch - Toxic Love

Needed some OTP time a little while back, so finished this sketch up. Title is a reference to the toxins in Ivy’s body, and how she’s made Harley immune to them, so they can “play.” 15 palabras más

The real suicide squad: Schtrafbatts or to us Stalin era penal battalions

The real suicide squad: Schtrafbatts  or to us Stalin era penal battalions

This is the tale of underdogs, people wanting to follow their own path, disobey the laws and do what they feel is right but due to their own powerless-ness are forced to get back in the thick of it for a cause they don’t care for, no I’m not talking about the DC movie, I am referring to the men of the Russian penal battalions of the second world war. 1.032 palabras más


July 26th

I am back at home! posts back to usual yay! Woke up at the hotel this morning and went to have another lovely breakfast before a huge drive again. 184 palabras más


Review: Pure Insanity (New Suicide Squad #1) by Sean Ryan

Pure Insanity by Sean Ryan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Harley is still cool in this, so that’s a plus.
But Pure Insanity is a pretty good description of the plot. 401 palabras más

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