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Batman: The Animated Series - "Joker's Favor"

Episode Number:  22

Original Air Date:  September 11, 1992

Directed by:  Boyd Kirkland

Written by:  Paul Dini

First Appearance(s):  Harley Quinn

At last, we’ve come to the television debut of The Joker. 1.719 palabras más


Clips To Whack Off To #79: Riley Reid As Harley Quinn

Two Clips To Whack Off To articles in one day? My gosh Emilio why so charitable? Were you visited by three ghosts last night who said you weren’t being as helpful about porn recommendations as you should and changed your ways? 523 palabras más


Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn fanart…. I hope you like this lovely Harley Quinn fanart that I have made.


Batman: The Animated Series review

So, another prolonged absence from this blog since last time.  Guess that little thing called life has managed to get in the way more than I thought it would.  2.803 palabras más


Batman: The Enemy Within: The Jester and The Queen

“It’s okay, Bruce. I talk to myself all the time. To be honest, my voices haven’t been letting up lately, either.”

Lurking beneath the boundless grotto of effective fictional antagonists, The Joker stands as an exceptional paragon of literary fluidity and a brimming emotional framework.

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