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'TPP would cost lives': WikiLeaks unveils full intellectual property chapter

Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, said this week that the TPP “is a collection of provisions that amount to a wish list for giant multinational corporations,” 1.165 palabras más

The International Reporter

The Ottawa Citizen Should Vet Their Ads

It’s not unheard of, or even rare, nowadays in this world of clicks and impressions and maximizing the online ad revenue of every single pixel. But that doesn’t make it excusable. 144 palabras más


Canada elections: Anti-Muslim prejudice is a nasty theme of campaigning as the liberal nation's democracy loses its way

the last weeks of election campaigning by Stephen Harper’s ruling Conservative party – with its dark, racist overtones and anti-Muslim rhetoric – suggest that something has gone profoundly wrong with the nation which Winston Churchill once called “the linchpin of the English-speaking peoples”

Tdotsucks isn't all that sucks.

I pay taxes. I really shouldn’t (actually I pay very little, because I’m poor. So I should probably shut up, since I haven’t got much room at the table to bray). 352 palabras más


My Canada

I’ve spent some time living outside of Canada, specifically in China. Over that time, I’ve learned to truly value Canada. It is one of the precious gems in this world. 357 palabras más


Just Try and Vote, I Dare Ya..!

Just got back from voting ..had to wait an hour. The advance polls here in Victoria (on the People’s Republic of Vancouver Island) are showing us, first hand, how Harper has gutted Elections Canada.. 422 palabras más

Tax Cuts

We all would like to pay less taxes. As much as I understand that taxes are a necessary thing, I’m eager to legitimately pay less. 567 palabras más