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The Communist Blockhead: What the Memorial to Victims of Communism Means to Harper

The current Conservative government intends on going forward with the Memorial to Victims of Communism.  Background on the Memorial can be found here and the wide range of criticisms made by urban planners and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada can be found… 549 palabras más


Harper's expansion into Syria is insanely dangerous

StephenHarper isn’t anywhere near finished with Canada yet. First, he must make sure he rams through his so-called anti-terrorist bill #C-51. That he will do asap and with as few amendments as possible from the hundreds of recommendations and warnings he has received from countless people who know way more about security issues than he does. 326 palabras más


Friday Roundup: Late Sunday #Nats Edition

Thank you for accepting my delayed round up. In appreciation of that, here is a Bryce Harper Home Run.

#NatsClubHouseSocial: Tuesday night, the Washington Nationals social media team invited a handful of highly visible, highly social, highly interactive Nationals fans for a presentation regarding the new bells, whistles, and giveaways at the park this year. 1.571 palabras más


How will bombing Iraq and Syria make Canada safer?

Putting the Harper Government’s obsession with cutbacks and austerity budgets aside, I wonder how Canada spending $122 million on illegally bombing Iraq and Syria will make Canadians safer? 231 palabras más

Harry Smith's Last Stand

Harry Smith Is Coming for Stephen Harper

The 92-year-old anti-austerity campaigner, a UK sensation, sets his sights on Canada.  See the story at the Tyee.

Winding Widdershins

One Step Forward...30 years back.

One sentence was all it took to plunge Scottish football back into the dark ages of football development and sadly it came from one of the most important and influential coaches currently working within Scotland’s football development pathway. 683 palabras más

The Age of Enlightenment: Should Canadian youth be giving the right to vote?

The 42nd federal election is looming. We’ve long known the contenders; Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau and May. All that remains is a date. And while the Canada Elections Act was amended in 2007 to provide for fixed election dates on the third Monday of October(this year it will be the 19th) the Prime Minister is still free to ignore this date completely and call an early election, as occurred in 2008. 1.262 palabras más

Canada Elections Act