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10 Reasons Why Every Canadian Student Should Vote Conservative

By Andres Flores — One Class
October 5, 2015

With the coming federal election approaching at a rapid rate, it’s easy to get confused by all the issues if you haven’t been following closely. 1.279 palabras más


Superforecasting: How I Called the 2015 Election Wrong

By Richard Forbes.
Featured Image by Mark Blinch.

Nik Nanos humbly bit into a hat-shaped chocolate cake this week on CTV’s Power Play. The host, the colorful Don Martin, belly laughed through the segment. 3.433 palabras más

Richard Forbes

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Letters To My Baby: 002

Dear Harper,

Your two month birthday is just around the corner and wow, what an amazing two months it has been. Your dad and I are starting to get the hang of this parenting thing, at least we think so anyway. 182 palabras más

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Mejkom, Alabama. Dvadesetšestogodišnja Džin Luiza Finč (Skaut) vraća se kući iz Njujorka, da bi posjetila ostarjelog oca, Atikusa. U doba kad su vladale napetosti po pitanju ljudskih prava i politički nemiri, Džin Luizin povratak kući postaje pomalo tužan kad sazna uznemirujuće istine o svojoj porodici, gradu i ljudima koji su joj najdraži. 152 palabras más

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