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Trudeau and Mulcair Unwilling To Respond To Harper Attack Ads

Trudeau and Mulcair Unwilling To Respond To Harper Attack Ads –

With the election coming in October and parties ramping up, I’m finding a lot more to say these days. 68 palabras más


Canada's Conservative government plans to build a colossal "Mother Mary" Zombie Statue in Cape Breton national park

The federal Conservatives have seen their numbers falling in recent polls, and are determined to use the tax-payers purse for last gasp attack ads & major spending announcements leading up to the upcoming fall election. 181 palabras más


Happy Dominion Day!

Happy Canada Day folks!

I hope this day finds you all well.  And not as wet as those poor saps in Ottawa.  It’s raining cats and dogs here. 308 palabras más

The Politics of Privacy

Interesting point regarding the Mulcair job interview with the Harper Conservatives.
Baring the fact it is again the Harper Government using mud slinging to defame a person( a far too standard practice with them). 373 palabras más


Crack Collector

Back when Harper learned to use the iPad it was for learning her numbers and letters. She was tracing her ABCs and learning 2+2. But as all kids do, she got curious and started pressing different apps, and eventually stumbled onto Amazon Prime. 341 palabras más