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Round 2....FIGHT

Week 2.. What to say?  Things got more chaotic and fast.  I thought after the First week things would die down, but no (this is good).   136 palabras más


Into the Ocean

Oil spills.  I’ve been looking around for my pictures of the Nestucca barge bunker oil spill that hit the west coast of Vancouver Island in January 1989.   358 palabras más

1st commission

This is the first commission I have done. I spent about 15 hours on it total.


the importance of networking by John C Reiley

I starred in the nascar movie wih Pharrel and I can say without a doubt that linkedin is the forefront of internets if you cant handle it youre stck in the past and if you agree say it with me: THEY TOOK ARE JOOOBZ ahahah but srsly fuck stephen mckneeeel hes a dick but the supreme dicklord is STEPHEN HARPER I know you’re reading this now shitlord because you passed that fcken NSA Patriot act bullshit so come and find me you fcken scum how the fck do you sleep at night haprer we started bombing syria over passover/easter weekend how messed up is that tell me how the hell does bombing innocent people protect a single canadian or anyone else for that matter and then you just go and say fck the environment and our natural beauty because you need to suck americas dick or whatever youre such fckin scum youve pillaged the canada weve grown to love, oh and that foreign workers thing is bullshit Ive had to say goodbye to a lot of hardworking people who i consider great friends because of youre fckin shit austerity fck you harper the worst part is youll never lose because youve got em where ya want you scum. 25 palabras más


Report: Lego Hairpiece for Prime Minister Confirmed Missing

OTTOWA: Parliament officials confirmed this morning that the Lego hairpiece placed upon Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s head every morning has gone missing. “At this time we are forced to admit that the Prime Minister’s hairpiece has gone missing from under our nose,” a PR official told the press, “we believe another mold should arrive within the next 24 hours, but at the moment we are on total lock down.” Sources claimed that the hairpiece was reported as missing at approximately 6:34am; around the same time PM Harper wakes to switch his batteries every Friday. 88 palabras más


Ritz Locks Farmers Out, Hands CWB keys to Bunge and Saudi King’s Fund

From the National Farmer’s Union

“Today Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced that G3, a joint venture owned by two foreign corporations, Bunge and the Saudi investment company SALIC, is the beneficiary of CWB privatization. 524 palabras más


These two are the cutest. So far, Harper isn’t very interested in Finn, but I know that will change as he gets more interactive. She does like to give him kisses and wave “Hi Finnegan!” She does not like when we call him Finny (she says “No, Finny’s at school” but she’s referring to her friend Finley.) Sometimes when I’m holding him as he fusses she’ll say “Put him in the swing, Mommy.” She’s still getting used to me splitting my time between the two of them, but she’s handling it well and his crying doesn’t faze her. 27 palabras más