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Harper worried that election might be influenced by voters

OTTAWA (The News Desk) — A recent statement released by the prime minister’s office claims that the encroachment of voter influence on elections has reached unacceptable levels, and that the upcoming federal election could be dramatically affected by the participation of voters from across Canada.

I.W. Harper 15; or The Day I Stopped Blogging - A Review

I.W. Harper, 15 Year Old Limited

Proof: 86
Color: dark amber
Nose: heavy vanilla, toasted nuts, caramel corn, brown sugar
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Here’s a few words to describe what the new york times said a few days ago about the 2015 election campaign.

” THE prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has called an election for Oct. 54 palabras más

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harper & finn

We had a little photoshoot in the park for Harper’s birthday party invitations. And brother wanted to join in on the fun.

But after a few shots, Harper had enough. 10 palabras más


After the Veterans

Here we are well into the election campaign and the PMO is looking for veterans to help out. Amazing since any veteran with a ounce of pride would decline the offer and the PMO knows this but is out there looking to find those who would work against their brothers and sisters. 145 palabras más

Canada’s Role in the “War” on Libya

Since the start of the Canadian election campaign a series of posts have detailed the Harper Conservatives repeated abuse of power. The Tyeepublished “Harper, Serial Abuser of Power… 105 palabras más