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Hasta LA vista, babe

“I can’t believe this I climbed this mountain for you,” she said excitedly one hand on her mouth, one on his waist.

She was breathless, shivering but in a pleasant shock for she couldn’t believe a coward like her would become so daring for him. 146 palabras más

Short Story

Review: Tas Cantik Buatan Tangan "Hasta La Vista"

Sudah lebih dari setengah tahun (setahun lebih sih kalau keluarga yang komentar) komplain pada diri sendiri tentang tas slempang biru yang selalu dibawa kemana-mana ( 697 palabras más


Somebody to love...

Boring…  the subject how smart women are strong and independent starts to get boring to me…

Like really boring! I don’t know if the other women are stupid, dependent and weak (if you ask me, they actually have a lot of qualities and abilities that US the “smart” women don’t have), but I know this: strength in a woman has different meanings for each of them. 611 palabras más

Up And Down

WEEK 13-Hasta La Vista, Baby

That’s right guys. This is officially the last post on this blog. Feeling a little attached after all these weeks of posting, reflecting on what I learned about the internet. 193 palabras más

Walking the Road Afraid

Fear can be as crippling as it can be motivating! Ask me how I know? Well, I first came to this country with two suitcases and money I had saved from my job and from selling everything I owned–everything, that is, except for what was in those two suitcases. 1.015 palabras más

Hasta La Vista!

Hop, skip, jump

Swallow that bitter lump,

You’re not a litter dump,

You aren’t a doormat, nor some stump,

You’re no one’s treadmill or their step ladder big, 53 palabras más