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Starlog #190 May 1993

I thought I would share this one as it appeared in the magazine, busting through the article page.


Define Who You Are...No one Else Can !!!

When I was younger and I hear people call my mum Mama Tayo, I used to think it was so because I was the first born until sometime later when I noticed that some people also call her Mama Seun, and then it dawned on me that people will always define you by their opinion. 983 palabras más


10. Hasta la vista, Baby!

Finally, My journey as a Telemarketer has come to an end. And I will really
miss all of this – NOT! Haha! I’m finally getting out. 203 palabras más

Hasta la vista 2014

It’s that time of year… the time where it’s over and everyone feels that they owe it some sort of curt acknowledgement, whether it come in the form of a published memoir, Facebook’s exhilarating year in review, or a more toned down toast to it finally  824 palabras más


21 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Action Movies

Hasta la vista, baby.


What it usually means: A violent overreaction to most situations.

What it means in an action movie: The solution to every problem. 121 palabras más


"Hasta La Vista"

“Tungjatjeta”, he said as he looked at the palm of his hand covered in blue ink. I don’t know if I laughed first and then answered or if I just laughed as he read the rest of it. 340 palabras más