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WEEK 13-Hasta La Vista, Baby

That’s right guys. This is officially the last post on this blog. Feeling a little attached after all these weeks of posting, reflecting on what I learned about the internet. 193 palabras más

Walking the Road Afraid

Fear can be as crippling as it can be motivating! Ask me how I know? Well, I first came to this country with two suitcases and money I had saved from my job and from selling everything I owned–everything, that is, except for what was in those two suitcases. 1.015 palabras más

Hasta La Vista!

Hop, skip, jump

Swallow that bitter lump,

You’re not a litter dump,

You aren’t a doormat, nor some stump,

You’re no one’s treadmill or their step ladder big, 53 palabras más


Feel the sky...

Have you ever seen the sky? If you say, Yes, the sky is blue in color, it has clouds, Sun, Moon and stars and birds fly high in the sky, Then, You really haven’t seen the sky! 308 palabras más

Self Help

25. Hasta Luego, La Línea!

It was a 3-month dalliance that turned into something rather longer term than any of us had envisaged – or indeed hoped for if we’re honest. 772 palabras más