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Song of the Day: Hasta la Raíz by Natalia LaFourcade

Sigo cruzando ríos, andando selvas, amando el Sol,
cada día sigo sacando espinas de lo profundo del corazón,
en la noche sigo encendiendo sueños
para limpiar con el humo sagrado cada recuerdo. 266 palabras más

Spring 2016 garden

Hastas & Dayliles & spent Daffodils

Canna Lily growing through a brick !


Nakshatra Series - 15

Nakshatra Series – Hasta

Hasta consists of five prominent easily visible stars of the constellation known as Corvi (the Crow), which lies below the constellation of Virgo. 1.410 palabras más

Vedic Astrology

Hasta Nakshatra

Caratteristiche tecniche del nakshatra di Hasta

Segno Astrologico a cui Appartiene: Vergine

Gradi: 10° vergine-23.20 vergine°

Divinità Governante: Savitr, dio del sole

Pianeta Governante del Nakshatra: 840 palabras más

Astrologia Vedica

R I T U A L - Low Season (R I T U A L & HASTA Remix) feat. Raye

R I T U A L revisits “Low Season”, joining forces with HASTA and Raye to give us this glittering remix.

HASTA’s contributions come through in the layers of synths and invigorated beat, but Raye is the marquee addition here. 42 palabras más


#PowerPose 55 - Uttitha Hasta Pādānguṣṭhāsana Variation

The holiday season is officially underway.  This season is marked by an explosion of energy.  Holiday lights adorn houses, commercials and deals are non-top, there’s a holiday party or celebration just about every weekend, and don’t forget all of the treats.  720 palabras más


Deceptive Salaciousness

Dick game vicious, demolition nigga with a vengeance
Fake fat ass with extensions
God damn pimpin’, any other nigga wanna hit this
He goin’ have to pay for them titty tig ole’ bitties… 80 palabras más