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Just because

Just because I pour my heart out doesn’t make me any different from you.

Just because I write about it doesn’t mean I get rid of it. 158 palabras más


Sick Day Wallpapers

These are free to use, click to download. Just send me ‘get well’ energy :P


Free Anime Wallpaper Pack VI

Free Anime Wallpaper Pack VI is HD high-quality 3D Wallpaper. This Wallpaper pack embrace greater than 50 image of 3D and all of them already named. 27 palabras más

#1074 - Hi-Def Bugs

You can see, like, every little segment in a fly’s eye. It’s…a bit too much, honestly.

Sketch A Day

Fine Point Review: Gaming Edition



Welcome to Class!: The story of the game revolves all around the fourteen student class, Class Zero. The Militesi has launched attacks on the other Crystal State of Orience wanting control of their crystals. 803 palabras más


Resident Evil 0 HD Coming 2016

Capcom had massive success with the HD port of the original Resident Evil, and as such is following suit with Resident Evil 0.

Due out early 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, no price or additional features have been announced yet, though the original director for RE0, Koji Oda, is confirmed to be directing this port. 9 palabras más