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Break up love 💘 quotes with images

Apne Pyaar ko Hum Chhupa Na Sake,
Deewane Dil Par Kaabu Pa Na Sake,
Aaj Itne Kareeb Se Guzri Woh,
Fir Bhi Hum Uske.
Daba Na Sake… 10 palabras más


Fuck yes. Rumor has it the glow puck is coming back all over our faces.

ESPN – The glow puck was a special kind of terrible when it debuted more than 20 years ago. But that was a different time, and now we have different technology: high-def and 4K video that’s so vivid you can see the spit flying out of coach Joel Quenneville’s angry maw. 257 palabras más


Pappu accident to girl 👧 jocks

पप्पू साइकिल चला रहा था।अचानक सामने जा रही एक लड़की से भिड़ गया।  
लड़की – घंटी नहीं मार सकता था? 

लड़का – पूरी साइकिल तो मार दी बहनजी, अब क्या घंटी अलग से मारूं। 


Crew Call for Short Film "MISTER STICKS" [Chicago, IL] #filmcrew #casting

Posted October 20, 2017

PLOT SUMMARY: As a child, Lindsey was tormented by a monster she has convinced herself was “just her imagination”. Now as an adult, that monster has returned to her haunt in the streets and remind her of “the deal” she has long forgotten… 198 palabras más


Finding those wings....

When illness suddenly and unexpectedly appears in a family; a kind of numbness, a kind of unbelieving silence sets in, not denial as such, but a feeling of being totally lost and alone; non more so than the brave souls affected. 244 palabras más

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