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Keep Your Energy Field Balanced and Flowing

After reading the posts from the past few days, you can see that you have been using energy all of your life through your thoughts and actions. 110 palabras más


Chakra Cleanup – The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation lowers your blood pressure, heart rate and soothes and calms your nervous system. It helps you to open up to Divine guidance. And it is an easy method to balance and tune up your chakra system. 251 palabras más

Living Your Best Life

invincible summer

I wrote this essay after attending the Callanish Retreat at Brew Creek Centre in late April.  A version of this piece will also be published in the Callanish newsletter.   937 palabras más

Breast Cancer

At the end of the day… YOU have to love yourself

This Post was so amazing that I Had to share it on my own blog please read, you will find great encouragement from what this beautiful woman of God has shared! 14 palabras más


No, I'm not okay.

“Sometimes I think tolerance can be void of compassion and sometimes we can forget that in the end we’re all only human.”

This is for everyone suffering from any mental disorder. 3.885 palabras más


How does the body heal itself?

For many years, this question developed into my life’s work. Conventional medicine was all I knew the first twenty years of my life, but my body responded to medications with adverse reactions. 134 palabras más


Bloom: No More Facades

The Lord sees pasts our facades…and is more interested in cleaning our hearts, restoring and healing pasts wounds than us pretending, hiding, running.

He knows you and I. 221 palabras más