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The Be the FIRST to get COUNTRY HEAT!

LADIES!! Are you ready to SHAKE UP your workout!?

COUNTRY HEAT is a high energy, low impact cardio country dance fitness program that is sure to give you amazing results!! 923 palabras más


Momentous Occasion 

Ms. Anna has been wanting to babysit for ages. Today she landed her first paying gig watching Jack Attack. He is one high energy almost 5 year old. 123 palabras más

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are a favourite among both children and adults. Who can forget Dennis the Menace standing on a stool and grabbing one from the cookie jar! 280 palabras más


Batter Fried Fish

There are several Western or Chinese recipes where fish is fried dipped in batters which use milk or egg. In Tamil Nadu the batter that is used for the preparation of Bhajjis (vegetable slices dipped and fried in batter) is used to fry fish also. 372 palabras más


Summer Porridge

Porridge for those summer mornings that are a bit damp and drizzly. When you want warmth, but with light fruity freshness.

I use thick cut oats, 3 tbs for my son and 2 for me. 192 palabras más


Irish Soda Bread for Father’s Day

The mother toils in the kitchen all the time to place tasty victuals on the table and on time for the family to feast upon. Therefore, it’s only fair that we make a… 518 palabras más


MAC Vibe Tribe Collection: Painted Sunset Lipstick and MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: High Energy 

Hey there everyone! It’s me again here to give you another review on make up products that after this review you’ll be wanting to get your hands on too. 282 palabras más