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Bacon, Cheese, and Macaroni

I came up with this recipe during the recent rains. I usually stock up on a variety of ingredients during the northeast monsoon as depressions form in the Bay of Bengal and we can get heavy rain for even a week, but this time I was caught unprepared. 286 palabras más


Coconut Burfi (Toffee)

Deepavalli, the festival of lights, is celebrated on November 10th this year. Various kinds of sweets are made in households and the children love taking the sweets to their neighbours, dressed in their new outfits. 363 palabras más


Khamiri Roti (Deep fried Yeast Bread)

This is my first foray into Urdu Muslim cooking – khamir (or khameer) is Urdu for yeast. Saira Mohseen was my student in 1988. She now lives in Melbourne. 720 palabras más


High Energy Week...Hang On!

Hi Loves,

Has this week been intense? High Emotions? Changing your mind about things?

You’re not alone. Take a look at Doreen Virtue’s video for some insight!



Daily Work

FlinterFile: Evelyn Thomas- High Energy

In 1984, a multicultural song was produced. The producers were the British DJ Ian Levine, the Irish composer Fiachra Trench, and the song was sung by the American singer Evelyn Thomas. 59 palabras más


Maleny Music Festival 2015 - Dub Zoo

Dub Zoo :  Ready to dance?  A high energy dub bonanza, specializing in tasty grooves inspired in the moment by the audience.  Combines live and electronic elements creating an uplifting dance experience. 45 palabras más