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Dream Life

Is this picture real?
Of course not. That is elusive dream. This is dream that lead to quiting and frustration.
I am not against big drams, but not all of us was born to become another Arnold Swarcheneger, Muhamad Ali or Tom Cruise, Robert deniro. 438 palabras más

Consultative Selling and Marketing for Independent Trainers – Webinar, Wednesday, 31st August 2016, 12 Noon London time, 1PM, Paris time.

What is your professional Trainer Identity?

(And how can defining one help you grow your independent training business?)

In this interactive and high energy on line seminar we will outline the… 434 palabras más


Pavakkai Kalavai Chips (Bitter Gourd Mixed Chips)

This recipe, created by my mother, counters the primary objection to bitter gourd – that it is bitter. The bitterness of the gourd is offset by the sweetness of the potato and coconut, resulting in a delicious combination of subtle flavours. 347 palabras más


Ultimate Bodybuilding Book

Becoming the bull
real thing about bodybuilding

If you wonder around ,like I did for years and never know am I doing wright thing am I progressing the way I should. 492 palabras más

High Energy

Urundai Kari (Meatball Curry and Fry)

In Tamil, Urundai Kari means meatballs. The meatballs are either used in kozhambu (curry) or they are fried. In most families the curry and the fried balls are served in the same meal because of the labour that is involved in making these. 1.002 palabras más


Kala’s Egg Fried Rice with Vegetables

35 years as a working mother and homemaker made me realise the need for a wholesome meal that a tired cook could dish up easily, which would also be tasty and gobbled up by the family. 525 palabras más


How to Motivated Success

How to motivated success

Easy steps to turn your life in right direction
You know what you want, and where you want too be, but something stops you and unmotivated you. 960 palabras más