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FlinterFile: Evelyn Thomas- High Energy

In 1984, a multicultural song was produced. The producers were the British DJ Ian Levine, the Irish composer Fiachra Trench, and the song was sung by the American singer Evelyn Thomas. 59 palabras más

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Maleny Music Festival 2015 - Dub Zoo

Dub Zoo :  Ready to dance?  A high energy dub bonanza, specializing in tasty grooves inspired in the moment by the audience.  Combines live and electronic elements creating an uplifting dance experience. 45 palabras más


How Khloe Kardashian Lost 35 Pounds

Have you SEEN Khloe Kardashian lately? She looks the best she’s EVER looked! And we’ve got the inside scoop on exactly how she did it. Read more at… 69 palabras más

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If you are in the Los Angeles area and are ready to shake up your exercise regimen, why not check out Speedplay? It’s offered at Urban Med in Beverly Hills and in downtown Los Angeles. 380 palabras más

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High Energy Weight Loss Best Natural Supplement

Watch this short video about the High energy B-Lite, 

Weight Loss Best Natural supplement Review
Weight Loss Best Natural supplement B-Lite Review.
Nutrisail weight loss, the best Natural supplement on the market! 217 palabras más

Best Natural Supplement

Favourite red lip combo

Hi guys, here’s another one of my favourite lip combos,

Its macs ruby woo lipstick with high energy.

Ruby woo is not one of my favourite Mac lipsticks because I find that its very drying, it has a matte formula but ruby woo is too matte, so before I use ruby woo I apply lip balm beforehand. 27 palabras más


Gamma Rays in Solar Space: SLAC Today

They have just realised that our space glows in gamma rays due to collisions of solar photons with high charge electrons or protons from out there and the dissolving process of dark matter. 48 palabras más