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I Turn Around For 5 Seconds!

Hey guys! :)

So, it’s been a little while since I have shared Dexter’s adventures with you. His leg is healing nicely and he can walk Ok but he still needs one more surgery to take the pins out….we’ve been at this for 2 months now and I just want my fur baby back to normal so he can play again! 125 palabras más

Random Thoughts

Tomato Sauce and Pasta

Tomatoes are still selling at a low price though not at Rs. 8/kg. They are of good quality, and it is time to make tomato sauce for pasta or pizza. 423 palabras más


Tomato Jam

In the tropical city of Chennai, March and April are the months when tomato prices hit rock bottom. I can even get them at Rs. 8/Kg. 573 palabras más


Time for a Little Magic...

There is something magical about forests…

When you walk into one its like you are entering an entire different world. The place isn’t filled with buildings but nature that is grows farther than the eye can see. 610 palabras más

A New Day (Nutrisystem Day 6)

Today is a new day. Literally today is a new day full of new things for me. Namely all of the Nutrisystem food I’m eating today. 301 palabras más


A Beautiful day (Nutrisystem Day 5)

I feel phenomenal today. I slept in (without my fitbit on, oops), then I woke up with just this tremendous amount of energy. Today I just feel like I can conquer the world.  569 palabras más


1/8th of the way there;

Weight Loss: 24.6 lbs

Body Fat % lost: -2.4%

So I took a picture today, this will be my comparison shot for at the end of the month. 383 palabras más