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High Energy Weight Loss Best Natural Supplement

Watch this short video about the High energy B-Lite, 

Weight Loss Best Natural supplement Review
Weight Loss Best Natural supplement B-Lite Review.
Nutrisail weight loss, the best Natural supplement on the market! 217 palabras más

Best Natural Supplement

Favourite red lip combo

Hi guys, here’s another one of my favourite lip combos,

Its macs ruby woo lipstick with high energy.

Ruby woo is not one of my favourite Mac lipsticks because I find that its very drying, it has a matte formula but ruby woo is too matte, so before I use ruby woo I apply lip balm beforehand. 27 palabras más


Gamma Rays in Solar Space: SLAC Today

They have just realised that our space glows in gamma rays due to collisions of solar photons with high charge electrons or protons from out there and the dissolving process of dark matter. 48 palabras más

High Energy (A Poem)

By Ellie Mangle-Lero

To see just how hyperactive, hit this link!

Oh Hai!

I know this is belated, but I was so busy on Friday celebrating the liberation of all God’s Gay Creatures to marry and procreate that I forgot to do my weekly poem! 470 palabras más

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Happy Thoughts-Energy

Hello friends! :)

Today we’ve got a reading from the Goddess Power deck. Pele – Energy! It’s all about watching our thoughts, taking care of ourselves & our health & keeping our energy vibration high. 107 palabras más


HAWC Observatory to study high-energy events

From an article on

The High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Gamma-Ray Observatory, located at 4000 m above sea level on the slopes of Mexico’s Volcán Sierra Negra, is the newest tool available to visualize the most energetic phenomena in the Universe, such as supernovae, neutron star collisions and active galactic nuclei. 59 palabras más

13. The Death Of Stars: Recycling

Skin Cancer and the 11 year Cycle

Skin Cancer and the 11 year Cycle

I like to tie things together, to figure out the cause and effect.

In my line of work we call this a “root cause analysis.”

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