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Hyperarousal or just High Energy?

There’s a lot of language that floats around dogs, especially shelter dogs. The language that we use in the shelter vs the language a dog trainer might use vs the language the average dog owner uses can all vary. 544 palabras más

A better way

Earlier this evening I spent an hour constructing a headline. The headline above took about 15 seconds.

I needed to find a better way.

I’m lying in bed writing this. 721 palabras más


PBJ protein bites

I’m super happy with this one, in fact, I think it might even be my best ‘bite’ recipe to date. Sweet, salty, smooth and crunchy, if you haven’t tried the combination of peanut butter and jelly yet, you’ve been missing out. 298 palabras más

Packed With Protein

Mince Packets

Christmas is the time when people gorge themselves on high protein and high energy food from Advent to New Year. I made these mince packets so that they could be served to guests, and if you are in the habit of receiving carolers hot and spicy mince packets are sure to be welcome. 577 palabras más


Cookies for Santa

Today is Advent, and I will be starting a series of recipes for Christmas and the New Year to help you with your holiday weight gain :) Here is a lemony shortbread cookie recipe developed by my daughter and myself. 380 palabras más


10 Tips for Traveling with Tiny Humans

We have taken our colicky, strong-willed, loud, fiercely independent and active daughter on (going on) 18 flights. Traveling with a baby is anything but easy. And when that child is colicky or strong-willed, the challenges are magnified ten fold. 1.412 palabras más

The Journey