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Improv 101 -- Beastie Rap

Beastie Rap is one of my troupe’s favorite games, and the biggest requirement is knowing your cast. Also, having somebody that can beatbox works wonders. This game is a crowd-pleaser, and while I think it’s a little silly, I can’t deny the fact that it brings a lot to a performance. 641 palabras más

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Improv 101 -- Stand Bend Sit

Stand Bend Sit is one of those games that is really easy to explain, but actually playing it successfully can prove quite challenging. It requires a lot of coordination with the rest of your cast, but regardless of how well you know each other, everybody is going to end up confused in the end. 475 palabras más

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Easy Chocolate Ice Cream (No Egg)

I have adored ice cream from childhood. I have always wanted to make ice cream at home so that I can have rich and creamy ice cream whenever I wanted it. 323 palabras más


Eat. Drink. Pa Pa Ya. Repeat!

As a food aficionado in Mumbai, the excitement and challenge is in keeping track of the sheer number of new restaurants, cafes, restobars, nightclubs, pubs, lounges and bistros opening up in the city, given the sudden surge in the restaurant business. 428 palabras más


Improv 101 -- Arms Through

One of the games that Whose Line is it, Anyway? is most famous for, Arms Through is sort of a gimmick game that I don’t play a lot, because it requires a few variables to be in place before you can even try it out. 555 palabras más

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Haiku Quartet, Teens Break Legs On The Big Stage

1. “Musical teens packed – a powerful punch at the – high school awards show”

2. “The energy in – the house was greater than an – arena rock show” 27 palabras más


Date balls

These are delicious little round energy boosting treats. They are easily made, easily stored and you just pop them in your pretty mouth to get delicious nutritional high energy kick. 285 palabras más