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Ideas negativas sobre el himen de Leticia Sabater

Varios medios se han hecho eco del nuevo boom de Leticia Sabater, aquella joven rubia que nos acompañó en nuestra más tierna infancia y que posteriormente se dedicó a traumatizarnos de forma progresiva con sus videoclips. 686 palabras más


NJ - My new Destination :))

Bags packed – Check
Tickets, Passport… – Check
Set alarm to make sure I wake up on time – Check
Write a quick Post – Check… 9 palabras más

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My camera confusion

So it’s time for me to let go of my old camera and buy a new one.
Thanks to snapsort (was able to find this via a… 194 palabras más

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Should I have one more drink?

Weekend is a time to enjoy and have fun. But after some time, the ground starts to turn, you start to sing and dance like you are the best in the world; sometimes even become a philosopher. 748 palabras más

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My PJ Shayaries

Here is a list of some of my famous original shayaris/poems just for fun.

You wanna take some rest and want nothing to do,
You wanna take some rest and want nothing to do, 219 palabras más

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Honey, I can Cook..

Before coming to US, I was a terrible cook. Maggi and instant noodles were my best friends (as mentioned in my earlier post here) 403 palabras más

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