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Reducción del Riesgo Cardiovascular

Hace un par de meses dimos un curso de formación en el Colegio de Médicos de Vigo sobre Riesgo Cardiovascular. Lo estructuramos en cuatro partes: 66 palabras más

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Poor buccal hygiene might lead to an acute myocardial infarction. Time to make the difference.

Dedicated to Dental Department at the Cuban Hospital in Qatar.

After several years studying the subject of cardiovascular disease early in life and with some papers published recently about it (1-5) I can say that nowadays, as health care providers, we are facing several cardiovascular disease contributing risk factors (hypertension, obesity, smoking, unhealthy diet, etc.) which prompts a large burden on our shoulders as they keep leading to a long-lasting and quite steady worldwide prevalence of heart conditions, stroke, kidney failure, premature death and disability for the last 20 years. 1.211 palabras más


The uncertain beginnings and the "why" of this blog.

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Back in 1998. I was doing my Residence in General Medicine in Santa Clara. Villa Clara. 586 palabras más