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Mr. Holmes (2015)

An elderly and retired Sherlock Holmes struggles with his failing memory as he attempts to recount his final case.

Mr. Holmes is more character study than mystery, trying – and succeeding – in fleshing out the character of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation beyond that of the “Penny Dreadful”. 97 palabras más


Mr. Holmes: On the Cathartic and Corrupting Nature of Storytelling

What do you think of when you hear the name Sherlock Holmes? Is it the deerstalker cap? The curved pipe? Or is it a shit-eating Robert Downey Jr., performing martial arts like some sort of superheroic jackass? 2.408 palabras más


The Ninja Wars (1982)

This next film was a very interesting choice for me. As far as foreign action films go, this film was quite a good one, with its blend of historical fantasy and martial arts action. 487 palabras más


Taylor John Smith Dives Into 'Hunter Killer'; Hiroyuki Sanada Gets 'Life'

Taylor John Smith (Wolves) has booked a role in Hunter Killer, starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman. The action thriller centers on an American submarine commander sent deep in Russian waters to save the country’s elected president in the midst of a military coup. 156 palabras más

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Why I Love The Wolverine

The X-Men film series got it’s start nearly sixteen years ago and after sequels, prequels, spin-offs, and a sequel/prequel/attempt to fix continuity it’s still going strong. 1.063 palabras más


"MR. HOLMES" (2015) Review

“MR. HOLMES” (2015) Review

Arthur Conan Doyle created a force of nature when he set out to write a series of mystery novels featuring the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. 1.390 palabras más

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Review - The Wolverine

Jackman is back as Logan aka. Mr Wolverine in the 2013 film The Wolverine – the 2nd standalone film featuring the character in the X-Men series. 275 palabras más

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