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Short Photo Walk in Pittsburgh

Many years ago I attended the University of Pittsburgh. This weekend, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Pittsburgh – primarily to spend time with family – but it turned out that I got to visit the university, and see some of the buildings I remember from those many years ago. 323 palabras más


गर्बुजा मगर, मनवीर. (२०४७). मगरातीहरूको कर्मकाण्डका किताब.

गर्बुजा मगर, मनवीर. (२०४७). मगरातीहरूको कर्मकाण्डका किताब. वुटवलः मनवीर गर्वुजा मगर ।
टिप्पणीः डा. मीन श्रीस मगर

नेपाल लाङघाली संघका संस्थापक तथा केन्द्रीय कोषाध्यक्ष भू.पू. बृटिश गोर्खा सैनिक मनवीर गर्बुजा मगरले मौखिक परम्परामा चलिआएको मगर जातिको संस्कार विधिलाई लिपिबद्ध गरी सुधार ल्याउने उद्देश्य राखेर यो पुस्तक तयार पारेको देखिन्छ । जम्मा ७२ पृष्ठ संख्या रहेको पुस्तकमा ७२ वटै शीर्षक राखेर आफ्नै कुलवंशज र चेलीवेटीबाट सम्पन्न गरिने कर्मकाण्ड विधिको सङ्क्षिप्त वर्णन गरिएको छ । परिचय, परम्परागत कर्मकाण्ड, विवाह कर्ममा चाहिने सामाग्री, विवाह विधि श्लोक, पूजा सामग्री, रजस्वाला, छैटी, न्वारान, भातख्वाई, छेवर, गुन्यूचोली र मृत्यु संस्कार विधिको छोटो वर्णन गरिएको छ । यसका साथै विवाह र मृत्यु संस्कारमा गरिने पूजामा रेखी हाल्ने नमूना चित्र–सूची पनि समावेश गरिएको छ ।


SE Cupp explains Trump's 'perfect' exit ramp out of office

You know – I’m getting really tired of the media💩 and Congress💩 “Pissin in my face and TELLIN’ ME IT’S FUCKIN’ RAININ’! That’s being ‘excrementally waterboarded. 34 palabras más

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The Layers of Fossil Beach

What do you learn when you consider this landscape as it once was?

Hard to say, but I thought there was something worthwhile in the consideration of that idea, as there I was, on a cold and showery Saturday morning, joining perhaps thirty others, to watch the launch of a series of heritage signs at a local beach: the appropriately named Fossil Beach, ten minute walk from my home, and a place I’ve written about before. 404 palabras más


BBC: Nuclear Secrets 4 of 5 Vanunu and the Bomb

A series of five spy thrillers, looking at the race for nuclear supremacy. Starting with the making of the first Atomic bomb in episodes 1 and 2, onto the Cuban missile crisis in episode 3, episode 4 about nuclear weapons in the Middle East. 8 palabras más

Archives: Going Home

While browsing through my files, I ran across this piece written almost 25 years ago.  For readers who may not be familiar with the SCA (the medieval recreation group I belong to),  we develop a persona–a medieval person who might have actually lived (but didn’t) as a focus for our research, clothing, etc.  1.586 palabras más