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Trabajo Antropología

En este trabajo se presentan las características morfológicas de los neandertales, donde vivían, cómo cazaban, qué cazaban, como era su forma de comunicarse y otros aspectos relacionados con el neandertal, visto desde el punto de vista de los nuevos descubrimientos hechos gracias al estudio del genoma Neandertal. 1.854 palabras más


New human ancestor discovered in Africa: 'Tiny brain, curved fingers'

If you want to know where humans come from, there are some pretty big gaps in the family tree. You’d think the major discovery of a whole new human ancestor could help fill in one of those gaps, but it turns out that our latest relative, Homo naledi, is so unusual it just might create a whole new branch of the family tree instead. 426 palabras más


The coming breeding of intelligent children

Keith Hudson

Outside the rain forests — as man has been for over six million years now — the survival of new species has tended to be by means of the growth of intelligence and the subsequent competition between a newly-arrived . 999 palabras más

Hello, Homo Denisova!

Keith Hudson

In today’s Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson — frequently talked about as the next Prime Minister of England when David Cameron decides to retire sometime in the next five years, as he’s already promised — although my money is on Sajid Javit . 699 palabras más

The two new breeds of modern man

Keith Hudson

Is reading going out of fashion?  Or writing for that matter?  It’s beginning to look like it.  There are all sorts of symptoms, such as the fact that newspaper circulations have been shrinking in the advanced countries for many years and continues to do so,  And so on.  1.053 palabras más

The World As We Know It: The Races of Syr Nebra

I’ve been rather short on writing substantive posts on my fantasy series Ascendant Realms. But, since I just released book two, Winterfinding, I thought now would be a good time to expand details of the world. 1.297 palabras más


We Are Not Our Programming

I have heard a lot about “human nature.” How we are programmed from our ancestors to be creatures of instinct. How humans are not meant to be monogamous because our primitive instincts prioritize the survival of our species by sexing as many people as we can sex. 516 palabras más