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The Inheritors

40 kya. Neanderthal 1, the first Neanderthal fossil recognized as probably belonging to another species, was discovered in the Neander Thal (=Neander Valley) in 1856. He is close in time to the last Neanderthals: the most recent review of the evidence finds that Neanderthals disappear as a distinct group around 40 thousand years ago. 220 palabras más

Talk Like a Neanderthal Day

Like “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” but more scientific!

Human language is probably more than One Weird Trick. It’s multiple weird tricks. We’ve… 536 palabras más


We have been treating Neanderthals here as a species, Homo neanderthalensis, distinct from our own species, Homo sapiens. Some researchers elect to call Neanderthals a subspecies, … 474 palabras más


From 50 thousand years ago, Shanidar 1 is one of the most complete Neanderthal skeletons known, from the famous Shanidar site in Iraqi Kurdistan. He stood about 5’8” tall, on the tall side for a Neanderthal. 259 palabras más

Two roads diverged

50 kya. The broad outlines of the spread of Homo sapiens have been established for several decades now: origins in Africa, expansion out of Africa around 50-45 thousand years ago. 228 palabras más

African Exodus

Our genus, Homo, left Africa by 1.8 million years ago. But our species, Homo sapiens, left Africa much later, around today’s date, about 120,000 years ago. 249 palabras más

The coming breeding of intelligent children

Keith Hudson

Outside the rain forests — as man has been for over six million years now — the survival of new species has tended to be by means of the growth of intelligence and the subsequent competition between a newly-arrived . 999 palabras más