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Christmas Book Tokens: Buy a book for the El Tigre primary school!

Happy holiday season to our community around the world! This December, we are collecting books for our 6th library project in Honduras, this time at the El Tigre primary school. 332 palabras más


McLaren Is Developing a Hybrid Supercar That Can Go 0-to-60 MPH in 2.3 Seconds

McLaren knows the auto industry is changing, and it has no intention of getting left behind. The British automaker has announced that its next supercar will hybrid model capable of going from 0-to-60 mph in just 2.3 seconds. 310 palabras más


Serving Up Global Nourishment

Celebrity Chef Shannon Kring Incorporates Indigenous Cultures at the Table

There are chefs who travel the world to bring exotic recipes to our kitchens, and then there are chefs whose pursuit of quality ingredients turn them into global advocates for sustainable farming practices and the rights of indigenous people who till the land. 2.097 palabras más


Smiling Through the Struggle

It was almost a year ago that we first met Cayetano. The impact of his smile, his determination, and his strength has not left us since that time. 586 palabras más

Life Differently

Help Needed on the Mexican Side of the Border


As many La Jicarita readers know, earlier in 2019 I began volunteering for the Diocese of Las Cruces Project Oak Tree at a shelter in Las Cruces, where Central American asylum seekers were able to find refuge after days in detention at the border and get help making travel arrangements to their families and sponsors across the county to await their hearings. 611 palabras más

Climate Change

Mercedes-AMG's Hotly Anticipated Hybrid Hypercar Has Been Delayed Until 2021

Better late than never? Mercedes-AMG is hoping its customers think so. The automaker’s hotly anticipated plug-in hypercar will miss its targeted 2019 release, but the marque promises that drivers will get to experience the hybrid within two years. 347 palabras más



Friends of Los Niños

Every year I like to travel somewhere new: 2019 was Honduras.

I went with a group from my home town:

Visit for more information. 420 palabras más