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Clearing Business Relationships

According to the Hawaiian  practice of forgiveness called Ho’oponopono:

“It is important to clear Karmic patterns with your clients before you start working with them, so that you don’t activate old stuff between you. 695 palabras más


Owls and other things

I believe I mentioned being inspired by a beautiful pair of owls the other night?  Well, I am working on the first piece of artwork! So much fun!   334 palabras más


Several months later...

Hello earthlings, I hope you are all doing well.  I am still in Marmaris, Turkey. It has been a rough time with the loss of my grandmother who was like my mother, trouble and conflicts at work,  machines breaking down and the financial chaos after that etc. 253 palabras más

A Way Through

An ancient healing prayer, or practice, or process… whatever way those who know it best choose to deem it, Ho’oponopono is Hawaiian.

It is simple and also quite amazing in helping one to heal. 498 palabras más


While I was in Piraeus at Votsalakia beach, Greece, it struck me how much it is a direct reflection of Hawaii. The latitude and the lava. 143 palabras más


Ho'oponopono: An ancient technique of problem solving

Ho’oponopono is a central practice in the community and in the family of old Hawaii. It is the best way to resolve conflicts and imbalances. 705 palabras más