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S1:Ep.5 - Things We Love

In today’s lighthearted episode, Michelle and Nicole talk about some of the things they love in life. The girls chat happy-hour style about some of their favorite current books and authors, TV shows, and guilty pleasures to their favorite go-to self-care methods, mantras/life quotes, the power of a good swear word and more.  487 palabras más


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Forgiveness Therapy - Key of Transmutation, Consciousness Evolution - Ho'oponopono: Healing For Ourselves & Our World



(Stillness in the Storm Editor) There is much I could say about the power of forgiveness. From a lawful perspective, forgiveness is what is needed to restore trust, the basis that forms a co-creative contract wherein two or more free-will beings form a bond of fellowship that allows their unique essence to give life to a joint venture. 3.756 palabras más

Várias Técnicas Novas!

Hoje fui num local holístico para ter uma consulta sobre como limpar minha aura e meus chacras e tudo o mais, como o treinamento da Raquell Menezes mandava na primeira semana. 590 palabras más


How the President became my Guru

During the process of the last election, I found myself angry at politicians, frustrated with their rhetoric, disheartened by their priorities, and angry at their actions. 812 palabras más

What on earth is ho'opono pono?

My rule of thumb usually is that if I can’t pronounce something, then I am not doing it, but for the ho’oponopono practice, I am willing to make an exception. 868 palabras más