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Guided Meditation For Healing Relationships

Think of the thing that gives you the most sadness and anguish.  Go into the emotion as deeply as possible.  In the depth of your suffering, picture someone you feel a strong bond with, someone that you feel certain would look upon you with compassion and be willing to lend support.   295 palabras más

Self Actualization

Follow your Bliss and find your path !

The other day, I came across this quote from Osho :

And it actually took me back to reflect on the years past and all I went through this horrible year 2015. 328 palabras más


Psychological Declutter Game, a Basic Spiritual Training Tool

Hello! Wanna play a game?

I think I’ll call it psychological declutter

(a fancy expression for Ho’oponopono).

Find a word that provokes an

emotional response (too pleasant or unpleasant). 44 palabras más

Spirituality For Fun Project

Global Pilgrim

Here is the story of my mentor Yogesh Mathuria, from Mumbai, with whom I walked 300 plus km for peace. I walked with him for 20 days; without any money. 430 palabras más


Ho'oponopono ~ Ancient Hawaiian Forgiveness Practice

This forgiveness technique is one of the first things that I was taught by one of my first teachers. He has passed recently so I am honoring him by making this my first post to all of you. 37 palabras más

Niki Shields

Karma e bullying

Não sei por quê, mas acho que este post vai ter muitas visualizações…

Nos últimos posts eu tenho comentado sobre algumas coisas boas que estão surgindo na minha vida na área financeira. 1.490 palabras más



In 2016, while on my EFT practitioner course, I was introduced to Ho’oponopono – something that I have carried with me ever since. A seemingly simple set of 4 phrases, its impact is profound. 117 palabras más