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How To Use Ho'oponopono To Heal Relationships

What is Ho’oponopono?

The concept of Ho’oponopono is based on ancient Hawaiian tradition. The word means “to set things right”.  (It does not mean ‘forgiveness’). 868 palabras más

6 Ways to Stop Grumping and Feel Good

6 ways besides beer, wine, cheese, weed, whiskey, chocolate . . .
I don’t want to stay grumpy. It’s not worth it.
My outlook affects my outside experience. 373 palabras más

Self Healing

Practicing Ho'oponopono from the brain and from the heart are two completely different things!

The Ho’oponopono is a very simple Hawaiian practice which can help you heal yourself and transform your life. If you practice it efficiently and long enough to start noticing the transformation. 3.010 palabras más

Living From The Heart

Using Ho'oponopono to Release and Forgive

Taking responsibility for ourselves lovingly, is the best thing we can do for the world.

Dear Friends

Is 2016 the year you want to forget? 1.108 palabras más

Ho'oponopono practice – does it really work? (How it helped me to transform my marriage and my life.)

It looked too simple to work as it was promised. All you needed to do is to focus about what troubles you and to say: 1.467 palabras más


Inspired! – 11/25/16 #NaBloPoMo #CheerPeppers

A little over a year ago when I first discovered Ho’oponopono on Youtube, the only teachers were Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Lin (the original teacher). 854 palabras más