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Letter to my child mind

My version of Ho’oponopono.

Andrea Garden, Ian. 2016



Most of us who work with healing in some way whether for our own personal development, for others as coaches, ministers, therapists or perhaps even as mediators, attorneys or for groups as leaders, know that one of the most important tools for reconciliation is forgiveness. 685 palabras más


Glad Game: Day 2

Day two in the books.

Today I treated myself to a two hour deep tissue massage using the hours I had banked in my account at the Big Box Massage Chain Establishment in hope of using up the remaining time so that I could cancel my account. 466 palabras más

Ho’oponopono-Breath Alignment Tool

When the Heart and the Mind are out of sync (stress & discord within), your alignment goal
is to bring the heart and the brain back into coherence.  367 palabras más



Ho’oponopono means “to make right” in the Hawaiian language, which translates into you taking 100% responsibility for what you have attracted, owning that somewhere in your subconscious mind there are beliefs that need to be cleared and wounds that need to be healed.  751 palabras más


Aloha Healing 12/17/2015

‘Ole Kû Lua
Makali’i 17

 I have been getting Healing Touch treatments at Stanford Cancer Center every Monday. A volunteer named Beth Orlando gives me an hour energetic healing that is very similar to reiki. 1.000 palabras más


Start giving unconditionally: Generosity Pays !

Sometimes around Christmas, I get in a craze of Giving Mood… I buy stuff for my family and friends, I treat people to anything they desire when I can, I cook and bake and go mad with giving giving and giving some more ! 774 palabras más