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Now is the time to decide which pathway – The Hopi Prophecy stone shows this image. When the East (swastika) meets the west (celtic cross), after two world wars there will be a shift into new men of corn OR you can take the upper pathway CA (Cafe or cacao). 32 palabras más


The Effects of Greed

A Glance at The Effects

Greed has taken us far in technology, further away from God/The Higher Power, and has led us to mass consumption. We have seen continuous people working endlessly all to answer one question: How can I make Money? 1.572 palabras más

Religions Of The World


(Pectis papposa) Syn. Pectis angustifolia Torr

also called Fetid marigold, Pague, Limoncillo, Lemonscent, Crownseed Pectis, Lemon-scented Pectis, Lemonscent Pectis, Lemonweed, TshéGdannItc’iih (Navajo), manzanilla del coyote, ban mansani:ya, caasol heecto (small caasol), caasol ihasii quiipe (pleasant smelling caasol (Seri), ban manzani;ya… 559 palabras más

The Kitchen

WALNUT CANYON - Journey Through a 900 Year Old Native American Settlement

The Hopi name is Wupatupqa.

Also known as Walnut Canyon National Monument, it is the place, about 10 miles southwest of Flagstaff, Arizona, where 900 years ago the Sinagua people lived in at least 25 dwelling rooms along the cliffs of Walnut Canyon, carved out by a sharp shoe lace shaped looping of Walnut Creek. 211 palabras más

Two-fisted Touristing

Joseph White Eagle - At The Crossroads of Prophecy

In this article, Joseph White Eagle shares with us the sacred teachings of his Hopi and Cree Ancestors which are shared by the Ancestors of many Turtle Island Indigenous people – the prophecies of the 5th through 8th fires – which reflect our recent past and the point where we as a human family have come. 661 palabras más