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Banner: Horizontal, Elegant Floral

Here is an elegant, floral horizontal banner, inspired by Shayna Staska, that is sure to enhance your next event! We are thrilled to provide you with this high-quality 6′ x 2.5′ YL is more than essential oils themed banner. 349 palabras más

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Entry 3

The Nielsen Norman Group provides a great resource for all things accessibility, usability, or website design in general. In this article, author Kara Pernice describes what “F-Pattern” design is when talking about reading digital content and why it is an important design consideration. 284 palabras más

Bee Gees - Horizontal

The declamatory opening bars of World hammer home the psychedelia of Horizontal but it’s less quirky than on Bee Gees 1st and decidedly heavier too.  The band stray into interesting new territories such as chanson, … 468 palabras más

Bee Gees