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Dolomites - Paternkofel

This is a view of the Paternkofel, a mountain just above the Laghi di Piani and next to Tre Cime.


New York Giants Horizontal Text Sweatshirt - Royal Blue

New York Giants Horizontal Text Sweatshirt – Royal Blue

Football is a game of climate changes it starts in August when it’s sunny and goes through the winter months when it gets really cold. 25 palabras más

Dolomites - Lago di Misurina

Another beautiful lake in the Dolomites, this time the Lago di Misurina.  Misurina is a small town a short drive from Cortina, at the start of the toll road up to Tre Cime.   15 palabras más


Planetary School for Youth-Oriented Teachings of Right and Wrong

This voluminous structure of concrete and gold tinted glass is located in a progressive settlement called “Ingolstadt” on a far-away double planet in the system of the theoretical Öpik-Oort-Cloud. 243 palabras más

General Art

Cheetah Conservation Fund

The <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>Cheetah Conservation Fund</a>, just outside of Otjiwarongo in northern Namibia, hosts 30-40 cheetahs; some which were orphaned at a young age and have been raised and are therefore relatively tame, while others have been injured and cared for but remain wild. 100 palabras más


Horizontal Hive

Here is our newest bee hive. It is our version of the horizontal Langstroth hive I found here and here. We decided we like beekeeping but needed a better system that didn’t involve so much lifting. 145 palabras más