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Kandy Poya Day Dancers

My visit to Kandy in Sri Lanka coincided with a Poya Day – a full moon day, which is always a public holiday in Sri Lanka and they are used to commemorate important Buddhist events.   40 palabras más


How To Wear Horizontal Stripes

Personally I have never shied away from any type of stripe. Being a huge fan of neutral pallets and nautical inspired, stripes have always been something I gravitate towards. 519 palabras más


Wadi Rum Cat

During my visit to Jordan a couple of years ago, I spent 2 days in the desert in Wadi Rum.  At the beginning of my visit I was taken to this rocky outcrop, with stunning views of the surrounding desert, with steep rocky hills in the distance.   41 palabras más


Hanging on by a Thread

Some day I will know what this is. But not today. Nigella damascena, Love-in-a-Mist. Also called Persian Buttercup. (Thanks to Frances S. for the clue.)