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Namib Desert - Pachydactylus Rangei (Gecko)

We spent a couple of nights in the coastal town of Swakopmund, and did a Living Desert tour one morning. The tour is highly recommended, partly because of the desert and wildlife, and partly because Chris, the tour leader, does such a great job. 91 palabras más


Hot Air Balloon over Trakai

Trakai is located just over half an hour by bus from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.  It’s main attraction is a beautiful restored castle on an island in the middle of the adjacent lake.   24 palabras más


Etosha National Park - Lion

Seen at the Nebrownii waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia; he crossed the road about 20 meters in front of our car!


Riga - Blackheads House at Blue Hour

A shot of Riga’s Blackheads House, taken during the evening blue hour with a Hoya ND400 filter.

The Blackheads House was built in the 14th century for unmarried German merchants in the city. 53 palabras más