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Skaftafell Glacier

This is a shot of one of the immense glaciers meandering down the mountains in Skaftafell national park in eastern Iceland.

I spent most of the day hiking in the park – with the weather alternating between sunny and warm, and cold and raining! 62 palabras más


Blue Hour at Shwedagon Pagoda

This is a shot of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon during blue hour, on our last day in Myanmar.

From Wikipedia: Shwedagon Pagoda is the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar, as it is believed to contain relics of the four previous Buddhas of the present kalpa. 127 palabras más


Loving Stripes.

Every fashion tips says that Vertical Lines will make you look tall and Horizontal Lines will make you look big. But at times like this where Stripes, with Horizontal Lines, clothes are everywhere, how can you resist the temptation of it? 83 palabras más


Legs down first

Groucho Marx once said: “Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?”

Well, Groucho, as I sat on the ergometer watching the video play back, I didn’t want to believe my eyes. 501 palabras más