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Where Not to Drive in Orlando

Places to never go in Orlando. Colonial and 436 have to be the absolute worst roads to be stuck on. There’s a billion lights and nothing to look at. 78 palabras más


How hot is it?

She walks into the sunroom at her grandparent’s home..

A: Oh my goodness, it is freezing hot in here!


Occupational Heat Stress and Climate Change in Da Nang

Hot weather is recognized as detrimental to human health and labor productivity when temperatures and humidity exceed physiological thresholds. Occupational extreme heat exposure can lead to a number of detrimental heat-health impacts on workers. 403 palabras más

Climate Change

Heat Wave Bakes Bay Area; 2nd Day Of Record Temps

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The Bay Area sizzled under temperatures that reached triple digits in much of the region Monday, with a heat advisory in effect until Monday evening… 201 palabras más


Clearly Satan has come for a visit ... 

Well LOOKY there, it’s the end of September and it’s 102 degrees here today … and we haven’t even hit the predicted high for the day. 21 palabras más

Life's Little Lessons

Hot Enough For You?

If you think it’s hot out there, you’re right. In fact, according to KPIX TV, we broke all time records yesterday. It was 94 degrees at San Francisco International Airport on Sunday, breaking the old record for the day of 91 degrees set in 1970. 42 palabras más

San Francisco

Thoughts on Texas

At last, I thought, the heat has gone
finally Summer is cooling down
time to get back on the trails again
and walk and walk without feeling so hot… 167 palabras más

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