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a lloyd of mosquitoes.

Hi guys your goddess Is almost near the end of her crazy work week. :D

I will be doing the same event at Cineleisure on 1,2,3 of May, and Jcube on 8,9,10th. 822 palabras más

Cornstarch uses...

In the extreme heat we have to take control of different issues.  Sweat is a part of real life in Mexico.  And of course along with sweat there are odors, skin problems and oily hair to name but a few.   555 palabras más

Basic Survival Tactics

Is it spring or summer in Ireland, #heatwave #sunshine

The weather in Ireland since a couple of days is… like during summer, I mean Irish summer. Yesterday on the beach in Bettystown, Co. meath the temperature have reached 22 °C, and in this scenario without much of wind as well, hundreds of folks have shown up to enjoy the sun.

~ Swav

Weekly Photo

Obsessions: Sunny Days

The sun, so hot and bright… Pleases my heart’s delight

It makes me happy, oh so dearly… The sun shines my day pleasantly

―The Kin Keihan Times, 

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Summer Running

One word…Hurrah!!!

Then two more words…Be smart.

And a few tips…

1. Slow down. Although this won’t take much thought. Science (SCIENCE – not just my paltry experience) has shown that every 5°F rise in temperature above 60°F can slow your pace by as much as 20 to 30 seconds per mile. 268 palabras más


Heatwaves, the silent killer

Ambulance services and doctors are urging people to take responsibility of their bodies during Australia’s scorching heatwaves.

Heatwaves, which are prolonged periods of hot weather, caused 374 more deaths than expected in 2009. 299 palabras más

Record-breaking heat

Friday’s high temperature of 91 broke a record. It’s only the end of March, but this is actually the second day of 90 degree weather in 2015. 205 palabras más

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