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A Word on... The Sunspel Riviera Polo

Despite having mentioned the Sunspel Riviera Polo several times in previous posts, it really deserves its own feature – it’s that good…

No man of taste should be unfamiliar with Sunspel; a brand with a heritage to justify its lofty status in the world of menswear. 219 palabras más


How Hot is Hot?

I was skimming through the manuscript of Billy’s Camp tonight. It always elicits memories that I didn’t recall when first written. I’ve been thinking about a rewrite with some of the tall tales and adventures that went unrecalled. 867 palabras más

Florida Culture

Warmer than Normal Weather for February 2017?

The Washington Post reported on February 2 unusual warmth expected for nearly all of North America in the next few weeks.[1]

Australia is experiencing its hottest February month since records commenced.  540 palabras más

Age Of Aquarius

It's seriously hot, hot, hot

We’re in the middle of yet another heat wave.  Maximum was 42.4C today. Prediction is for it to continue three more days. How I yearn for winter……. 298 palabras más

Wellbeing Corner

Australia 2014 - Melbourne

First Aussie BBQ

Being in Australia one of the other things on my list was to have a BBQ. I know I’ve had many in England but it just HAD to be different in Australia right? 111 palabras más


Firefly: how to use energy wisely

Firefly: how to use energy wisely

Emotion is a short-lived state of mind, kind of momentum of a given situation. Emotions have an incredible effect on our actions, decisions and sometimes they even rule our life in a large extent.

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