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2-Year-Old Boy's Hot Car Death Under Investigation by Dallas Police

(ABC)– Dallas police said today they were still investigating the death of a 2-year-old boy who had been left in a hot car as his family attended church this weekend. 259 palabras más



Five of my Hot Dogs (HotDogs)!

From top to bottom: Beatrix Grace with daughter CreamScone, Twiglet on my lap, Maxi in the cushion bed under my desk, and… 43 palabras más

Faith McCord

It's Hot, Tempers Flare!

“Stop that!”

“You did it first!”

“When is it MY turn?”

“I’m always last!”

“These kids are driving me nuts!”

Don’t these whiny words seem all the more irritating when it is hot? 521 palabras más

Being A Mom

Annual Complaint About The Summer Heat

I actually thought that I wouldn’t have to do this, but here it is, my annual complaint about summer heat. We had rainy and cloudy weeks since some time now, and it was more like autumn, but then out of the sudden it became hot. 95 palabras más


Heat wave to hit Metro Vancouver this week

Hot weather is finally arriving in Metro Vancouver this week, just in time for the B.C. Day long weekend.

Despite a wet and cool start to the month, July will end with warm temperatures reaching above 30 C in the Fraser Valley and 29 C in Vancouver. 219 palabras más


Hot In Cleveland (Not the show)

As my daughter would say, it’s hotter than Satan’s butt-hole outside.

I would say asshole because it just sounds better, but my kid doesn’t swear. I even verified this with one of her friends. 298 palabras más


Yolkin - Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich (London)

Summer has finally greeted us with her presence here in London. She was shy at first and quite temperamental but she’s eventually gotten over that and decided she’s here to stay (at least for now). 327 palabras más