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WEATHER: Moderate Drought Underway In Parts Of Region

By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The final days of May will remain well above average in the temperature department. Daytime highs should still easily hit anywhere from the low to upper 80s right through Sunday! 181 palabras más


Death Toll in India's Intense Heat Wave Soars to Over 1,100

India’s heat wave has now claimed over 1,100 lives, with spiking temperatures melting roads in the capital, New Delhi, as the country awaits the arrival of the annual monsoon rains. 403 palabras más

A Photograph of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in May

Earlier today I took a shot of the sprawling Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. Today also happened to be a very hazy, hot, and humid day (the temperature went up to 89 degrees Fahrenheit). 41 palabras más


Talking about HOT WEATHER

Here are some more expressions about “hot weather”:

1. It’s nice and warm today.

– We often combine ‘nice’ + ‘warm’ to be very positive. 161 palabras más

Useful Expressions

limoncello-gin cocktail

If you’re firing up the grill already, throw some thyme sprigs over the fire to coax out the herb’s floral qualities.

Check out the Fine Cooking’s  133 palabras más


Reflections of Disney World Through Middle-Aged Eyes

My feet  are aching, my wallet is empty, and I have Wished Upon a Star. I’ve had an exhausting, sweaty, mostly wonderful time in the Big D; I’ve learned a lot and observed more. 926 palabras más

Malabar Spinach - A Hot Weather Spinach

Red Malabar Spinach (Basella rubra v Rubra) is colorful, decorative, tasty and the perfect summer time replacement for spinach (Spinacia oleracea). Malabar spinach is also known as Ceylon spinach, Indian spinach, vine spinach, and Malabar nightshade.  1.301 palabras más