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August 1

Summer squash first harvest of the season

Row of root chicory

Yellow Bunching Onions and a few Shandong garlic

Kerr Crabapples, still sour and green. It will be a few weeks before they are ripe. 495 palabras más


Friday Favorite: Cool Summer Nights

It’s been another sweltering summer here in Sacramento. Unfortunately our community pool has been closed for the hottest weather this summer. It’s dipped back down into the 90s today which is bearable but mostly I’ve been staying indoors in air conditioning until the sun goes down. 39 palabras más


Ground pole exercise - side pass over an L

Earlier, I shared an exercise you can crack out on days when it’s too hot to ride hard. This next exercise will also improve your horse’s balance and responsiveness to leg aids. 249 palabras más


Ground pole exercise - Backing through an L

In the dead of winter, a trainer gave me a couple ground pole exercises to practice. They were challenging and improved my horse’s responsiveness to leg aids. 260 palabras más


I Just Had To Get A New Pillow

The combination of a poorly cooled townhouse (the result of an untimely coil leak in the central air conditioning), night sweats, cats who think it’s cool to use me as a natural radiator, aches and pains in my hips, legs, shoulders, forearms and hands, and a recurrent neck strain have all robbed me of sleep almost every night this summer. 459 palabras más


Road Trip Styles

It’s almost the long weekend here and we’re so excited to go on a road trip and explore some new places in our province! If you’re planning a road trip here are some outfit ideas to pack to make looking cute both at your destination and on the journey. 156 palabras más


Week 4: Wednesday

Good Thursday morning blog readers! First an apology- this morning’s update won’t contain any pictures as the camera didn’t make it back to the office last night. 204 palabras más

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