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Summer Baby Safety Tips

By Judy Roy, RN, BSN, CCE

I am the mother of three summer babies and live by the ocean, so my babies went to the beach. 429 palabras más

New Arrival Educators

Dave Murray’s 2016 Summer Long Range Forecast

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Spring got an early start in march only to be tossed a few setbacks in the middle and end of March into early April with a frost doing some damage to the early blooming flowers and trees. 1.481 palabras más


Mad Dogs & Englishmen ; Bully Sun Ready to Pounce

With the clouds having vanished the Sun has become a despot. It has turned up the heat and waits to pounce upon unwary travelers. In this weather wear a hat and carry a bottle of water. 94 palabras más

Colours of the summer

The summer is upon us. Day temperatures are already in excess of 37C and its getting warmer. Yes, in these “trying” times for vegetation, the garden is in bloom. 121 palabras más

Picture Of The Day

How To Avoid The Pea Moth & How to Harden Off Plants

I wanted to start today by saying a big ‘thank you’ to everyone that reads my blog and for all the lovely comments I receive each week.  1.062 palabras más

Gardening - Tomatoes

10 tips on what to do when its hot

As its so warm in the Netherlands at the moment I decided to research a bit regarding whats the best to do for Mr.Grumpy when its so hot. 670 palabras más



Summer in London is by far my favourite day of the year. There is no doubt that it elevates the spirits of all Londoners by at least 45% meaning that they go from sociopathically unfriendly to merely indifferent. 487 palabras más