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Burning Cauldron of Summer

Hot nights, boiling days
Anger bites, temper frays.

Clothes stick, sweat drips
Fans click, weekend trips.

Seaside splashes, kids squeal
Sand rashes, sunburn peel.

Straw hats, ice-cream soothes… 75 palabras más


Change in Pattern

It used to be for every Chinese New Year when we are back in hubby’s hometown, we’d eat, sleep, eat some more, do nothing and eat again. 136 palabras más

Food & Drinks

High temperature weather could lead to stroke, other diseases

From the current hot and humid weather nationwide, even in coastal areas, such as Lagos, is causing concern across the country, even as meteorologists and medical experts warn of its dangers on human and natural resources. 815 palabras más


​NIMET to Nigerians: Brace up for more hot days, nights

With the continual heat wave biting harder, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency ( NIMET ) has warned Nigerians to brace up for more hot days and warm Nights. 39 palabras más


Garden time

In January we don’t have ‘proper’ meetings, but get together informally in members’ gardens on Wednesdays. This month has been extraordinarily hot, so generally we sought shade. 293 palabras más

Travel Tuesday

Just when you thought the snow has melted and spring was on its way, the winter chill returns. Aria and Rae start packing their bags and reminisce about their time in Jamaica.

#TravelTuesday #Jamaica #beach #montegobay


Born free ...

Running in the wind is hard. Running in the wind and heat is even harder. But there is something primal about it. It’s got to be the closest feeling I’ll ever have that mimics an animal running in the wild. 40 palabras más