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A bit of a scorcher on Monday.

We had what you could call a very hot day on Monday.  Our weather station recorded 43 degrees and we usually take off a couple of degrees to get a more accurate reading so let’s say 41.  27 palabras más


Fleas Sticking Around Due To Hot Weather

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NORTH TEXAS (CBS11) – It’s irritating for dogs who want to get rid of those unwanted intruders. It’s the price they pay for enjoying a slice of late summer. 169 palabras más


Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, June 25 to July 12, 2016

Here is the continuation of my updating the blog.  Below are Jo Hyun Jae‘s Instagram posts from June 25 to July 12.
June 25 photos; all photos have no caption. 289 palabras más
Jo Hyun Jae

Make that face last 

If you are human and sweat, then you know how hard it is to keep your makeup on all day. Here are a few of my die hard products for making it last all day every day!! 187 palabras más


Where Not to Drive in Orlando

There are places you should never go in Orlando.

Colonial and 436 have to be the absolute worst roads to be stuck on. In true Florida road nomenclature, Colonial is also called State Road 50. 365 palabras más

Downtown Orlando

How hot is it?

She walks into the sunroom at her grandparent’s home..

A: Oh my goodness, it is freezing hot in here!


Occupational Heat Stress and Climate Change in Da Nang

Hot weather is recognized as detrimental to human health and labor productivity when temperatures and humidity exceed physiological thresholds. Occupational extreme heat exposure can lead to a number of detrimental heat-health impacts on workers. 403 palabras más

Climate Change