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Cosmetics Shopping in the Philippines: What Do You Really Need

I’m the type of person who doesn’t travel light. But when I do; I only bring the absolute essentials. So if you are a foreigner who wants to travel to the Philippines; here are the things you need to shop for and why. 254 palabras más


Waiting on the buster

By Vita Forest

Yesterday, we were told it would be bad.

“Hotter than today,” someone said as we sweated.

“In the forties, ” agreed another. 467 palabras más


Effect of Temperature on Ball Flight

This week’s Q&A is an excerpt from Frank’s book: Dear Frank…Answers to 100 of your Golf Equipment Questions

I really enjoy reading your Q&A every week, so please keep it going. 259 palabras más

Weekly Golf Equipment Q&A

Mercy of Allah: Adaptation to Weather Extremes

With Ramadan occurring in the hottest time of year for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and the coldest time of year for those in the southern hemisphere, our physical ability to handle weather extremes becomes an interesting topic to reflect upon. 933 palabras más


Night Fire

Humid hot days, the type of heat where salty sweat condenses on the upper lip and back and never ceases to go away. Yet crisp, cold nights. 601 palabras más


No One Works When It's Hot, So Climate Change Is Going To Ruin The Economy | Fast Company

The slowing down of life on a hot summer day isn’t your imagination. Economic literature is full with examples of how productivity comes to a crawl—even in America’s over-air conditioned society—when the temperatures climb above a given tipping point. 153 palabras más

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Style Saturday: Capsule Wardrobe Update

I’ve done it.

Don’t ask me how, but I managed to narrow down 33 items of clothing, accessories (including bags!) and shoes that will form my capsule wardrobe until December. 986 palabras más