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In the heat of Effieland

The Effieland thermometer faces the afternoon sun.

Paladin wisely took his nap in the shade of some tall grass.

Effie came into the air-conditioned house, instead.


Pelargoniums really thrive in hot summers

First published by Rattan Direct on 3 July 2016.

The rain is sheeting down outside as I write and I’m seriously wondering whether summer is over. 537 palabras más


Wellness Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It’s hot today, guys. Like 90° F. Feels like 93. So everything we cooked today was microwaved except for the rice. And we made a simple bowl. 76 palabras más

Shit Gift 1: The Chocolate Roadkill Bunny

I came late to the whole driving thing. My father tried to teach me as a teenager but his white Ford Telstar didn’t have power steering. 534 palabras más

Summer-Like Heat, Winds Break SoCal Records In The Middle Of Spring

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Unseasonable heat and strong winds combined to shatter records in Southern California before noon Monday.

Camarillo and Oxnard saw temps as high as 90 degrees by late morning, breaking records as old as 50 years ago. 137 palabras más

Los Angeles News

Hotter temperatures predicted for Atlantic Canada by mid century: climate change study

A new study looking at the impact of climate change says major cities in Atlantic Canada will see more rain and more hot summer days by the middle of this century. 138 palabras más