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Calgary weather: temperatures set to soar for 3 days

Grab your sunscreen and pull on some shades – it’s going to be hot in Calgary for the next few days.

The temperature is expected to soar from Monday to Wednesday before a potential of afternoon thundershowers on Thursday. 111 palabras más


Staying Cool By The Pool

It is sweltering in the Philippines and the pool area at our resort doesn’t offer much shade. Thankfully, Isa’s Auntie Sarah brought a traveling clip-on fan for her stroller to keep her cool. 13 palabras más


Hot Weather? How To Manage Your Oily Skin!

Most times I just decide not to wear any makeup at all because a couple of minutes after application, it feels like my face is sliding off. 478 palabras más


5 TIPS for Healthy Skin in this Hot Weather

Hi guys!

The weather is really hot these days! Eez like we’re serving punishment for a crime we didn’t commit…lol..

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So, I thought it’d be nice to write 5 tips to keep your skin healthy and looking good during this weather: 401 palabras más


Heat-Glazed Moon

Heat-glazed moon

Veiled, near-motionless—

Shadow wind


Stirs cloud wisps


To fill sails,


Cool sweltered

Thoughts, bring boat Silver-

Harbored home.

© M Chaillot, 2016


Dogs in cars - Get in the know.

As most animal lovers and owners should know, leaving a dog in a car in hot weather is a very dangerous and irresponsible act. Lets go over all of the facts and what you can do if you find an animal in a car this Summer. 521 palabras más


Braided Beauties

The hotter it gets the more I want my hair off of my face and neck. So I’ve been researching hairstyles that are simple, protective and less maintence. 45 palabras más

Natural Hair