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Acclaimed Albums - Hotel California by Eagles

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Progress: 188/250Title: Hotel California
Artist: Eagles
Year: 1976
Position: #113

Right, so the idea of my doing an album a week to get to the end of this list by the time it is Christmas 2019 has kinda fallen by the wayside. 253 palabras más

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The buckle on my lap belt is facing the wrong way.

I have to fix it. If I don’t, then I’m pretty sure we’ll have an incident (I’m flying out of Monterey, so incidents are expected), and I will be trapped in a burning/sinking/Langolier-devouring plane because my seatbelt won’t release. 70 palabras más


Robert's Books

The Eagles’ Hotel California played on WKDX radio
As I drove up to Robert’s Book Shop
It was a place I always planned to visit… 282 palabras más


A song of maudlin melancholy that every forgets was on the most popular album in American History - Randy Meisner's TRY AND LOVE AGAIN, eagle, 'hotel California'_unclassified tempo map

TRY AND LOVE AGAIN, the eagles

To me this song has a feeling of deep bittersweetness – an America hiraeth.

What do you think the Eagles are trying to express?

Mathematical Psychology

The Eagles Best Album?

Which is the Eagles best album?  Most would say, Hotel California, by far their most commercial album.  It’s a definitely a classic.  I will offer an alternative thought, … 1.211 palabras más


My word, you do look queer!

My father loved Stanley Holloway’s monologues, and would recite ‘The Lion And Albert’ at the drop of a hat:

Then Mother said, “Right’s right, young feller; 870 palabras más

The Rattle Bag