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Hammers Don't Belong in Education

Now that the school year is winding down, it is an optimal time for reflection. Are you an educator or perhaps a parent or grandparent who just earned the new title of teacher? 704 palabras más


열정과 기질

하워드 가드너는 위인들이 창조적 성과를 이루기 위해서는 10년 간의 준비 기간이 필요하며 10년 단위로 창조적이 도약은 반복된다고 주장하였다.

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Choi Kwangmo

Literature Review For Game-Based Learning

According to The New Media Institute in a 2008 report on the use of games in education, that year nearly 170 million people played computer and video games. 374 palabras más

The 5 Minds For The Future

Its 13th of March. It’s my elder son’s 21st birthday today.

I almost had this instinct to write 21 lessons that I learnt in my life, as a tribute to my son who makes me so proud. 407 palabras más

Sidelines that support growth

Day 21 of 21 Days of leveling up

“What do you know about Columbus?,” I casually asked. My new acquaintance turned her ear toward me, raised an eyebrow and said: “Do you mean the City?” Note, we were on a rooftop in the summer at a business network event, and I just met the woman. 813 palabras más


Derby Avenue Cottages Set to be Demolished

SCRANTON, Pa. — A row of empty buildings will soon be demolished making way for a playground in Scranton.

Officials at the Howard Gardner School say these buildings will soon be demolished making way for a spot for kids to play. 302 palabras más