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Tips And Tricks...To Purging Your Home

As promised on Monday, and given the good feedback I got (thank you guys for that!), todays “Tips and Tricks” are on ‘purging’ your home. I have 3 little pointer to try and help you out. 616 palabras más


From Local Video to Azure Media Services

I got the task of building a video streaming prototype based on the Azure Media Services the other day. All I had was a sample .mp4 video, and an azure Subscription for testing purposes, and of course the boundless ocean of knowledge, the internet. 708 palabras más


Azure Key Vault: Transfer secrets using Powershell (Different Subscriptions)

Recently I had to copy more than 50 secrets (names and values) from one Azure KeyVault to another one. The two KeyVaults are on different subscriptions. 230 palabras más


Upgrade from Windows 7 OEM to Windows 10

Can still be feasible to upgrade an existing Window 7, 32 bit installation on 2020? I tried and yes, it is.

Actually this is a suggestion of some of the best articles on this topic, this… 336 palabras más


My Emacs Configuration

To quickly have the same Emacs setup across all different work computers, I created a Git repo for my Emacs configuration. I am using use-package… 589 palabras más


How to use Keywords as Variable names

Today I had to verify JSON data using a test script, where I see a node with name “case”.

When I try to verify the data in a If condition, it was throwing errors like below. 27 palabras más


Migrate mercurial code hosting from Bitbucket to your server in 9 steps using docker

By now Atlassian is dropping support to Mercurial on the popular Bitbucket service. Here is a proof of concept to use a Docker container as a separate environment where self-host your code… 1.008 palabras más