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Huawei’s ‘RoadReader’ AI experiment uses a Mate 10 Pro to pilot a driverless car and avoid hitting dogs

Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro may be facing an uphill battle in the US market, but that doesn’t stop it from being a fantastic, capable smartphone. One thing the company has been highlighting on the Mate 10 Pro is its AI capabilities, and it put them to the test in a new experiment involving a driverless car. 144 palabras más


Huawei says its new Android phone is powerful enough to drive a car

Mobile chips already come with artificial intelligence features, including Apple’s A11 Bionic, Huawei’s Kirin 970, and Samsung’s Exynos 9810. But is the AI good enough to power, say, a self-driving car? 291 palabras más


See images of the leaked Huawei MediaPad M5 10 Pro with touch pen that would arrive at the MWC 2018

The world of Android tablets is not going through its best moments but perhaps in this important event, we will see a few presentations that reignite the sector of large screens with Android. 188 palabras más


Gartner reports first ever global decline in smartphone sales

Global smartphone sales have not been firing on all cylinders for several years now but Gartner’s latest figures record the first ever decline since the analyst began tracking the market all the way back in 2004. 505 palabras más


Avoid Huawei, ZTE, and Other Chinese Smartphones

​If you’re looking for a new smartphone, six U.S. intelligence heads have advised that you should probably avoid purchasing one from Chinese manufacturers Huawei or ZTE. 452 palabras más


U.S. intelligence agencies are still warning against buying Huawei and ZTE phones

Things are still appearing pretty bleak for Huawei’s plans to subdued the U.S. marketplace. Earlier this week, half a dozen top each member of intelligence agencies, including the FBI, CIA and NSA… 338 palabras más


The 5G is not just for data: Vodafone and Huawei manage to make the first call via 5G

The race towards the use of the 5G is coming quicker than we expected. The fifth generation of mobile networks is quickly moving from a test technology to a reality. 185 palabras más