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Huawei P8max hands-on photo gallery

A look at the mammoth Huawei P8max ‘smartphone’. Not sure this could even be called a phablet, with it’s almost ridiculous 6.8-inch display.

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First Impressions

Huawei P8: Sunset photos

Some more photos, the sunset ones taken with HDR mode enabled.

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  • See daytime photos here.

First Impressions

Huawei to offer same day P8 replacements in UK through VIP Service

A new report says Huawei is preparing a new VIP Service for the UK market when the Huawei P8 is available. The primary benefit of the VIP Service will be the potential for buyers of the Huawei P8 to get a same day replacement for their device if a warranty issue is determined to exist. 222 palabras más


Huawei P8 Max Official

The Huawei P8 Max is the latest flagship phablet from Chinese manufacturer Huawei featuring a massive 6.8-inch LCD display with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. 158 palabras más


Exclusive: Huawei to offer same-day replacement for faulty P8’s

One reason that Apple iPhones have sold so well is the in-store support offered by the network of Apple Stores. But Android manufacturers haven’t been able to offer similar levels of support.  472 palabras más


Hands-on with the humongous Huawei P8 Max

Every flagship needs a bigger brother or at least that’s how it seems smartphone manufacturers are thinking. Apple have the iPhone 6 Plus, Sony have the… 906 palabras más


Huawei P8 Review: First impressions in detail

It’s still early days, but having been using the new Huawei P8 solid since getting it on April 15 (and, trust me, I’ve been using it a lot in that time), I am ready to publish my first impressions – but perhaps in more depth than most. 5.191 palabras más