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Hubble Sneaks a Peek at Ancient Galaxy from The Dawn of the Cosmos

By James Maynard

An ancient galaxy seen as it was just 500 million years after the Big Bang, SPT0615-JD, could provide astronomers with new insights into the nature of the Universe in the distant past. 341 palabras más


PILLARS OF CREATION - Discover the beauty of the heavens in 4 minutes

See a tiny fraction of the marvellous infinity that has been created for us by God and learn more about the nature that reflects a little of His beauty. 17 palabras más

God The Father

"Universe Is Expanding", What Does It Actually Mean?

You might have heard people saying that our “Universe is expanding“, What does this actually mean, and if it is expanding, does that mean we are moving away or we are stationary? 915 palabras más


Hubble mund te kete zbuluar uje ne planetet e TRAPPIST-1

Nje ekip nderkombetar i astronomeve perdoren teleskopin Hubble per te vleresuar nese ka uje ne shtate planetet qe orbitojne yllin TRAPPIST-1. Rezultatet sygjerojne se planetet e jashtme te sistemit mund te mbajne ende sasi te konsiderueshme  uji. 462 palabras más


On an Awesome Journey

Breaking News

I interrupt previously announced posting because of important news. Iceland posts will be delayed. The post about Reykjavik will publish Sunday evening (Eastern US), then the post about travel tips for Iceland will be Tuesday evening (Eastern US). 137 palabras más


Space Oddities - 1.12.2018: Hubble Yields New Discoveries at the Winter AAS Meeting

Would you like to swing on a star”

From the article:

“Astronomers gathering at the 231st meeting of the American Astronomical Society at National Harbor in Washington, D.C., will have a chance to learn about groundbreaking new research with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. 150 palabras más