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Invisibili? Donne latinoamericane contro il neoliberismo di Laura Fano Morrisey.

«Continente seduttore e spaventoso» così, l’ antropologa e cooperatrice Laura Fano Morrissey, definisce l’America Latina sin dalle prime righe del suo saggio.

Definizione che coglie perfettamente le innumerevoli contraddizioni di un continente da secoli caratterizzato da forme coattive di europeizzazione, immigrazione forzata, corruzione, stermini e genocidi. 1.704 palabras más


Un esempio di giornalismo-sociale partecipato: Erika Adriana Mindiola Rubín dal Venezuela

Erika Adriana Mindiola Rubín, è una giovane giornalista radiofonica Venezuelana.

Erika Adriana Mindiola Rubín

nasce il 22 di Gennaio del 1980 in una parrocchia popolare di Caracas, Santa Rosalía, dove visse e crebbe durante tutta l’ infanzia. 953 palabras más


«Друзья друзей»

В исключительной производительности, главными действующими лицами и качества голоса, некоторые члены кубинской медицинской бригады, которая работала с медицинской точки зрения с командующим Уго Чавеса исполнит песню «Друзья друзей» с автором произведения, Рауль Торрес.


Venezuela: A Call for Peace, by Nicolás Maduro

This is an Op-Ed by Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, as published in the New York Times:

CARACAS, Venezuela — THE recent protests in Venezuela have made international headlines. 976 palabras más


A Tribute to Hugo Chávez Frías by Eva Golinger

This article originally appeared in the March 7-9, 2014, edition of CounterPunch, and was first published in Spanish on CubaDebateIt was released for the first anniversary of the passing of Hugo Chávez Frías, and is reproduced here given that it is a personal account from one who knew and travelled with Hugo Chávez. 1.820 palabras más


Hugo Chávez: Memories, One Year Later

Remembering Hugo Chávez on the anniversary of his passing involved more than I imagined at first, making writing almost impossible for me. I therefore opted for something simple: just some of the brightest, most uplifting memories I have of this unique figure in Latin American history, whose courage and indefatigable commitment, whose vision and practice, leave a lasting legacy and generate inspiration worldwide. 946 palabras más



The “opposition” wants to “win” with violence on the street what they cannot win with the peace of the ballot box. Since 1998 Venezuelans have gone to the polls 16 times! 269 palabras más