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Raif Badawi and the Myth of Saudi Liberalization

Raif Badawi and the Myth of Saudi Liberalization

June 24, 2018

Today the world is seeing images of Saudi women driving for the first time as the government lifted the planet’s only gender ban on driving. 708 palabras más

Human Rights

Dem Lawmakers Concerned By Conditions At Texas Border Detention Center

(McAllen, TX) – A group of more than 20 Congressional Democrats touring a border patrol detention facility in Texas yesterday called the conditions “unacceptable” and “cruel.” California Representative Jackie Speier said the U.S. 222 palabras más

Donald Trump

Giant Protest for Final Deal Brexit Vote; Counterprotest for Brexit and Free Tommy.

Anti-Brexit protest: estimated 100,000 march two years after vote

People’s Vote demonstration in London culminates with speeches in Parliament Square

The rabble described below held their own Carnival of Reaction. 1.654 palabras más

European Left

International Cafe-Klatsch

As long as there have been wars, persecution, discrimination and intolerance, there have been refugees. They are of every race and religion and can be found in every part of the world. 207 palabras más


Life in Gaza

Information Clearing House” –  In a detailed discussion about the current state of affairs in Gaza as well as what the future could hold, author and scholar Norman Finkelstein tells Chris Hedges that nonviolent mass resistance in Gaza “can’t succeed without our support.” 251 palabras más


EU Condemns Duterte’s War on Drugs but Fails to Condemn the Daesh/al-Qaeda War on Syria

21 June, 2018 by Adam Garrie

The European Parliament has voted to condemn Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on criminal drug addicts, dealers, traffickers and the killers, rapists and torturers whose wickedness is a direct cause of the horrific Shabu (meth) crisis. 1.421 palabras más