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Brailliant + iDevices = A Winning Combination

Courtesy of Humanware:

Connect your iPhone to a HumanWare Brailliant display and take advantage of the sleek design, high quality braille cells, and ergonomic keyboard and thumb keys that have been adored by BrailleNote Apex users. 41 palabras más

human ware releases surprise victor stream new generation update

By Carter Temm

member of the apexandapple editorial team

I have just now turned on my victor reader stream new generation, and surprisingly, I got the message that a new update was available. 130 palabras más


I'm Done with Braille Notetakers

I have used a Braillenote since I got my Classic in 2002. It was the first-generation motherboard, the one with no Compactflash card slot; it needed a hardware update just so it could receive email, and it came with Keysoft 3.06 on Windows CE 2.12. 2.115 palabras más

Hims Has Done It Again

On Thursday, June 12 Hims
announced version 8.2 of the firmware for their Braille Sense line
and, once again, they blew away the competition. This update includes as its most notable feature a Facebook application, so users no longer need to use the Facebook website. 606 palabras más