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Uncle Snarky Explains It All: Smear the Queer

Little Matthew Ritter from somewhere near Reading, Pennsylvania writes …

Dear Uncle Sharty,  Is it true that “keep away” is no longer called “smear the queer”? 259 palabras más


Independent Women Flies: Too intimidating ?

Awhile back, I was told I was too intimidating for a man? I thought , they most be really blind, me intimidating ? I like cats, write poetry, sing, cry at sappy stuff , enjoy walking and coffee, own a home and have opinions and assertive, but I am not aggressive nor am I surrounded by drama. 78 palabras más


Why The Chihuahua Doesn't To Come In My Room Anymore

I’m burning photographs

Of someone that I loved,

Watching ashes dance

From earth to what’s above

And wondering silently

On how it could have been. 59 palabras más


The Cat Files: 3 am means play time, right?

Being a fur-mom has it perks, I get to come to a cutie who so loving and affectionate. Were kinder spirits the cat and I, but not at night time. 77 palabras más


To a diligent digit.

via Daily Prompt: Mallet

Poor darling old thumb, I know you’re in pain and I’m sorry.
From the moment I first wake up, to the moment I conk out past midnight, I keep you in constant motion. 692 palabras más

April is National Poetry Month, and I’ve joined a poetry challenge, which is to write a poem a day for thirty days using different poetry forms.  

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