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A Space Family Thanksgiving = Earth/Eridanus Part 1

A Space Family Thanksgiving = Earth/Eridanus Part 1

…They gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing…

To say that the Space Family McKinney is spread out as far as the eye can see is a monumental understatement.  477 palabras más

The Space Family McKinney

*~🦃Happy Thanksgiving Memes😂~*

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans where we celebrate gluttony and being thankful! Here’s some memes that I hope brighten your Turkey Lurkey Day!🤗

can we get a new dog?!?

Yeah, I know that sounds harsh, but a kid can only take losing their food to a greedy dog for so long before snapping.  I understand the sentiment. 371 palabras más


a big hello from the girl with a memorable name

i suppose i should explain why i started a blog…

why does anyone start a blog? excellent question, dear reader. here is a short list of reasons why one should start a blog: 92 palabras más


Funny signs 23 November 2017 ...

You will get a laugh from these funny signs

Please click an image to view slideshow you will be amazed …

Hope you had to have a laugh… 11 palabras más