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How my late father's example of mendacity nearly kept me off the flight from Frankfurt

“You have to answer security questions before you can board.”

So United Airlines declared in Frankfurt before the flight to San Francisco.

It seemed odd because, going from Dallas-Fort Worth to London Heathrow in July, the middle leg of my journey from Palm Springs to start an eight-week period in Denmark, British Airways required no answer to security questions. 672 palabras más


What's Going On In Gil Thorp? Is Gil Thorp just ignoring Covid-19 too? June - September 2020

Yes, it appears that Neal Rubin and Rod Whigham’s Gil Thorp is going ahead as though things were normal. It’s a defensible choice. The only sports one could morally play during the pandemic are outdoor sports with physically separated individuals. 1.504 palabras más


Watchmaker’s Wife

If I were married

To a woman like her, I

Would never leave her

Side. You can try to

Control her, but she is such… 48 palabras más


Beginners Guide To House Hunting

You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy real estate, and that’s practically the same thing. A happy house has two bedrooms and a balcony. 995 palabras más


Think About It

What if the reason men wear suits is so that when birds fly, they look like they’re shuffling? But it’s a figment of your imagination, which can’t be caught on camera because the opticians’ verdict is that grandma shifted her hip bone? 307 palabras más


......The Uncomfortable Truth.....

It’s a beautiful fall day outside. The leaves are rustling, and the squirrels are skittering about the yard. I, of course, am lounging on the sofa. 111 palabras más