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Liner Notes

For the Band

“What does this mean?” the guitarist asked the lead singer.
“It means that you should make your guitar go wingy wingy wingy right about here.” The lead singer answered. 173 palabras más


Plagued With Contentment and Afflicted With Serenity

I’m trying to claw my way back up into the light of posting regularly here on my humble little blog.  It’s not so easy to do when one has gotten out of the habit of writing regularly. 341 palabras más


Interpreting Dreams: "The Spoon" and "Grad Night"

Happy Tuesday, everybody!

I started this whole thing off as a way to share stories, tales and parts of me, so today we’re going to lean into that last part. 1.682 palabras más


Not more stupid sunset photos!!!

Hey now… simmer down…

I am at work when the sun goes down.

I got my fancy new iPhone.

There is a big, grassy valley behind one of the buildings where I work. 76 palabras más